10 Best Spots to Turtle Snorkeling in Maui

Turtle Snorkeling in Maui is something that anyone who visits Hawaii will experience. Sea Turtles are amazing and beautiful creatures that represent the sea. There is nothing more overwhelming than snorkeling with these turtles. There are a variety of species of turtles that you will observe while snorkeling in the sea(1 these turtle on shore Maui are fearless to  human, so snorkeling in the sea while watching turtles are amazing until you are almost 10 to 15 feet away these beautiful green Hawaii’s turtles and their local name in Hawaii is “Huno”)

turtle town Maui, in Hawaii is surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean, (1 which are full of these pleasing green turtles and their about 300 to 400 pound with their strong feet which work like the paddle in the ocean ) and it is considered one of the best destinations to enjoy your vacation. The scenery here gives you an alluring view that will be unforgettable. The best month to see turtles sn from mid-April through September.

What an adventure it will be!

If you are the one who is finding the best spot to Snorkel with turtles on Maui then stop right here, you are going to find the best spot to visit.

Some Facts about Maui

Some Facts about Maui

Stay away from Turtles

Turtle town Maui is the home of some endangered species of sea turtles so, it is not legal to touch them. You have to maintain some distance from these turtles otherwise you will be fined $1000 for touching them. These sea turtles are considered sacred in Hawaii (1. This not only for turtles safety, it also because your own protection). So, you have to stay away from them.

Best Time to watch Sea Turtles

(1 the best time to snorkels these turtles is mid of the day.)It is generally observed that sea turtle on shore Maui can be seen between 11 am to 3 pm. So if you want to encounter these beautiful creatures it is recommended to snorkel at this time to get an everlasting experience.(1 at this time you will see these turtles specially at these both places outrigger Reef Waikiki and outrigger Waikiki).

Must use Reef-safe Sunscreen

Before your visit to turtle town Maui (1 for out door activities), make sure to purchase a reef-friendly sunscreen.

(1 this will protect your body form vicious UV rays that damage your skin or can cause the infection on it. )It is very important because the elements present in normal sunscreen contain certain elements that are very harmful to the reef and marine life. Moreover, this reef-friendly sunscreen is not expensive, anyone can purchase it. There is no side effect observed yet.

Snorkeling Gears

(1 snorkeling is the best option to enjoy the awesome view of these turtles so )There are some important snorkeling gears that you must carry with you.

Snorkeling mask

A good quality mask is very important (1 to buy, if you pick any mask form the market that might wont fit on your face  can cause the problem while snorkeling so ). Always purchase (1 masks that fit according to your face shapes which should be )an anti-fog with the mask. Otherwise, there are chances that your view can be blurred.


Flippers can be a game-changer in your snorkeling experience (1 by having goody flippers will help you to move in ocean as you want ).  These flippers can save you from blisters and also help in snorkeling.

Rash Guard

A good rash guard is very important. It blocks the harmful ultra-violet rays and protects your skin (1 form bacteria, fungal infection or other disease in water)

Facts about Sea Turtles

Facts about Sea Turtles

  • Green Turtles are named because of the green color of their cartilage and fat. These sea turtles are herbivores and eat only plants that give them a green pigment.
  • Sea turtles lay approximately 100 to 150 eggs in their nest. As the eggs hatch, these tiny turtles make their way to the open seashore. In the starting, their survival is very hard.
  • Sand temperature plays an important role in determining the sex of the turtles. Warmer incubation produces female turtles whereas a cooler incubation tends to produce a male.
  • Hawkbills have a very sharp beak that helps them in finding their prey in the holes and crevices of the coral reefs.

Best Spots To Turtle Snorkeling in Turtle Town Maui

1. Slaughterhouse Beach

Slaughterhouse Beach

(1 Slaughterhouse is the mesmerizing  beach, this beach is cross by two awesome beach’s like form west Maui’s beach is located and form north Mokule’ia Bay, Slaughterhouse is also)  surrounded by lava rock and cliffs. It is situated in the Kapalua in West Maui. This spot is given the name of slaughterhouse because the Honolua ranch slaughterhouse is present on the top edge of the cliff this slaughterhouse was destroyed in the 1960s yet the name survives.

This beach attracts sea turtles and you can observe them in huge amounts.

In winter this spot experiences huge and dangerous waves. Water is however chiller than other spots on Maui. you have to wear flippers in this heavy water if you are visiting in winter. However, this spot is ideal if you are visiting it in summer as the surf is lower and you can swim and snorkel there. (but either you come in winter or summer you have to do some home work before you come here.)

2. Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach

Black Rock is considered to be one of the best beaches in Maui. It is situated on Ka’anapali Beach in West Maui. This is a very crowded space but still, you will see turtles moving here and there with ease.

The seashore itself is quite possibly the most generally visited area on Maui, yet Black Rock is still fairly a secret pearl to most non-occupants.

Black Rock is most prevalently known as “the stone you hop off” on West Maui, however, “the stone” likewise turns out to be encircled by a marvelous submerged reef arrangement. The reasonable blue water is certainly entrancing, the delicate sandy base is welcoming, the climate is consistently heavenly, and the sea is quiet. It’s ideal.

The water at Black Rock begins at around 8-feet inside and out and bit by bit reaches out to roughly 30 feet as you swim around the point. To track down the best swimming, follow the bas alt edge. Here, you can see the super fab Hawaiian green ocean turtle, Moorish Idol, Surgeon Fish, Snapper, Hawk Fish, Porcupine Fish, Needle Fish, Jacks, Invertebrates, Box Fish, Damsel Fish, Parrot Fish, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To get to Black Rock, travel toward the Northwest finish of Ka’anapali Beach close to black lava rock close to the Sheraton Hotel. This is an incredible spot for sure novice swimmers and snorkelers. (1 also enjoy to see cliff jumpers , it provide some parking which are publicly free. )

 3. Molokini Crater

Best spots to snorkel on Maui Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is situated 2.5 miles away from south Maui.

Environmentally, Molokini is the ideal climate for marine life to take care of and reproduce, and the islet has more than 250 types of endemic Hawaiian exotic fish. Inside the volcanic dividers, you will discover a large group of tropical marine life and bright reef developments including manta beams, dark triggerfish, yellow tang, raccoon butterflyfish, parrotfish, Moorish symbol, moray eels, and surprisingly an intermittent little white tip reef shark. The Pacific waters encompassing Molokini Crater have more than 100 types of green growth and roughly 35 hard coral species.

The completely clear water (normal of 150 feet of permeability) at Molokini Crater is the thing that makes this extraordinary as compared to other Maui swimming areas on Maui.

Molokini is a famous area for amateurs and experienced swimmers the same, and is generally well known for morning swim visits in Maui. The waters encompassing Molokini Crater are likewise quite possibly the most mainstream areas for SCUBA making a plunge in every one of the Hawaiian Islands.

On account of flow government assurance and the Endangered Species Act (ESA), this stretch is home to an especially thick populace of the Hawaiian green ocean turtles. There have been a few inquiries as to exactly where turtle town snorkeling Maui is found, however, the overall information is that Turtle Town is situated on the southern coastline of the island, between Nahunta Point and Black Sand Beach.

4. Turtle Town

turtle town maui

Turtle Town is Located in the South Maui.

This spot is notable for giving the absolute best snorkeling in Maui, especially if these huge ambling ocean animals are your touring objective. While appreciating a Maui swim visit at turtle town snorkeling Maui, visitors can hope to see turtle on shore Maui, tenderly moving toward swimmers with interest, just as a wealth of bright marine life.

turtle town snorkeling Maui is a top spot for some, reasons including an opportunity to see the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles in their common living space. There are consistently quiet wind conditions, and clear waters and all will be propelled when they see the delicate incline which permits all swimmers to discover a sea profundity that they’re alright with.

Furthermore, snorkelers can likewise see the Wrasse fish cleaning the Hawaiian green ocean turtle’s shells, and discover Butterflyfish, Perch, Chub, Triggerfish, Snapper, Goatfish, Big Eye Scad, Needlefish, Moray Eels, Crustaceans, Trumpet Fish.

5. Coral Gardens

coral gardens maui

Coral Garden beach is located on the West Maui Coastline.

At this mysterious Maui swimming pearl, visitors will have a chance to see plenty of Hawaiian exotic fish and marine life like Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Parrot Fish, Triggerfish, Octopus, Crabs, Moray Eels and that’s just the beginning. Throughout the winter months, this area has additionally been noted to give a submerged look at the North Pacific humpback whales during their yearly movement to Maui waters.

The Coral Gardens submerged reef arrangement extends from the South finish of Papalaua Beach towards the bluffs. This is a truly mind-blowing Hawaiian reef to visit in the event that you’d prefer to see a marvelous submerged world with clear waters, emotional dark magma fingers stretching out from the shoreline to the apparent seafloor, secret coral ocean caverns, and ways, and a large group of beautiful marine life prospering everywhere. Coral Gardens is best reached by sea vessel with Maui swim visits that leave from the Lahaina or Maalaea Harbors. This is an incredible area for starting and progressed swimmers with quiet sea conditions, clear water, and a sea profundity that inclines from shallow to medium.

6. Honolua Bay

spots to snorkel on Maui - Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is located in the North of Lahania Town near North-West Maui Seashore.

The Bay offers a little, sandy seashore where you can get to the water straightforwardly, else, it tends to be reached by a short downhill climb or by boat. Honolua Bay is a marine save that Maui inhabitants have battled for quite a long time to shield from advancement.

It’s without a doubt a snorkelers heaven for breathtaking coral reef developments, Hawaiian green ocean turtles, and enormous schools of exotic fish.

The best season to snorkel and scuba plunge at Honolua Bay on Maui is mid-Summer when sea conditions are quiet and level. Some other seasons, particularly when there’s a North swell, Honolua Bay is overwhelmed by Maui’s world-class surf scene.

In addition to the fact that this is a superb snorkel spot in Hawaii, however, it is likewise perhaps the most renowned surf area on the planet. There is no spot like Honolua Bay, and on the off chance that you at any point look at its highness, you will right away know why it is nearly made the rundown for the Wonders of the World.

When swimming at Honolua Bay, visitors will wind up in a Hawaiian wonderland! Honolua is a piece of the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District and offers a cornucopia of exotic fish and coral reef developments to investigate. Regardless of whether you discover Honolua via vehicle or boat, you won’t be baffled. Honolua Bay is undoubtedly quite possibly the most wonderful spot to go while in Hawaii.

7. Five Caves

Five Caves - Best spots to snorkel on Maui

Found only North of turtle town snorkeling Maui, Five Caves gives a bunch of Hawaiian marine life, Hawaiian green ocean turtles, and innocuous reef sharks. It’s ideal to arrive at Five Caves on Maui by boat, yet the seashore can likewise be gotten to by Makena Road in South Kihei.

Guests without a guide should take care because of variable sea conditions in this Maui swimming region. Regardless of whether the surf is little, Five Caves can be an interesting region for an assortment of reasons. Try to consistently swim with an amigo and avoid potential risk.

Five Caves isn’t only an astounding area for swimming on Maui, it is practically supernatural with basic sights of the Hawaiian green ocean turtle, huge loads of exotic fish assortments, Eagle Rays, and a genuinely different submerged scene. It has been noticed that resting White Tip sharks have been seen in the caverns, so proceed with caution keeping in mind Hawaiian marine life.

8. Napili Bay

Napili Bay

Napili is situated between Kahana and Kapalua in the legendary Napili Beach area.

Generally by the individuals who are looking for comfort with their families, even in an occasionally thickly populated seashore climate. This is certainly a seashore where you can discover harmony and solace in West Maui.

Would you be able to envision moving yourself to a wonderful sandy seashore in Hawaii with quiet pool-like water, and a delicate shore break ideal for a calm plunge in the sea? I realize that is a hard dream.

At that point envision, delightful submerged coral reef arrangements, ideal for swimming on Maui, with an ordinary presence of the Hawaiian green ocean turtle. That is Napili Bay. It is home to the West Maui Hawaiian green ocean turtle and the consistently wonderful mysterious Maui night falls.

We recommend that you go there in the early evening and stay for the night; it is genuinely worth watching. Napili Kai Beach Resort fronts are quite crowded during the high season on Maui. The ideal opportunity to visit Napili Bay is during the early mornings on non-weekend days, or later in the early evening for nightfall festivities with champagne close by, obviously.

9. Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay - spots to snorkel on Maui

Consistently, Kapalua Bay has been named “Best Beach in the World” by various distributions, including Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. The Travel Channel has even considered it the “Best Beach in America.” Without an uncertainty, it is probably the best seashores for snorkeling and only chillin’ out in America.

The calm and tranquil local area encompassing Kapalua Bay is heavenly, and the seashore in itself is awesome with an ensured, sickle-shaped inlet ideal for Hawaii marine life to assemble.

Kapalua Bay most certainly gives a quiet climate to swimming in West Maui with energetic tones, astounding swimming conditions, and the best area for kicking back with your loved ones under the warm Maui daylight. When swimming at Kapalua Bay, visitors can hope to see Scorpion Fish, Cornet Fish, Jacks, Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Goat Fish, Moorish Idol, Box Fish, Perch, Triggerfish, Chub, different spineless creatures and the sky is the limit from there.

10. Ulua Beach

ulua beach snorkeling

This sweet little Maui sea shore inlet has  covered up Wailea seashore street that might be set apart by a sign that says, “Stopping for the Marriott.” ‘Ulua Beach is unquestionably famous for occupants and experienced scuba jumpers, however, more frequented by resort visitors.

On the off chance that you are remaining in West Maui and attempting to move away from the ordinary vacationer hurrying around on the Southside, or are searching for a spot that is less frequented by local escorts, at that point ‘Ulua Beach is ideal for you.

It’s extraordinary for swimming since it is private and has quiet waters, and is additionally an awesome spot to go in case you’re searching for a more cozy and calm spot to decompress with your friends and family. Forthcoming water clearness, visitors can hope to see Moorish Idol, Surgeon Fish, Snapper, Hawk Fish, Porcupine Fish, Needle Fish, Jacks, Invertebrates, Box Fish, Damsel Fish, and Parrot Fish.

Turtle Snorkeling in Maui – FAQs

Where to see turtles in Maui?
Slaughterhouse Beach, Ulua Beach, Five Caves, Napili Bay are the place where you can find a variety of turtles while snorkeling in the sea.
Can you swim with turtles in Maui?
Yes, you can swim with turtles in Maui. But make sure that you keep a safe distance from them and try not to touch them.
Are there sharks in Maui?
Yes, there are many tiger sharks present in the Maui. Moreover, many people are attacked by these sharks in Maui.


Can we swim in the Black Rock?
Yes, This the best place for swimming and this beach also provide camping ground, so you can swim and place your camp .
What is the best time of year to see turtles in Maui?
Summer, summer is the best time to snorkeling around the beautiful turtles .
What is the best ho'okipa beach turtles time?
Around 2pm to 4pm is the time to snorkling the turtles in the ho’okipa beach.
How long Ulua Beach is?
it is the best beach to enjoy in its wide area around 1400 feet long beach
is Kapalua Bay open publicly?
Yes, it is open and here lot of visitor come here and chill there parties on this beach.
is there any turtles are available in Napili By?
Yes, it is full of turtles, if you swim around left side of the beach  you will see awesome and beautiful turtles of different species .
How do we get to the Five Caves?
normally people use to get their by boat but if you are the great swimmer then you can reach by swimming .



(1 Turtles are the best creatures of the planet and it provide the best view while doing the Snorkeling in the Maui, Snorkeling and turtles provide the )finest and calmest seashores gives you peace of mind and soul. This Land is one of the favorite lands of the snorkelers. I have tried my best to give you a complete guide on the best spots for snorkeling with Turtles on Maui.

Have a happy and joyful Snorkeling!

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