Best Things To Do In Portland With Kids – Family Adventures

Portland, Oregon’s largest city is all about parks, biking, breweries, and museums. There are tons of fun things to do with kids in Portland. We were traveling from nearby Seattle and there are significant differences between the two cities.

We found Portland to be cleaner with many eco-friendly initiatives going on. I almost felt like I was in Amsterdam, everyone cycles! We didn’t know much about what best things to do in Portland with a family, Oregon before we visited, but we loved how family-oriented the entire tourist attractions were.

Portland’s location also makes it a great base for exploring the natural attractions on the outskirts of the city. Oregon is so beautiful and famous for its landscape of waterfalls, forests, mountains, and a spectacular coastline, and there are many things to do in Oregon with children.

Things To Do With Toddlers In Portland:

Portland, Oregon was once home to one of the best zoos and science museums in the country, but there is now so much more to do with kids.

Part of the planning for Portland’s city parks has been making sure they are kid-friendly and fun. That is why Portland has so many unique parks for kids like Director Park, a park with a fountain for the kids to play in.

Kids Friendly Activities In Portland

Just like the city parks many of Portland’s community centers have been updated and remodeled. We have included the Mt. Scott Community Center because it has been updated and has an awesome indoor pool now.

No matter what activity your kids like to do Portland is sure to not only offers that activity but likely to have multiple places that offer that activity to choose from.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Portland:

Portland is a great city for families and there are many fun things to do in Portland we had a fun time checking out all the sights. From the fun and interactive Children’s Museum to the enthralling Witches Castle, here’s our guide to the best things to do in Portland with kids!

1. Browse Powell’s Books:

it was founded in 1971 and that known as the world’s biggest book store around 1 million new and old books). With aisle upon aisle of captivating books, the iconic Powell’s City of Books is one of our favorite kid friendly things to do in Portland). Regarded as the world’s largest independent bookstore that is located in the center of Portland), Powell’s covers an entire block of the city.

Browse Powell’s Books

Book lovers will love Powell’s Books, the world’s largest independent bookstore. there are all kinds of books available in Powell’s books like for teenage and for kids). You can certainly purchase a large number of books online through Amazon. But there is something magical about wandering through the shelves here. you can search here, millions of books with your eyes by going to the different rooms and different sections). There are five Powell locations across Portland. Travelers will want to visit the original place, however Powell’s City of Books in the Pearl District.

Spend hours here with over 1 million new and used books on display. and the best thing about Powell’s Books is, it is open all year 365 days  I especially like the book reviews and employee recommendations that are published throughout the store. but if you think that you cant explore or cannot find your interested books shelves then you can pick the map of the library from the front desk that is located in the center of the Greenroom, So) family can buy some books to take home.

or you want the coffee after grabbing your books you just need to cross the blue and gold room to reach the Guilder Cafe after grabbing my coffee I go to the second floor to take some rest with my refreshing coffee Support this small business by ordering a book today!

The dedicated kid’s section is full to the brim with every kid’s book imaginable and ranges from the classics to the inspirational to the current character favorites. Our kids spent hours reading at the kid’s tables and choosing some new books to take home.

2. Cartlandia:

Portland is famous for its large number of food trucks found throughout the city (you can download their app to check their updated menu) and a trip to Portland would not be complete without a visit to one kid will love the vast selection of delicious options on offer at the food truck pods dotted across the city. (it opened from 7 am to 9 pm each cart has its own number of food and menu,)

cartlandia portland oregon

A bike-centric family super food cart with over 30 international food carts, a family-friendly rooftop beer garden, and The Blue Room bar and restaurant(1 that will provide a number of beverages), a full-service bar with draft beers, and a full menu. (I will not recommend it for kids)

You can bring groceries from the food trucks to the beer garden or bar (when buying drinks at the bar). Indoor toilets, covered seats, seating on the outdoor terrace, ATM, and sufficient parking spaces on lots for cars and bikes are also available. (many of them provide the open heart delivery, which means you just call them and they will provide the order at your desired place )

3. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area:

best things to do in Portland with a family would not be complete without seeing Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge (is about 4000 feet down and 80 miles long)encompasses a variety of natural landscapes, including the desert, a sea-level passage, alpine meadows, (1Multnomah Falls that comes with tourist iconic place to visit with a snack bar, gift shop and also restroom) and the highest concentration of waterfalls in North America.

The mighty Columbia River and its beautiful waterfalls night sea of sky stars with the camp bone fire but you have to be careful and responsible of the campfire, easy public transportation is a lot easier to arrive here than your own car and viewpoints make for an awesome excursion from Portland.

4. Explore a Submarine:

By visiting here you and your kids will know, how crow of 85 people stay on this Blueback for months With a planetarium, a submarine, and a science playground, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a great kid-friendly thing to do in Portland. The exhibits are hands-on and interactive and there are opportunities to take part in experiments, play with sand and crawl through the roots of a giant tree.

The USS Blueback is docked in the Willamette River and young transport fans will love the opportunity to explore what once was a working submarine. here you will get a chance to touch the real climb in the bank and a real torpedo

Who says science museums are boring? With a giant-screen theater, a navy submarine, and a planetarium, OMSI will surely change your children’s perspective on science.

5. Find a Toy Horse:

Keep an eye out for miniature plastic horses tied up to metal rings along neighborhood sidewalks.

While you won’t find real horses tied to Portland horse rings, you can find little toy horses if you know how to look for them.

Keep an eye on the ground as you walk around through Portland’s historic neighborhoods. The best thing to do in Portland with families is horse rings on the curbs. The people who live here like to seldom stop Portland to tie little horses to rings to surprise and delight others who pass by.

6. Floating World Comics:

Located in downtown Portland, Floating World Comics is considered one of the best comic book stores in all of America and other Pacific by those who know it. which come for all ages of reader book lover and artist because it has the coolest books, and comics of all time like adventure, action fantasy, humor, horror, sci-fi, romance, crime, and superhero every Wednesday.

Floating World Comics

But the loyalty of comic fans is so great that they continue to flood here for animated reading. The shop also publishes its own books and regularly organizes art exhibitions in the shop.

You’ll always find tons of readers, artists, book lovers, and geeks flipping through the shelves and tables full of comics for the kids: old and new, self-published and classics, rare, and sold for a pound.

You can even bring your own comic and try to sell it there and also from there can pick the graphics novel, and try to read and write more. It may be the only comic book store in downtown Portland, but it’s considered one of the best in the country for good reason.

7. Get a History Lesson At Pittock Mansion:

before visiting here you have to make the reservation one or two months before Spend an hour or two at the Pittock Mansion for a quick history lesson while visiting Portland with kids. My kids loved seeing a “real living mansion”! are just $10 per kid and adults $14 if your kid is under 6 then their ticket is free The mansion was built on one of Portland’s tallest hills in the early 20th century and offers excellent views of the city from here. you can also let your kid admit here on a scholarship to study

Pittock Mansion is about 100 years old and this mansion was owned by Henry Lewis Pittock, a Portland pioneer known for revitalizing the Oregon newspaper. The mansion features 22 Rooms with antique furniture.

Children may not have the patience for brief historical explanations. They will, however, enjoy taking a look at the way people lived more than a century ago.

8. Get Hands-On With Puppets In Portland:

The Portland Puppet Museum displays over 2,000 puppets from around the world. Kids can put on their own puppet show and learn from the puppet master, Steven Overton, who owns the museum. there is also some other street artist who play their part to present their art in front of people at different times the whole day.

Get Hands-On With Puppets In Portland

Even better, kids can play with the puppets! If you’re looking for fun kid things to do in Portland, then it should definitely be on your list to have your own puppet show with these unique creations.

9. Go Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing has been shown to help build confidence, improve focus, and increase coordination and strength in children. And, there is no doubt that it is exceptionally fun!

My family and I visited the gym completely new to rock climbing they offer different courses bigness moderate and advanced. It’s clean and pretty big (but it’s also the first one I’ve ever been to. Our 9-year-old daughter really enjoyed the auto-belay spots there were 5 when we went in Feb which we all found helpful as beginners.

They offer wifi, snacks, coffee, and beer/wine for parents. They have a rock climbing wall room with movable foam builders which the kids seem to love. Also offered in the main room is a huge play structure for a wide age range of kids, very clean as well unlike some of the same type of establishments.

10. Hike to a real witch’s castle:

Start from the Upper Macleay car park and follow a beautiful half-mile forest path to the stone ruins of Witches’ Castle in Forest Park. The ruins have a dark past – according to local legend, the owner of the land murdered one of his workers who fell in love and ran away from his daughter. That witch castle is known after school kids pronounce it but from the local roadside sign board I read it the stone house.

It’s a relatively easy hiking trail but my old camera was a little heavy to be with that trail mainly goes downhill to the Witches Castle, which means an ascent on the way back- not that challenging; our two-year-old managed to go back and forth most of the way. We visited on Halloween and the trail was especially beautiful with the fall colors in full effect.

The Witch’s Castle is accessible from both the Upper Macleay and Lower Macleay parking lots because it is located in the forest park. If you would like more of a challenge, it is also possible to continue the hike up to the historic Pittock Mansion in the West Hills of Portland, a 5.7-mile round trip from the Lower Macleay Park trailhead.

11. Make Your Own Pancakes At Slappy Cakes:

it was first opened in 2013 with the concept of self-cooking For a happy and unforgettable meal, thrill the kids with breakfast at Slappy Cakes they provide the best pasta and delicious pancakes all day and many other fantastic things all day. In this innovative restaurant, diners play chefs by pressing pancake batter onto hot plates right at the table. For the most creative pancake designs, be sure to order two different color mixes.

Options include buttermilk, chocolate, peanut butter, vegan/gluten-free, and seasonal like pumpkin seasoning. Arrangements like chocolate chips and banana slices add to the fun … for an additional charge.

You can also order other breakfast items such as pork belly benedict or avocado toast that boost your energy the whole day. Plan to come on a weekday to avoid long waits and even then, you may have to wait for a table!

12. OMSI – Portland Museums with Kids:

Kids will love OMSI’s five unique halls, including a convenient science playground, a water area to play and learn by changing the direction of water and measuring it, a discovery lab to build scientific skills every week, and an earth hall with Science on a Sphere.

OMSI – Portland Museums with Kids

There are more than 200 interactive exhibits and laboratories for children at the OMSI. it provides free Children can learn about renewable energy, global climate, health and wellness, chemistry, engineering, and technology.

A family could easily spend a whole day at OMSI if they included a visit to the on-site Planetarium, retired submarine on the river, and the movie theater. For those looking for what to do in Portland Maine with toddlers, this can be a great choice due to the hands-on nature of the exhibits, there are also some closing times in which they clean the area like after 5p on Saturday it closed and from 1p to 2p every day also.

13. Oregon Zoo:

Hosting over 230 species, the Oregon Zoo is sure to delight the whole family. Like many zoos transitioning to the modern era, it is currently undergoing many changes. These include the expansion of their animal habitats new Asian elephant enclosure and an educational facility and making and feeling like for new crocodile monitor, you can also donate here for these awesome animals so they can live like home.

As a bonus, the zoo features an array of educational workshops, presentations, and shows for kids and adults alike you can also buy some gift cards for someone or make your reservation in advance. The Oregon Zoo has exhibits and programs that will enthrall adults, teens, and children of all ages.

14. Portland Aerial Tram:

The four-minute ride between South Waterfront and Marquam Hill offers picturesque 360-degree views of the city at sky height and kids will enjoy the novelty of taking a ride on an aerial tram. The backdrop of the iconic Mount Hood steals the show and, on a clear day, it is possible to see Mount St Helens.

Portland Aerial Tram

I have always found that my kids enjoy the day more if we stay on the move this goes double for my friends that have all boys, it is also quite reasonably priced when you compare it to many other children’s attractions like around $6 for one single round trip, you can buy a month pass about $40 and year at $440.

15. Portland Children’s Museum:

If you’re looking for fun kid things to do in Portland especially if you’re visiting Portland with a young child, the Portland Children’s Museum is a great option. This museum is very aptly described as “the museum that doesn’t behave like a museum”. your child can play with images and discover new things

I loved that this attraction encourages kids to move through the many exhibits such as the Zany Maze, Pet Hospital, Clay Studio, and Treehouse Adventure. when you came here you should buy a ticket online because when you come here may you cannot find any tickets because of limited stock

For me, this place was a perfect and age-appropriate fit when we visited Portland with 1 year old and a 4-year-old because there is greater theater to enjoy. It also happens to be located right beside the Portland Zoo which makes for a great day.

16. Pose In Front Of a Giant Banana:

the next kid-friendly thing in Portland Oregon is a vibrant and colorful collection of street art and kids will have fun spotting what’s on display across the city.

Pose In Front Of a Giant Banana

One of my favorite murals in Portland is also the oldest in town. The giant banana, also known as Art Fills the Void, is one of the funniest Portland things to do on this list. You will love to take pictures n front of this Giant Banana. my kid loves by making different poses in front of that big banana and I capture mesmerizing moments.

17. Drink Hot Cocoa On a Double-Decker Bus:

Portland is crazy about coffee, and I’m crazy about Tov, a totally weird Portland cafe that runs on a double-decker bus and serves the usual barista drinks I recently got a delicious chai latte with a perfectly balanced blend of spices in one unusual place that I love and miss most.

So if you’re looking for the best thing to do with your kids, order a drink and sip it in this twinkle-lit, magical bus you and your kids can drink and capture the beautiful view of the city.

18. Shop The Portland Saturday Market:

I specifically planned my family’s Oregon vacation so that we would be in Portland on a Saturday morning it opened from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday every week so we could enjoy the city’s renowned open-air marketplace. Portland Saturday Market has been taking place for over 40 years in the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood. It’s open from mid-March through Christmas Eve. it is the biggest open market around Portland.

Shop The Portland Saturday Market

Expect booths aplenty offering up fresh flowers and produce. You’ll also find a variety of handicrafts, like bird feeders made from antique teacups. Street performers entertain the crowds with live music, magic shows, and more. Of course, there are food trucks selling up tasty eats, too. In summer, children keep cool in splash fountains. If you like to people-watch, then this is the place to be. but if you want the best thing for your house or yourself then you can also buy some stuff you like or your kids.

19. The Portland Farmers Market:

The next thing I love to visit with my kids is the Portland farmers market the pride and joy of this food-obsessed city, Portland’s Next Level Farmers Market every Saturday, rain or shine fills the Portland State University campus with 200 rotating vendors selling the best local produce, grass-fed eggs, and meat Sell ​​grass-fed animals, freshly baked goods, artisanal cheeses and cold cuts, handmade chocolates, and other edible rewards.

If you believe in buying locally, sustainably, and supporting small business owners, farmers, and artisanal producers, there is nothing closer to the source than this. the farmers market is open from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday and on Sunday lengths international farmer market are open. for more information, you can also visit their website which gives you updated information on daily bases.

Fall brings beautiful pumpkins and crunchy traditional Old World Oregon apples. Those long cold winter nights call for slowly cooked Sudan Farm lamb and roasted root vegetables. In spring, reach for delicate, tender asparagus bunches and thick rose rhubarb stalks from Winters Farms.

And when summer rolls in, you can let off steam: bundles of baby lettuce, ripe tomatoes, Hood River cherries, dripping orange Charentais melons, and the incomparable Baird Family Orchard’s incomparably sweet and juicy peaches.

20. Tiffin Asha:

from Asia, Indian food, and the recipes I like the most, Tiffin Asha provides the best Indian food, so I and my kids make a plan to enjoy it here by having their authentic food. This quaint little restaurant has one of the best Indian fusion menus! The dinosaurs are to die for and so is the dessert! If you want typical Indian food, this isn’t your place, go here if you want to enjoy new flavors, if you want to enjoy creativity; this is the place to come!!

tiffin asha portland

The chicken “hot chick” dosa is just about perfect. Chicken breast is usually pretty dry, but theirs is perfectly tender and flavorful.  The spices are not in-your-face but subtle with a sweet aftertaste. 1i also bought two pickles one is green tomato and the other one is tomato ginger around $12

Anyone can throw a lot of spices into a dish I certainly do, it’s easy. They put in just the right amount to keep your tastebuds intrigued and wanting more.

21. Visit Portland’s Wishing Tree:

the other fun kid thing to do in Portland is the Wishing Tree in North East Portland. Visitors write their wishes on a tag and hang it on the tree. Then, take some time to read the wishes of others and hope that they come true. The tree is not just for woods or fruits the branches also show you the new dreams of success and hopes that come true The tree is beautiful both to look at with its endless tags and to read the heartwarming wishes of others.

If you want to make a wish bring your own tags and Sharpie along as supplies can run out at the tree. The tree is located at 2954 NE 7th Avenue. Please be respectful of the local residents who graciously allow the Wishing Tree tradition to continue.

22. World Forestry Center:

Are you looking for more educational attractions for kids this weekend? Then, spend some time exploring the World Forestry Center with your kids. Through practical presentations and exhibitions, this museum teaches children about the science, conservation, and importance of trees in human life. by visiting here me and my small kids realize and studied how trees full fill the need for our oxygen and help to clean the air.

World Forestry Center

Moreover, it houses fantastic attractions, such as the virtual jeep and train rides. The World Forestry Center offers interactive displays, presentations, and programs suited for children ages 3 to 12, so they can learn.

23. Historic Columbia River Highway:

I had visited different places by riding different roads but I must say this is the king of all roads after visiting with my kids. The mighty Columbia River and its beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints make for an awesome excursion from Portland.

The magnificent Multnomah Falls, although just 30 minutes outside of Portland, is a world away from the city. Framed perfectly by the Benson Bridge, its icy waters tumble over 600 feet to the ground.

Save some time to make the short hike up to view the falls from the bridge or, if you are feeling adventurous, continue to the very top for a bird’s eye view.

The Bonneville Fish Hatchery is a great stop where kids will love feeding the fish and watching the giant sturgeon.

Historic Columbia River Highway

There are lots of other waterfalls as well as scenic viewpoints along the highway. Kids are big waterfall fans and enjoyed visiting the Latourell Falls, Horsetail Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls alongside Multnomah Falls. They also enjoyed the views from Vista Point and still we still giggle about how we almost got blown over by the strong winds!

24. The Japanese Gardens – Outdoor Activities Portland:

The Japanese Gardens is a popular Portland attraction in Washington Park. Based on a hill, with views of Mt Hood, it’s a tranquil escape from the busy city. A peaceful temple, a mini waterfall, and beautiful vegetation are some of the highlights.

It’s a little pricey for a ticket but luckily little ones go free. It is also worth noting, strollers are prohibited in certain areas so it’s best to use a carrier if you have a baby.

25. Portland Street Art with Kids:

Creativity of the artist I see all over the world but while I and my kids are just visiting the local streets I realize that it is one of the most kid-friendly things in Portland Oregon a great way to get them interested in art is by checking out all the wall murals and street art. Portland’s street art is an essential piece of the culture and a fun and easy way to teach children about the quirky city.

Portland Street Art with Kids

Wall murals can be found all over the city, but two great areas to see a lot of murals all at once are the Alberta Street Arts District and Downtown Portland. If you are limited on time, these two areas will allow you to get the most out of your visit.

You can observe tons of colorful vibrant murals in a one-mile section of Alberta Street. And while you are there, grab breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. You won’t regret it!

Best Stuff To Do In Portland Parks:

1. Enjoy Rides And Games At Oaks Amusement Park:

The children were asked to visit Oaks Amusement Park for its rides, ice rink, and mini-golf course. Located just a few miles from downtown Portland, Oaks was opened in 1905. This makes it one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in the United States.

Enjoy Rides And Games At Oaks Amusement Park

Hidden away in Southeast Portland, the park is tucked in between the Willamette River and the Sellwood neighborhood. Its location provides for a secluded, country feel.

Surrounding the amusement park are large grassy picnic areas overlooking the river and Portland’s Southwest river shore where I and my kids play and enjoy a lot of things. While the outdoor rides close during the winter months, the famous roller rink is open year-round. Oaks Amusement Park is also home to the Multnomah County Fair held in early summer is the best season when you and your kids can play easily.

2. Forest Park:

As one of the largest urban parks in the United States around 5200 acres, Forest Park offers more than 30 miles of hiking trails filled with incredible forest landscapes with hundreds of plant species that make the forest a fantastic look of nature.

A walk through Forest Park will make you feel like you are walking in the Amazon, making it the perfect urban getaway if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Portland from 40 different pathways.

Access to the park is free but be respectful of the rules of the park and you can find a variety of hiking trails without having to walk the same trails twice. One of them is the wild forest path that leads to an old stone house also known as a witch’s castle and safe, a fun place to explore with kids.

Since you could spend hours in Portland’s Urban Forest Park make sure to bring enough water and snacks with you. In general, although hilly, the trails are almost perfectly maintained.

For your orientation, you will find maps at most trailheads and at intersections of trails. different kinds of trails like the wood trail is about 30 miles. It’s up to you where you want to head, but there are lots of options with easy, family-friendly trails, as well as more challenging trails for those who are looking to get a good workout in.

3. Play At Washington Park:

With 145 acres to explore, you’re sure to find activities to please the whole family at Washington Park. This green space was designed by the Olmstead brothers, the landscape architects who designed New York’s, Central Park.

If you need a break from the cityscape, hike the miles of nature trails of the Hoyt Arboretum. Kids will love the Washington Park Playground, which has the largest play structure in Portland. The Oregon Zoo, Portland Japanese Garden, and Portland Children’s Museum are also known as the Washington Park House.

My favorite area of Washington Park was the International Rose Test Garden. Bursting with more than 400 varieties of roses, this beautiful and aromatic garden is a delight for the senses.

you will rock to know what are the next kid-friendly things in Portland Oregon it hosts over 250 free summer events in its parks, and my family was lucky to stumble upon a concert in the Washington Park Amphitheater.

This outdoor space features tiers of grassy space on which to spread a blanket and take in the tunes. The vibe was welcoming and playful, with little kids bopping alongside aging hippies and tattooed millennials.

What to Eat In Portland:

1. Eat a Super Weird Dessert At Rims Ky’s:

 Rimsky Korsokoffee House is an original “Keep Portland Weird” coffee shop with its best dessert that I and my kids eat a lot there.  Hidden away in an unmarked home in southeast Portland, it’s open nightly for dessert and coffee.  They have live classical music and surprises around every corner.

Eat a Super Weird Dessert At Rimsky’s

Each night, Rimsky’s is open for the service of coffee, tea, and desserts in an old Victorian townhouse. Every table is decorated with a different classical composer.  They even have live classical music!  Very classy Cloth napkins & mismatched china on top of the funky old-school Portland ambiance.

It’s very charming, but don’t be surprised if you get some gruff service and a bad dirty washroom where my kids do not want to pee.  They are kind of famous for it, but on my last visit it was great, so maybe it just depends on who’s working?  But as always, the dessert is awesome.  Over the years the menu hasn’t changed much, look for some excellent mochas, ice cream, brownie sundaes, raspberry fool, and chocolate pot de cream.

2. Eat Unique Doughnuts:

Start your Portland explorations with a sweet fried donut. The strangest creation of the Voodoo Donut Bakery is the Voodoo Doll Donut, a yeast donut filled with raspberry jelly and topped with chocolate icing and a pretzel pole.

Children especially love the Voodoo Bubble Donut, which comes topped with vanilla frosting, chewing gum powder, and a piece of chewing gum. There are also donuts with bacon, sugar cereal, and much more.

Eat Unique Doughnuts

Competitor Blue Star Doughnuts makes more refined selections. These gourmet goodies are made from a classic French brioche recipe. Choose from such flavors as Meyer Lemon & Key Lime Curd, Chocolate Almond Ganache, and the adult-only Cointreau Crème Brûlée with a pipette of actual orange liqueur.

Not sure whether you belong to the Voodoo Donut or Blue Star Donuts family? Both Voodoo Donuts and Blue Star Donuts have stores in the Pearl District. If your stomach can handle it, try comparing the two!

3. Pine State Biscuits:

One of my favorite places for brunch in Portland is Pine State Biscuits there is indoor dining as well as outdoor so when we feel cooled outside we jump inside. Highly recommend stopping by here for your weekend brunch plans! You can get some freshly made biscuits and enjoy a nice Bloody Mary on the side. They have outdoor seating available as well which is always a nice option!

Pine State Biscuits makes a delicious breakfast, or fry up your own pancakes on tabletop griddles at Slappy Cakes watch out for weekend crowds. Slurp up the broth in your ramen at the kid-approved Boke Bowl Bambino Bowls are available plus animal-themed chopsticks! And if all else fails you can try one of Portland’s 500 food trucks.

4. Sample Foods At Portland Food Carts:

When in Portland with kids, all you need to do is eat from the many food trucks that dot the city. It can be difficult to keep all family members happy with one dining option, but visiting a grouping of food carts offers many options to please all palates.

You can find food carts cooking up everything from barbecue, Cambodian cuisine, and tacos — to vegan dishes, crepes, and gluten-free baked goods at Mississippi Marketplace. This outdoor food court of sorts is home to several food carts plus a piano inscribed with the words, “Please play me.” What a marvelous way to top off lunch!

5. Virtuous Pie:

Virtuous Pie is a charming, spacious, and bright place on Portland’s trendy Division Street that sells interesting plant-based pizzas and ice creams that don’t have cream but still taste great.

They do an excellent job convincing their non-vegan customers that plant-based products are not only good for you and support a healthy planet, but can also be delicious.

Virtual Pie is a fun hang-out place with giant green monsters, long communal tables, and a long coffee bar made from reclaimed antique Douglas.

The hot, thin-crust pizza crust is topped with exciting toppings such as truffle-almond-ricotta, arrabbiata sauce, or cashew mozzarella. Most of the ingredients are fresh in the house. Their meatballs are made with soy, gluten-free flour, red wine, and nutritional yeast.

Things To Do In Portland With Kids – FAQs

Is Portland worth visiting?
However, Portland, Oregon is definitely worth visiting. The city is medium in size, clean, beautiful and people are hip and chill. People, there are extremely liberal and cool and they will strike a conversation with you anywhere. There are many interesting things to visit when you’re there. If you are visiting, two or three days are enough to see most of the key attractions. If you don’t have friends there, try Couch surfing. Hosts, there are extremely sociable, fun, and safe.
What should I know before visiting Portland?
Things you should know before visiting Portland are; • You are not allowed to pump your own gas. • There is no sales tax. • There are many cyclists and many roads are designed for them. • The public transportation system (TriMet) is very good. • Most people and drivers are very polite. • There is a lot to see. It has some fascinating, quirky places to go. It is a wonderful place.
Will it be very expensive to live in Portland?
As for housing, yes! Other than that, Portland is so different from most medium or big cities, but has more advantages, in my humble opinion, than most of them. It’s a very good city! Have in mind that what people call Portland, most of the time means Greater PDX like Happy Valley, Hillsboro Gresham, and the relatively far way Forest Grove and even Vancouver-WA, which it’s like a neighborhood with a boring city center. Housing is what really pressing and the depressing issue here is. Prices are out of control in the very city of Portland. There are people and organizations trying to fight against the crazy housing crisis and city/county taxes on housing.
Is Portland a nice place to live with a family with kids?
Portland is a fantastic place to live, and it has a healthy and loving community that fosters growth for families. We’ve got more parks than you see in other metropolitan areas, tons of family-friendly events and places to play, and our education system is inclusive, inviting parents to participate as much as possible to help all our children grow. Rose City is community-oriented and full of opportunities, there are few cities of its size I’d rather raise children in to be completely honest!


Final Verdict:

Portland, Oregon has been a growing city for years with many young people relocating here to start a career. These people have gone on to marry and have children and the city has continued to evolve to accommodate the needs of families. With this growth, Portland has truly become a fantastic destination for families. piece of advice for you to make a plan for the whole trip this will save you money.

Portland, Oregon was already home to one of the best zoos and best science museums in the nation, but now it is home to so many more things to do with kids. Part of the planning for Portland’s city parks has been making sure they are kid-friendly and fun. That is why Portland has so many unique parks for kids like Director Park, a park with a fountain for the kids to play in.

Just like the city parks many of Portland’s community centers have been updated and remodeled. We have included the Mt. Scott Community Center because it has been updated and has an awesome indoor pool now.

Portland is the best place if you want to go for a vacation with your kids it has a lot of places where kids enjoy a lot. No matter what activity your kids like to do Portland is sure to not only offers that activity because there is not only one place to visit after surveying one you jump to another amazing place to visit but likely to have multiple places that offer that activity to choose from. I hope this article makes it easy for you to know the best things to do in Portland with kids.

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