Big Sur Dog Friendly Camping – The 10 Best Spots For 2022

California is one of the most beautiful places in the world where nature is at its peak. Visiting California to see its miracles of nature can appear to be overpowering from the outset, particularly while thinking about what’s on offer. There are the brilliant seashores of southern California, the inviting haze of sequoia-rich timberlands, and the profound deserts that appear always welcoming.

California is abounding with freedoms to be with nature only. This state is eminent for containing plentiful different scenes including backwoods, seashores, mountains, lakes, etc In any case, can the canine go along?

To ensure you and your little guy have a happy camp set up —regardless of whether it’s your first time in Quite a while or you’re a neighborhood—these best Big Sur Dog Friendly Camping are hand-picked for an amicable fun time with your little dog.

1. Furnace Creek Campground

Furnace Creek Campground

Death Valley National Park on the California/Nevada boundary and its Furnace Creek camping area is an incredible headquarters for anybody searching for dog-friendly campsites in California. It is the biggest public park in the adjacent United States and is home to a barren wasteland, salt-pads, and sand rises, among other land ponders.

A considerable lot of the recreation center’s well-known objections are dog-friendly and can go about as a jungle gym for excited little guys. Furnace Creek incorporates enormous spaces for tents and RVs, fire pits, and outdoor tables. Death Valley is eminent for its strongly sweltering climate, so guests should be cautious when choosing what season to go, particularly when bringing canines along.

2. Moro Campground

Moro Campground

Crystal Cove State Park extends over 3.2 miles of Southern California coastline, a cut of boondocks seashore setting up camp arranged close to the super mainstream Laguna and Huntington seashores. Likely quite possibly the crudest dog-friendly camping areas in California, campers can appreciate climbing, bird-watching, swimming, surfing, and indeed, investing energy with their canines—simply make certain to come prepared with your own water and all the stuff you need to go crude setting up camp.

Moro Campground is pet-accommodating, so campers will not need to stress over abandoning their canines. Nonetheless, the recreation center states canines should be on the chain consistently. The camping area has a lot of climbing trails and sea views—simply make certain to look for rattlers!

3. Serrano Campground

serrano campground big bear

Visiting Serrano Campground is a noteworthy method to invest energy at Big Bear Lake with companions, family, or even only your canine. The lake is situated in the San Bernardino mountain scope of Southern California and is a problem area for Californians to swim, climb, and move away from the city with their pets.

The campsite has in excess of 100 locales, washrooms, and drinkable water. Destinations contain utility hookups for RVs.

4. Circle X Ranch

Circle X Ranch - Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Campers can go through an end-of-the-week or more with their canines at the Circle X Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains for just $2 per night! Even better, canines are permitted on trails insofar as they’re kept on a chain.

This spot is not difficult to get to from Los Angeles; it’s situated in the mountains simply above Malibu. Here, campers appreciate an extraordinary break from the city, particularly when taking on the climb to the highest point of the mountains. Clearing perspectives can be anticipated.

5. Plaskett Creek Campground

Plaskett Creek Campground

Plaskett Creek Campground close to the focal coast of Big Sur wild permits dogs at their gathering camping areas, ideal for both tent and RV setting up camp. The camping areas do exclude hookups, yet have excursion seats and fire rings.

Entertainment in the encompassing Big Sur wild is boundless; climbing, mountain trekking, and visiting the excellent Sand Dollar Beach only south of the campsite. Sand Dollar Beach is a canine amicable seashore, settling on Plaskett Creek is a particularly decent decision for canine claiming campers.

6. Sea Mesa RV and Campground

Sea Mesa RV and Campground

Encircled by Los Padres National Forest, Ocean Mesa is just 20 minutes north of Santa Barbara. This is an extraordinary campsite to visit with a canine while in the focal coast region, particularly when looking for a more exciting setting up camp insight. The office offers a pool and spa, TVs, and wifi, and the sky is the limit from there.

7. Fremont Campground

fremont campground santa barbara california

This canine agreeable campsite offers a spot for little guys to wander around in the open public timberland lands off the chain. Here campers have an awesome chance to invest energy with their pets in the shrubbery of oak trees. The closest towns are Santa Barbara, Solvang, and Santa Ynez.

Every campground is furnished with a fire ring and excursion seat. Kindling is at a bargain from the campground, simply inquire! There’s additionally drinkable water, and washrooms, just as both tent and trailer set up camp.

8. Greenery Basin Campground

Greenery Basin Campground

At the point when campers consider dog-friendly campsites in California, many look to public woodlands. Canines are permitted in most public woods camping areas and can meander indiscriminately leashless all through the woodlands or on chains during trail climbing.

Plant Basin Campground close to Idyllwild is in the San Bernardino National Forest. It’s a magnificent spot to enjoy the pine-woodland covered outside with a canine. Every camping area is outfitted with an outdoor table, a fire ring, and drinking water.

9. Hirz Mountain Lookout

Hirz Mountain Lookout

Situated in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the Hirz Mountain Lookout gives an awesome encounter to appreciate nature via remaining in a post lodge furnished with beds, a vault latrine, and outdoor tables beneath. Exercises incorporate touring, stargazing, and climbing close by. Canines are permitted in the post and on close-by trails, and make certain to cherish the broad perspectives however much you will.

10. Camping areas in Sequoia National Forest

Camping areas in Sequoia National Forest

Visiting the Sequoia trees that speck the Sequoia National Forest is outstanding amongst other Californian encounters you can have with your pet close by. These transcending trees are amazingly lovely to camp around—and your little guy will see the value in the huge stretches of backwoods to run to their profound longing. There are the absolute best canine cordial campsites in California spread out among the Sequoia National Forest, and like every single public wood, canines are permitted on climbing trails.

Activities you can do with Dogs in Big Sur

Activities you can do with Dogs in Big Sur

Play Fetch

This exemplary game can be played anyplace outside. In the event that you neglected to bring a toy, you could generally utilize a frisbee, or tennis ball, or simply get a suitably measured stick to use all things being equal.

Make an obstacle course

Utilize normally happening objects to make an obstacle course for your canine to appreciate. Have them bounce over rocks, slither under felled trees, and zigzag all around shrubs. They’ll adore the new view, extraordinary scents, and challenge of dexterity.

Go Biking

Get a chain that will append to your bicycle and take your dog alongside you on the path. Or on the other hand, if mountain biking is more your thing and your canine can run openly, you can race through the slopes together. Your canine will cherish running alongside you and investigating the assortment of territory.

Hide and Seek

Take your dog out into the backwoods and afterward take cover behind a tree or shrub. Challenge them to have the option to discover you. This functions admirably in the fall when trees are brimming with leaves, and there are a lot of spots to shroud that your canine will not quickly see.


On the off chance that there is a waterway close by, your dog will very much want to swim and sprinkle around. Ensure the water is perfect and that canines are permitted to play in it. Swim with your pet or play water get utilizing a coasting toy.

Scent  games

Challenge your canine’s nose by concealing treats or covering a most loved toy. Attempt to make a fragrance design on the ground from the outset until they begin to comprehend the idea of the game. At that point make it increasingly harder for them to discover things by putting them on a stone or log. Your canine will adore the test and rush of the chase to track down a scrumptious treat.

Go sailing

In the event that you have a boat or leased one for the afternoon, take your canine along. Different choices incorporate kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. Allow your canine to tag along and make it simple for them to hop into the water for a speedy swim or to chill. For additional security, get them a pet life coat to wear whenever you’re on the water together.

Blow bubbles

Buy some pet-safe air pockets and blow them into the breeze. Your dog will very much want to pursue them, nibble at them, or burst them with their paws and nose.


Get a tough rope or toy intended for this game and play with your canine. Challenge them to overcome you and see who can win the most. Make a point to allow your canine to win a couple of rounds regardless of whether you are more grounded than them to give them pride.


Subsequent to playing throughout the day, sleep together in a tent or in a lounger if your canine can securely and easily fit with you. Twist up together and go through a lethargic evening time cuddling and making up for lost time with some rest.

Take pictures

Catch recollections of your trip day outside by snapping a few pictures. Put a charming handkerchief around your canine’s neck or snap a picture of that adorable posture in the heap of leaves.

Little dog playing with a logs

Being outside is the ideal spot to brush your canine’s hide or go in for a full prepping meeting. You will not need to stress over all that dander getting in your home, and it makes for a simple tidy-up on the grounds that their hair will biodegrade directly on the ground.

Attempt frozen treats

Freeze a few treats inside an ice 3D square or make popsicles out of canine cordial food varieties that your pet appreciates. Utilize a bone or rawhide stick as the handle, so the whole treat is consumable. Frozen food sources typically set aside canines a long effort to lick or bite through so it will keep them involved for some time.

Give them some consideration

Here and there your hairy companion simply needs some consideration from you and some tummy rubs or scratches behind the ears will get the job done.

Big Sur Dog Friendly Camping – Conclusion

Tripping with your loved ones is really an alluring adventure. These hand-picked spots are chosen for the people who love to take their pets with them on the trip. Hopefully, you have selected one spot to enjoy your vacation.

Have a happy adventure!

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