10 Best Portland Antique Stores: Funky, Charming, and Affordable

You can renovate your home entirely with new stuff, but most architects will inform you that they combine old and new items. This is what gives a home its personality, depth, and charm. Antiques and vintage things look fantastic in any house or office.

There are many antique dealers in Oregon from where you can purchase the vintage item of your choice.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest portland antique stores and secondhand businesses in Portland. Are you ready to go on a treasure quest of your own?

1. Lounge Lizard Vintage Furniture - Best for Antique Furniture

Stepping inside the well-known Lounge Lizard, you’ll notice that the 1950s are still alive and well. Vintage furniture from the past is waiting to enjoy the future with you here. Whether you’re looking for an antique amazing velvet picture, a brand-new couch, or a gorgeous 1950’s lampshade, they’re bound to have it.

They’re well renowned for their 1950s lampshade reproductions, which they sell online as well. Even if you aren’t a fan of old furniture, you will definitely like exploring this shop.

  • Famous for: Lounge Lizard has beautiful vintage furniture in the Hawthorne district, so it’s a good choice for antique shops.
  • ADDRESS: 1310 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
  • Contact no.: (503) 232-7575
  • WEBSITE: pdxloungelizard.com

2. Antique Alley - Best for Vintage Jewellery

Antique Alley, situated on the lower level of the Hollywood 42nd Street Station, houses nearly 100 antique and vintage dealers. This is the spot to go if you like treasure hunting for antiques. Antiques, handicrafts and some furniture can be found here.

They have a lot of vintage and costume jewelry. Kitchenware, linens, and home décor are all available at Antique Alley. There’s a huge assortment of vintage apparel and accessories to choose from. Music, literature, art glass, dolls, toys, and vintage collectibles of all kinds are also available.

You’ll have a better chance of finding whatever you’re looking for because there are so many sellers selling these antique things under one roof.

  • Famous for: There is a great selection of about 100 antique dealers.
  • ADDRESS: 2000 NE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97123
  • Contact no.: (503) 287-9848
  • WEBSITE: antiquealleypdx.com

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3. Thea’s Vintage Living - Best for antique Designs

Thea’s Vintage Living specializes in antiques and vintage things. You’ll discover an incredible collection of vintage jewelry here, as well as modern or up-cycled jewelry created by local designers.

Thea’s also sells home decor, such as knickknacks and art. The supplies everything from barware to furnishings to light fixtures. The store’s owner, Thea, grew up in an antique store and has a lifetime of knowledge of antiques, which is evident as soon as you walk inside her shop.

The store is well-designed, and it’s a terrific place to acquire ideas. She has a keen eye for style and provides estate sale services.

  • Famous for: An antique expert and always has a fantastic selection.
  • ADDRESS: 1204 NW Glisan Street Portland, OR 97209
  • Contact no.: (503) 274-0275
  • WEBSITE: theasvintageliving.com

4. Porch Light

PorchLight is a small antique shop that sells a mix of antiques, vintage, replicas, and contemporary jewelry, furniture, dishes, linens, and other home decor goods at reasonable costs.

Many of the products, such as the midwest and rural kitchen decor, are adorable. The business is tastefully designed, and it is a terrific place to obtain ideas for your own home.

PorchLight will ship your order anywhere in the world. If you purchase more than $200, they will mail your things to you for free within the United States. PorchLight is not located in Mississippi; it has relocated to Portland’s Pearl District.

  • Best for Porch Light provides a fantastic range of antiques, replicas, and new things, making it a great choice for antique shops.
  • ADDRESS: 225 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209
  • Contact no.: 503-288-8773
  • WEBSITE: porch-light.net

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5. Star Antique Malls

The Stars Antique Malls are made up of two high-quality businesses run by three friends who have a passion for antiques. Stars Antique Mall, located at 7027 SE Milwaukee Blvd., and Stars and Splendid Antique Mall, located at 7030 SE Milwaukee Blvd., are two of the different malls.

At these three shops, a total of 250 vendors offer their vintage items. From books to coins, jewelry, and furniture, the inventory contains practically anything you would be looking for.

Shopping here is easier than shopping in many antique stores since the goods are displayed in groups that highlight the items, such as a Victorian boudoir, a 1920s parlor, or a 1960s pantry.

  • Famous for: Stars has been widely acknowledged in publications such as Country Living, Country Home, Better Homes & Gardens, and Metropolitan Home, and is recommended for Antique Shops.
  • ADDRESS: 7027 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland, OR 97202
  • Contact no.: 503-239-0346

6. Hoodoo Antiques and Designs

Hoodoo Antiques and Design has been in Portland for nearly two decades and is not your normal antique shop. Mike, the pleasant proprietor, has brought antiques to a whole new level by up-cycling and repurposing old materials to create interesting and unusual pieces.

He not only salvages what is no longer useable but also transforms it into statement pieces. Despite its diminutive size, the shop is jam-packed with rarities. Large furniture, artwork, unique light fixtures, and a variety of other oddities can be found in their collection.

Props can also be rented here. Only Thursday through Sunday is Hoodoo Antiques and Design open.

  • Famous for: This business is famous for antique shops since it is entertaining and strange, exactly like Portland, and it has amazing goods.
  • ADDRESS: 122 NW Couch Street Portland, OR 97209
  • Contact no.: (503) 360-3409

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7. Kenton Antiques

For nearly 14 years, Kenton Antiques has been selling in North Portland. Antique furniture, games, toys, comic books, art, decor, maps, pictures, magazines, books, bicycles, tools, and a variety of other goods are available for purchase.

Almost anything you might possibly need is likely to be found in their store. There are a lot of antiques at this place. Kenton Antiques has some of Portland’s most affordable prices. Kenton accepts some consignment and accepts trades. They also provide a service for estate sales.

Maureen, the proprietor, is kind and helpful; please do not afraid to consult her with any questions. She is an expert in her field and enjoys preserving a piece of history.

  • Famous for: Their antiques are among Portland’s most affordable.
  • ADDRESS: 8112 N Denver Ave Portland, OR 97217
  • Contact no. (503) 490-8855
  • WEBSITE: kentonantiquespdx.com

8. Noun

Noun characterizes its own store as a combination of a curiosity shop, an art gallery, and a modern décor boutique. Old, used, bumped into, and passed about items are Noun’s specialty. They also sell a selection of locally made, handcrafted items from local artists.

Stephanie, the shop’s owner, handpicks all of the items she sells, including jewelry, candles, prints, dishes, kitchenware, journals, decorations, glassware, books, vintage travel cases, and more. The merchandise is always in fantastic shape, and the personnel is always welcoming and friendly.

The jewelry, in particular, is reasonably priced. It’s also a nice spot to buy up a gift or two because they provide complimentary gift wrapping.

  • Famous for: Noun is a fantastic spot to find a range of antique products, hence it’s recommended for Antique Shops.
  • ADDRESS: 3300 SE Belmont Street Portland, OR 97214
  • Contact no.: (503) 235-0078
  • WEBSITE: shopnoun.com

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9. Realy Good Stuff

Have you missed out on your chance to look through your grandmother’s attic? Good news: purchasing at Really Good Stuff is even nicer than shopping in your grandmother’s attic, but you may have to dig a little deeper.

This shop, which is managed by two young men and a cat, is jam-packed with all kinds of goods. An old-school egg beater, jewelry, trunks, antique apparel, old-school video games, musical instruments (including guitars for $60), furniture, and trinkets are just a few of the items available.

Not only do they have a large selection of antiques, but their prices are lower than those of many other antique shops in Portland.

  • Famous for: Really Good Stuff is one of the best antique shops around.
  • ADDRESS: 1322 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
  • Contact no.: (503)

10. Monticello Antique Marketplace

Monticello is a 20,000-square-foot antique market with over 100 vendors, a café with an espresso bar, and a library. Visit Monti’s Cafe for a mimosa or coffee before browsing the showroom for that cherished antique find.

Then look around to your heart’s content, saving time for the Salvage Garden, which features yard items and patio furniture. Monticello’s carries a wide range of knickknacks, religious artifacts, vintage jewelry and clothing, furniture, and much more. After that, kick off your shoes and replenish with a gourmet meal or something delicious.

  • Famous for: Monticello is Portland’s largest antique mall, with over 100 vendors.
  • ADDRESS: 8600 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97216
  • Contact no.:503-256-8600
  • WEBSITE: monticelloantiques.com

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Best Portland Antique Stores - FAQs

What did people search for antique stores in Portland, OR?
The reason is that Portland, Oregon is famous for the antique stores it has. Its popularity is worldwide where you can purchase every antique thing.
What are people saying about antiques in Portland, OR?
People like Portland, OR wholeheartedly. They enjoy every beautiful scene here and when it comes to shopping, it’s the best place for purchasing vintage things.
When did antiques start to become popular?
They decided that antiques were things that predate widespread manufacture in the 1830s and were at least 100 years old. The 100-year mark became the legal threshold for an object to be designated antique or duty-free when imported into the United States.



To sum up we can say that things become antique when they get a hundred or more years old. There is some best antique store in Oregon where you can purchase many different things according to your taste and home decor theme.

There are some best things that you can buy from the antique stores: Vintage furniture, decoration pieces, handicrafts, frames, etc. so what are you waiting for? Just go and enjoy this amazing antique shopping.

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