Best Time to Visit Death Valley – The Hottest Place on Earth

Death Valley is called so for a great reason obviously. It’s the deadly temperature for most of the year has named the place Death Valley. As a matter of fact, tourists love to visit and explore this place but there’s no doubt that it gets nearly impossible for humans to survive in the heat of this place during the hot summer months.

Whenever you’re planning a tour to the Death Valley And want to know about Best Time to Visit Death Valley, we recommend you always wait for pleasant weather. That’s because the hot weather of Death Valley and super-hot winds of the area would make it difficult for you to explore the entire place. While pleasantly cool weather would be the biggest motivation to explore Death Valley’s hundreds of different spots.

Spring in Death Valley is an example of cheerful and pleasant weather, which is also the best time of the year to explore the place and see the flowers bloom.

Thinking about “What is the coldest month in Death Valley?” Here you go. The answer is December. Yes! best time to visit death valley national park in December although the weather in Death Valley is not entirely cold for months, it is the coldest in December. Even in December, the days are sometimes just suitably warm, while the nights could be extremely cold and chilly. In December 1990, Death Valley recorded the lowest weather record of -5.5 degrees Celsius.

What is the Best Month to Visit Death Valley?

What is the Best Month to Visit Death Valley

From the mid of March to early May are the best days to visit Death Valley. It is the time spring arises and the flowers bloom. The temperature is also pretty suitable. Although it’s not as pleasant as it gets in other parts of California during Spring, as compared to Summers, it is the best time to visit Death Valley.

Other than March till May, the months of November and the start of December are pretty much pleasing as well. The nights are cold during the end of November and remain cold throughout December. The weather is absolutely beautiful, with temperatures rising and visitation on the rise.

Best Season to Visit Death Valley National Park

Spring is definitely the best season to explore Death Valley. The temperature is pleasant and you’ll see flowers blooming in this completely barren land. Visitors to Death Valley flock there at this time of year. Moreover,  best time to visit death valley for wildflowers is spring are a big draw, along with warm, sunny weather.

The best time to visit death valley is during spring break from late March to late April, Death Valley is crowded with tourists. Accommodations and campgrounds are usually crowded during that season, and reservations typically are made months in advance.

Other than Spring, Autumn is also a great time of year to visit Death Valley. The Autumn season also remains warm but the weather remains pleasant with clear blue skies during the day and skies full of stars at night.

So, if you’re planning to visit Death Valley, Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to plan your trip. But more preferably, the Spring season would be a better choice.

Best Season to Visit Death Valley National Park

When should you NOT go to Death Valley?

Summer is the season that is least recommended to pay a visit to Death Valley. The average high temperature in the summer is over 110°F, while the average low temperature is over 80°F. That is why Summer is not a good time to visit the park unless you are adequately prepared with water, sunscreen, and shade.

Even with all the arrangements you’ve made, you might not be able to enjoy your trip and explore the place as you would do in comparatively pleasant weather due to extreme heat in summers.

Best Time to Visit Death Valley

Winter and Spring days are the best time to visit Death Valley.

WINTER – Death Valley experiences mild weather conditions in winter. A typical low temperature of 39° F is experienced between December and March, while a high of 68° F is experienced between January and March. However, a high temperature of 91-93° F is not uncommon in February. It is even possible for temperatures to fall below freezing during cold December nights. There is no doubt that this is the peak season when this national park is most crowded.

A rare snowfall occurs in Death Valley every few years. You can see a blanket of snow covering the highest mountains of the park in the winter. As rare as it is to rain, it is equally likely to snow. The highest concentration of rainfall occurs in March and December in Death Valley, where it never rains more than 10 days a year which on average, makes it 2.36 inches of rain annually.

SPRING – Death Valley is also a popular place to visit in autumn and spring. The average low temperature during Spring (in April) is 63 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the maximum temperature exceeds 91 degrees Fahrenheit when the heat peaks at 104°. While in November, when it’s the Autumn season, maximum temperatures reach 93 F and minimum temperature is somewhere around 61 F.

Mornings and Evenings are the most beautiful views you get to see in Death Valley. The stunning Sunrise and Sunset views are literally everything you would wish to see and capture whether it’s Summer, Winter, or any other season of the year.

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Best Time to Visit Death Valley

The Bloom of Wildflowers

There is something truly spectacular about the wildflowers in the springtime. Wildflowers filling the entire desert are an exception. It happens every year, but sometimes there are just a few insights. However, spring also brings a lot of wind.

It is usually mid-March to early April when the desert displays its spectacular floral display following a rainy winter but not-so-rainy winter.

When should I go to Death Valley National Park?

The best time to visit death valley for flowers is spring and autumn, with its blooming wildflowers and clear skies. The temperatures are pleasant in both seasons. Despite being colder, winter is still a great time to visit as the weather is still great and there is less crowding as well.

With these things in mind, it is up to you to decide when do you want to visit Death Valley according to your own convenience and preference of weather.

Our Verdict

Death Valley is definitely a place worth visiting. Although it is known to be an extremely vast, barren land with almost no scenery, when you pay a visit and explore the countless spots within the Death Valley itself, you know you’ve been to the best place of your life.

We recommend you to visit Death Valley during Spring or the start of the Winter months for extremely pleasant weather and beautiful views.

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