24 Classic Things to do in Death Valley – A Complete Guide

Most people think of  Death Valley as the barren and wasteful land on this continent, but they are many idiots. Others know that the Death Valley is known for its hottest temperature on this continent, which was 134°F. It is so hot that it could burn your skin very badly rainbow mountains.

There are many breathtaking viewpoints of the Death Valley, like the bad water basin. It is the lowest place in North America which is 282 below sea level. The other viewpoint is the artist’s drive. This drive is between the colorful mountains of North America that is also called

If you plan to camp in Death Valley, the best place for camping would be the furnace creek campground. There are different places for the campings are available that you can check and reserve here.

Best Things to do in Death Valley

As we said above, there are many breathtaking places to see in Death Valley, and if you are planning a long tour around Death Valley, we are here to tell you about the 27 iconic things you can do in Death Valley. So, let’s start.

1. Dante’s View – Dramatic View

Dante's View - Dramatic View

It is a 40 to 45 minutes drive from the furnace creek, and you need to hike a bit to reach Dante’s viewpoint, but once you reach there, you have the mesmerizing view of the flat salt lands of the Death Valley. If you are a photographer, this would be the best place to click the best photos of your life.

2. Zabriskie Point – Sunrise/sunset

It is another best palace for the photographers, especially if you are a couple because this Zabriskie viewpoint is famous for its iconic sunrise and sunsets. These are the magnificent, unique shaped, and yellowish color mountains that look very attractive and beautiful. These unique shapes of the mountains are made because of the force of water that looks very artistic.

3. Badwater Basin – the lowest point in North America

In our view, this is the most iconic place in North America, and everybody who is living in the USA or anywhere in the world wants to visit Badwater Basin. It is 282 feet below the seal levels, and the flat white salt lands are waiting for you there. It is also a must-visit place if you are into photography.

4. Devil’s Golf Course – Rock Salt Lake

Devil's Golf Course - Rock Salt Lake

This place is on my bucket list, and I want to visit it in 2021. There was a time when a lake was situated here, but now only the salt crystal formations of the minerals are available. It is situated in the Mojave Desert in the national park.

If you want to see the salt formations from someplace, you can see it from the car, but if you want to feel it and take some pictures, then go and park your car in the parking and walk on your foot. You can know more about it here.

5. Artists Drive and Artist Palette – Rainbow mountains

It is also a very iconic place in the Death Valley that you can see; if you want to see the hills of different colors like yellow, red, orange, blue, and pink, you should visit this point for sure. There is no specific time of visiting this place you can come to see the sunrise and sunset or come in the mid of day to see beautiful scenic views of the mountains.

6. Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch – Best hiking place

If you want to do some long hiking adventures, then this place is best for you. It has the most mesmerizing view of the golden hills. There are many different routes that you can use for hiking, and if you are in the mood for a long adventure, then connect one route with other and make it challenging for you.

7. Darwin Falls – Only waterfall in the Death Valley

Darwin Falls - Only waterfall in the Death Valley

Can you imagine that there would be a waterfall in these barren and wastelands of the Death Valley? This darwin falls situated in the Panamint, and the waterfall was named after Darwin French, an explorer, and army physician. When you visit this place, you forget for some time that you are in Death Valley because of its greenery.

8. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes – Sea of Sand

It looks like giant sea sand due to the curves of the sands dunes made because of the air pressure on it. If you are a photographer, you can capture great pictures for your Instagram here. You can do sandboarding and sand skies in these dunes. If you plan to visit death valley, you must visit this place and go sandboarding.

9. Ubehebe Crater & Litlle Hebe Crater – Volcanic area

It is also a very breathtaking place to see because it has many big volcano craters. If we talk about the largest crater, it is 2600 ft wide and more than 700 feet deep. You can imagine how big it would be. There are many geographical changes in this Death Valley. That might be because of the volcanos, so you should visit this place if you are interested in the volcanos. 

10. Racetrack Playa – Mysterious moving stones

Racetrack Playa - Mysterious moving stones

It is one of the most mysterious places in Death Valley. It was a lake 10 thousand years ago, but then it dried, and now it is a bed of cracked mud on which the stones started racing. If you visit the lake, you will see the paths from where the stones are started their race. It looks really mysterious because nobody knows that how the rocks are moving. You should definitely visit the Racetrack Playa in the Death Valley national park.

11. Telescope Peak – The highest point

Death Valley is a fantastic place to visit; first, we visit the bad water basin, which is the lowest point in North America with 282ft below sea levels. This Telescope Peak is the highest point of North America, 11,049 feet above sea level. There is a long hiking trail waiting for you if you want to visit the telescopic peak, and after that, you will have a very mesmerizing view that it would release all the tiredness.

12. Scotty’s Castle – Spanish colonial revival style villa

It is not the actual castle, but it is a Spanish colonial-style villa built by Albert Mussey Jhonson for his wife Bessie to spend their vacations. This villa is situated in the Grapevine Mountains of Death Valley. But this property was damaged from the severe flood many times, and still, it is closed because of the flood, and it will not open before 2022 so, plan to visit it in 2022. Check this website before planning any trip.

13. Mosaic Canyon – Hiking Trails

Mosaic Canyon - Hiking Trails

The Death Valley is full of mountains, so many trails attract hikers so, if you are a hiker, then this is another scenic trail for you. According to your physique, it is a 6.5 km long hiking trail that would take 2.5 to 3 hours. The trails start with moderate levels and go to challenging levels, but you will enjoy this hike if you are an adventurer. But visit the official website of the National park for more details.

14. Hike Eureka Dunes – Highest Dunes

If you love the dunes, then we have found a sand mountain for you that covers the flatbed of sands in its valley. The length of this mountain is 3 miles long and 1 mile wider. If you are planning to hike it, it would not be easy because the mountain is very steep, and the sand makes it more challenging, but it would be a fun and adventurous activity for you.

15. Twenty Mule Team Canyon – Colorful Mountains

It is another drive of the colorful mountains of the twenty-mule team canyon. When the sun’s light puts on these mountains, they have a very goldish and brownish color that perfectly contrasts. If you are a photographer, you will get mesmerizing pictures here.

If you are a star Wars fan, you would recognize that some scenes of the star war were shot in this twenty-mule team. If you are a true Star Wars fan, tell us in the comment section that the episode scene was shot here.

16. View the Night Sky – Crystal clear sky

View the Night Sky - Crystal clear sky

When you are in the Death Valley, you are far away from the fake bright life of the populated cities. If you plan to camp in the Death Valley, you can look at all the planets and the stars clearly from there. If you have a telescope, then great otherwise, look with your eyes and capture it in your memory because you won’t find these views in the cities.

17. Explore the Backcountry – Camping

Exploring the backcountry camping in the Death Valley would be a great opportunity to challenge yourself in the most challenging conditions because you will be camping in the rugged wild areas of the valley. But you need to follow some instructions for backcountry camping, which is listed on this government website click here.

18. See the Superbloom – Wildflowers super bloom.

If we list down the top 10 driest places globally, then Death Valley would be on that list, but there is a time when the flowers are blooming in these areas that time is from the start of February to the start of May. In the past October, there was a storm in the Death Valley, which was beneficial because that cause this super bloom. Superbloom does not happen every year, but you can visit to see the wildflowers making life possible in this desert.

19. Natural Bridge – 500 + million years old

Natural Bridge - 500 + million years old

You might have seen old bridges that the humans made for their convenience, but this is a natural bridge that means the human does not make it, but nature made it, and according to historians, this bridge is 500 + million years old. You don’t have to hike a lot to reach this bridge; it is only 10minutes away from the parking lot.

20. Hike Ibex Dunes – Bird watching

This hiking trail is situated in Tecopa, California, in the Death Valley; this is not a very challenging hiking trail. Most people come here for a walk or see the wildflowers and watching birds. You need to drive north for 3 to 4 miles and reach the parking of Saratoga Spring.

21. Charcoal Kilns – 143 years old kilns

These charcoal kilns competed in 1877, and the reason was, of course, to make the charcoal from it. These were the only remaining kilns in the western states, so the people who are interested in the historical-architectural are coming here to visit this place. These charcoal kilns are abandoned since 1879, and there is no proof of work hereafter 1879.

22. Aguereberry Point – Mesmerizing View

Aguereberry Point - Mesmerizing View

This viewpoint is very close to the telescopic peak point, but you don’t need to hike from here, but the road is smooth for you if you have a good clearance vehicle. It was named after the there is no proof of work hereafter 1879.  The view of Death Valley from this point is worth it.

23. Panamint Dunes – Gorgeous views

It is also a breathtaking view in the west of the Death Valley called the Panamint dunes. These are not very known so that you can expect a low tourist and more natural views. The sand of this place is a pure gray color which is the original color of sand. One more interesting thing you can do is camp right on the dunes and experience the cold nights of the desert.

24. Stargaze – Night Sky View

Stargaze - Night Sky View

Death Valley is one of the most suitable places on earth to see the Stargaze and took some pictures. But there are some things that you need to follow, and that is laid down on the ground and eyes on the sky and avoid any kind of light so you can be able to view most possible stars in the sky. There are some other tips that you can read on the national park’s official website.

Best Time to go to Death Valley

According to the national park service of death valley, the best season to visit the Death Valley is spring because you will see the wildflowers blooming in the Death Valley. If you don’t want to visit in the spring, go for autumn or winter because these are the good seasons when you will not encounter crowded areas, especially in winter.

But if you plan to visit the Death Valley in the summers, you should know that Death Valley is the world’s most hot valley in the summers, so don’t visit in the summers. However, some adventurous people do this stupidity we don’t recommend you to visit in the summers.

Rules of Death Valley National Park

When you visit Death Valley, you should follow some rules and regulations applied to every visitor coming to Death Valley national park; otherwise, he must bear the severe consequence. Let’s find out that what are rules that everyone needs to follow?

Rules of Death Valley National Park

·        Overnight Camping

The first rule of the Death Valley national park is that you can’t overnight camping anywhere in the death valley. There is some specific location on which camping is allowed, and in those areas, some are in furnace creek and some in the backcountry areas, but you need to confirm the places from the first ranger’s station you encounter in the death valley.

·        Driving off roads

Off-road driving is prohibited in most of the areas of the Death Valley because of your as well as for desert safety because off-road can ruin the rare species of the plants and animals that are in the desert so, don’t do off-roading.

·        Weapons

There is a straight no to any kind of weapons in the national park of Death Valley. It does not matter that you have a licensed weapon or not, but you can’t take it inside the Death Valley, and if you take it inside the park and rangers catch you, it will be very bad for you.

·        Pets

Pets are the cutest species of animals, and Death Valley is not safe for them, and in most places, you are not allowed to take them so, instead of r leaving them somewhere in death valley, don’t take them with them.

·        Fires

If you are camping in the developed campground, then it is allowed, but only in the firepits provided to you; otherwise, you are not allowed to gather the woods and then burn the fire in the death valley because a little amount f your carelessness can cause many losses so, that is why it is prohibited.

·        Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are not allowed in the national park of Death Valley because you don’t need them inside the park, and you should know that this is an outdoor national museum and everything here is antique so, you can’t take them out at any cost.

·        Horses

Some people are asking questions about the horses that if the horses are allowed in the national park of death valley or not so, the answer is no because you can’t make your horse hike with you and also not in the camping place so, they are not allowed in the park.

·        Private Property

It is the basic rule that you should follow wherever you are planning to visit in the world, and that is you should respect every person’s private property, and if you don’t, then the law will force you to do it.

·        Wildlife

Don’t do any kind of interaction with the wild animals because there are many cases that when you feed them they started depending on you, but you would leave after some days, and that has a severe effect on their routine so, don’t do this thing.

Facts about Death Valley that you don’t know

There are some facts about Death Valley that you might not know, but today, we will tell you about the ten facts of Death Valley that nobody knows:

Facts about Death Valley that you don’t know

1.     Largest Park

I don’t know that if you know about this fact or not, but the death valley national park is the largest park on the continent; you will find larger parks on other continents of the world, but in the US, this is the largest park with the wide coverage of more than 3.4 million acres.

The Death Valley consists of five and dunes, two vast mountains, one salt basin, and one volcano crater that make it the largest on the continent.

2.     Dry

Many people think that the Sahara desert is the driest globally, but you would be surprised to know that Death Valley is drier than the Sahara. If we calculate the average rainfall in the year, the Sahara has 1.5 inches more rainfall than the Death Valley, which makes death valley drier than the Sahara,

3.     Hottest place on earth

If you ask any sensible person that should you visit the Death Valley in the summer or not then if he is sensible, he would say you don’t visit in summers because it is the hottest place on the earth in summers, and even if you have AC in your car, you still feel hot. It is enough to burn your skin badly. Last year the temperature was recorded around 158 °F that is very hot.

4.     highest and lowest point above sea level

It has the highest point above the sea level and the lowest point below the seal levels; the highest place in the valley is near Mount Whitney, 14,505 ft above sea level. The lowest part of the valley is in the Badwater Basin, 282 ft below sea levels.

5.     Story Behind the Name “Death Valley”

It is the story of 1849 some gold-seekers try to find a new way to California. Somehow they think that the Panamint mountain range is the shortcut, but that was the wrong decision that makes their condition worse. In short, they were about to die when they get out of the valley so, someone from that group says “Goodbye, death valley,” and since then, this valley is called the Death Valley. This is the story behind the name of this valley.

6.     Mammals in Death Valley

The weather conditions in the Death Valley are the worst, but still, many mammals live there for many centuries. You would be surprised to know that more than 50 species of mammals live in this valley, and they are small, like squirrels, bats, and big mammals like the wild horses and mountain lines.

7.     Story behind the Scotty’s castle

There is a Spanish colonial-style villa in the Death Valley called Scotty’s castle, but if we look into the facts, there was a person Albert Mussey Johnson who built this villa for his wife, Bessie. He is the original owner of Scotty’s Castle. 

But he was good at manipulating the people to invest in something, so; there was a chance that he makes Albert Mussey Johnson agree to build a castle at this place and, after that, says to people that I have made it.

8.     Starwars movie

If you are a Star Wars fan and watch the movies many times, you should visit Death Valley because many locations in Death Valley were shot. The main places where the shooting occurs were Golden Canyon, Artist Palette Drive, Desolation Canyon, 20 Mule Team Canyon, Dante’s View, and the Mesquite Dunes. If you want to know more, you can visit the website of the National park.

9.     Sunrises / Sunsets

When you are visiting Death Valley, the best thing that you should do is to see the sunsets and sunrises because they are worth it. I know that getting up from bed is not an easy thing after a hard traveling day, but you will not regret it I guarantee you this thing once you do it. There are many places in the Death Valley to see the sunsets and sunrises, but the two that you can’t miss are the Mesquite Dunes and Zabriskie Point.

Tips for your safety

When you plan to visit Death Valley, you should look at some things before starting traveling and when you start traveling. These things are really important for your safety.

Death Valley Tips for your safety

·        Complete your Research

The first thing that you should do before starting traveling to the Death Valley does your complete research. Talk to the people who were there, read the articles, know what conditions you can face there, and make your plan according to the facts you have after the research.

·        Don’t go to the Remote Areas

One thing that we would suggest you for your safety is that don’t go to the remote areas of the valley because if something happens to your vehicle or you forgot the way and take a wrong turn, then you might face severe conditions because there will be no mobile signal coverage so, you can’t call anyone for help.

·        No mobile Signals

You should know one thing that the death valley is not all developed area so, there are many places where your mobile would not work so, you have a satellite phone or any other way of communication, or at least you have things that if something happens to your car or any weather conditions happens, you can stay there for some time.

·        Your car should be in perfect condition

When you start your travel to death valley, the first thing is to go to the car mechanic and get your car checked that if it can travel on that route or not, and wherever you stop for taking rest, check your car that everything is perfect or not because the national park Death Valley is barren land and you won’t find a mechanic easily if something happens to your car.

·        Food and water

While traveling to Death Valley, you should have a good stock of food and water in your vehicle because if you came across the worst conditions, you could survive for some days until someone comes to help you.

·        Sunscreen is a must

You will travel in the hottest valley on the earth so, you should have a good amount of sunscreen, and that would be 50° to 60° protection because lower that would not work there for you.

·        You should be ready to drive long

In death valley, you don’t know what the condition is, so you should be in perfect health; if you have to drive for a long time, you can do it easily without any injury; otherwise, don’t plan a trip to the death valley because you might be risking your life.

·        Your Fuel Tank should be Full

The one piece of advice that you should write somewhere is that when you are traveling in the Death Valley, wherever you see a fuel pump full your tank. There are very limited fuel pumps in Death Valley so, don’t take the risk of fill the tank on the next station that might never come.

·        Speed is the Key

Death valley is a very dangerous valley; that is why it is called the death valley so, do one thing don’t be slow go everywhere with speed, and if you are trying to visit a place in the death valley so, leave your hotel in the morning so, you can reach the other place safely before night. Don’t start a trip or hiking on the mid-day because you would be stuck in the trails at night, which is deadly.

·         Where to Stay in Death Valley?

There are many places to stay in the death valley, and you can also use online booking services like Airbnb, but there are also some other places to live in the death valley like:

  • Stovepipe Wells Village
  • The Ranch at Death Valley
  • Panamint Springs Resort

These are some places to live; you can also do your research, and you will find many other places to stay in the valley.

Things to do in Death Valley – FAQs

Why is Death Valley so dangerous?
The name of this valley is Death Valley because many dangerous things can happen in this valley. There are many deadly mammals in the valley, and if you encounter them, that is not a good thing for you. There are also very hot weather conditions that could affect your health so, these conditions make this valley very dangerous.
what is the best time to go to death valley?
Spring is the best time to go to the death valley because the wildflowers are in super bloom, and you would like the view. The time to visit death valley is autumn when the skies are clear and the weather is normal but doesn’t visit the valley in the summer because it is the hottest valley in the world.
How to get to death valley?
If you are from Sans Francisco, then death valley is not that far away from you; it will take only 7 hours from San Francisco to reach death valley. You need to take the interstate 5 to Bakersfield, and you’ll enter from the western entrance of the death valley.
Where to eat in death valley?
There is no doubt that the most of the area of the death valley is barren, but where the tourist comes there are some restaurants too so, they can eat and drink there so, don’t worry about your meals. There are many restaurants there in death valley.



The Death Valley is one of the best places in the world to visit; yes, it is dangerous, but dangerous is exciting, and that is why millions of tourists visit the death valley every year. There are many places for the tourist to visit from which we listed the 27 things.

There are many hiking trails, more than 16 volcano crater, and many more things are included. We compile a full detailed guide for you so, if you are planning to visit the death valley, this article might be very useful for you.


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