5 Coolest Things To Do in Death Valley in Winter – Death Valley Winter

Death Valley is one of the largest National parks in California, US. It is enormously large and is known to be one of the places that record the highest temperatures in the whole world. People are often interested to know “Why is it not a good idea to visit Death Valley in Summers?” The answer is, because of the highest temperatures of Death Valley, it gets extremely exhausting there in the summers.

Winters are the best suitable season to explore and Things To Do in Death Valley in Winter. That’s because the summers are extremely dry and overheated. Even in winter, you cannot think of having cold winter days and nights. That’s not how Death Valley is. The difference that winters make is that the temperature of the place becomes bearable and so, you can enjoy your trip. The coldest month you’ll experience in Death Valley is December. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

Is Death Valley Cold in Winters?

Winter and spring are very pleasant compared to the extremes of summer. Low elevations have mild winter days and cool nights with occasional freezing temperatures. It is cooler at higher altitudes than at lower elevations in Death Valley. With every thousand vertical feet (approx. 300 meters), the temperature drops by 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius).

In short, daytime winters are mild, but nighttime winters are quite cold. Temperatures in the city generally drop to -3/0 °C (27/32 Fahrenheit) on the coldest nights of the year. The temperature was recorded to be -5.5 °C (22 °F) in December 1990 – one of the coldest nights recorded in Death Valley. Things to see in death valley national park in December are:

Is Death Valley Cold in Winters

What is Death Valley like in the winter?

Overnight temperatures drop often into the upper 30s with temperatures ranging between the low 60s and the low 70s during winter. It’s the perfect time to explore Death Valley National Park since the weather is cooler and there are clear, sunny days. While most of the nation is shivering, you’ll be able to enjoy endless sunshine and warm temperatures.

Is Death Valley open in winter?

Yes, Death Valley remains open throughout the year. The only difference is that sometimes, more people are visiting the place, and only a few.

Is Winter a Good Time to Visit Death Valley?

Winter is the most suitable time to visit Death Valley. That’s because the temperature remains under human tolerance and the nights become cold as well. Due to the pleasant weather in winter, it is more exciting to explore Death Valley. Also, the sky becomes stunningly beautiful, covered entirely with shining stars on winter nights.

Winters in Death Valley National Park

Winter in Death Valley turns it into a paradise in the desert. Death Valley is at its best during the winter – the only time of year when temperatures are bearable and you can hike without having to dream of air conditioning.

Winters in Death Valley National Park

Things To Do in Death Valley in Winter:

If you’re in Death Valley or plan to be there sometime, here are a few things you should not miss doing. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

  1. Hiking the Trials
  2. Swimming in Oasis
  3. Stargaze at the Sky
  4. Dante’s View Visit
  5. Zabriskie Point Visit

1. Hike the Trials

You can do many things to do in death valley in winter, just like hiking in winter in Death Valley would probably be the best idea while you’re there. Winter provides the perfect weather for exploring the trails of park canyons and seeing the spectacular beauty of nature. You can easily find the trials there. Five minutes away is the Golden Canyon hike, a classic excursion. The resort is close to several trailheads along Bad water Road. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

2. Swimming in Oasis

The inn and ranch at Death Valley offer guests one of the most sublime experiences in the world during the cold winter evenings when temperatures are in the 30s or 40s. The pools at both of these lodging options are filled by natural springs so that the water stays in the 80s night after night, regardless of the weather. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

Having a balmy pool and a cold breeze compliments each other brilliantly. So, a swim in a real oasis is a must when you’re in Death Valley.

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3. Stargaze at the Sky

Who doesn’t love the chilly winter nights with a sky full of stars? You’ll see the stars in the sky in Death Valley as you’ve never been before. The storm clouds that billow out of the Pacific Coast over Death Valley provide a striking backdrop for pictures of its vast expanses. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

There are few places in the world that offer such breathtaking views of the stars as Death Valley does at night.

Stargaze at the Sky

4. Dante’s View Visit

Dante’s view is a view of Death Valley from the mountains. The place isn’t much far away from the parking area of Death Valley. It provides a view of the unreal and spectacular beauty of Death Valley. there so many interesting thing to do in death valley in winter.

5. Zabriskie Point Visit

Sunset and sunrise at Zabriskie point feel like heaven. The views are so breathtakingly beautiful and people love to capture the beauty of this place when the sun shines over its uneven, enormously spread land.

Other than Dante’s view and Zabriskie’s point, there are so many other places too, worth exploring in the region of Death Valley. There are many things to do in death valley in winter.

Is Death Valley Busy in Winters?

Winters are the best suitable season for exploring Death Valley. Many people prefer to be there in winter, obviously because of the pleasant weather. But, even then, Death Valley never seems to be crowded or busy in any season.

That’s because the place is located on an enormously vast land, and there are hundreds of different places within Death Valley to visit and so many things to do. So, even if there are many people there during a public holiday or weekends, they’ll probably be scattered all over the different places in Death Valley.

When Is It Winter in Death Valley?

Usually, the months of December and January are considered the winter months in Death Valley. Because during these two months, the temperature at night becomes cold. Specifically, in December, the temperature sometimes drops below 0. So, December is the actual winter month. There are soo many things to do in death valley in winter.

Also, the month of February remains cool. It’s not as cool as December in Death Valles, but till the mid of February, the temperature remains mild and wildflowers usually start blooming during this time.

Does It Snow in Death Valley?

It does not snow in Death Valley. Being the hottest and driest place, Death Valley hardly receives any rainfall throughout the year. So, when it comes to snow, Death Valley never receives snow.

Death Valley gets snow only about once every decade at lower elevations, and even then, it’s usually just dusting.

Does It Snow in Death Valley

Things to Know About Death Valley in Winters

There are many things to do in death valley in winter, but If you’re planning a trip to Death Valley in winter, here are a few essentials you must know.

  • You Must Have Hiking Boots with You. That’s because hiking the trails or walking along uneven land would be difficult and tiring for you with your normal slippers or shoes.
  • Carry Excess Water with You. Because even in winter, it’s not at all cold during the day. So, you’ll need a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated in this extremely dry piece of land.
  • Wearing Sunscreen is a Must. There are many things to do in death valley in winter. in way to enjoyment we also take care of our skin, the direct rays of the sun are extremely harmful in Death Valley. Also, it’s a vast land so, even in winter, the sun would reach you probably everywhere and there isn’t any shade or shelter in Death Valley.
  • Carry Along with Suitable Clothes. Although it’s pretty much warm in Death Valley during the daytime even in winter, you won’t be able to wear warm clothes because of the place’s heat. We recommend you wear light clothes and make sure your body is entirely covered from head to toe.
  • Furnace Creek Visitor Center Opens. The center opens up every day from 8 to 5 during the day. You can watch a film about Furnace Creek as well as listen to ranger-led talks, walks, and slide presentations at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center. You can know entirely about this barren land.

Average Rainfall in Death Valley

Death Valley hardly receives any rainfall because of the extremely high temperature in the region.  Death Valley receives an average of 2.36 inches (60 mm) of precipitation per year. Death Valley experienced its wettest month on record in January 1995 when 2.59 inches (66 mm) of rain fell.


There are many things to do in death valley in winter and Death Valley is one of the places you’d love to see. Visiting Death Valley in winter would be the best idea because the temperatures are bearable during the day and the nights are cold and chilly.

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