Camping Near Eugene Oregon – The Best Campgrounds Nearby!

can you camp anywhere on the oregon coast

A leading city in the arts and political engagement, Eugene offers outdoor activities, bicycle and hiking trails, organic farming, and a lot more. With a location along the Willamette River, Eugene offers an array of arts and culture, dining, shopping, entertainment, and sports. Also, there are a lot of RV parks in Eugene, and you’ll get to experience the best camping near Eugene, Oregon.

On a weekend trip to Eugene, the second-largest city in Oregon, you can enjoy a wide variety of things to see and do. If you ask us, the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Cascade Raptor Center, Science Factory, and Hiking are some of the best things you shouldn’t be missing while you’re on your trip to Eugene, Oregon with kids.

If you haven’t already heard great things about Eugene, and you wonder what it is like to live in Eugene, Oregon, here’s how it is. Most Eugene residents rent their homes and living in Eugene offers a mix of an urban and suburban feel. It is easy to find lots of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops in Eugene. In a nutshell, Eugene is a conservative city with a lot of young professionals. School standards in Eugene are also above average.

Is Eugene, Oregon a Good Place to Live?

Eugene was originally known as Emerald City because of its reputation for being a thriving hub for the arts and outdoors, inspired by the whimsical fantasy land of Oz. Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Eugene has long been thought of as the birthplace of the Oregon Trail, which was once an inspiration for countless pioneers.

Is Eugene, Oregon a Good Place to Live

Life in Oregon is a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. The city is absolutely beautiful with a lot of outdoor recreations, parks, and tourist attractions. The city is famous for the Art and Cultural vibes it has to offer its tourists.

Amazon is one of the best places in the neighborhood of Eugene to consider for an amazing lifestyle there. Furthermore, the city is full of greenery and forests, providing a fresh and healthy environment to the locals.

Best Camping Near Eugene, Oregon

You can enjoy the best outdoor attractions in Eugene whether you’re a local or a visitor. Find out where the best campgrounds are around town, as well as a few out in the wilderness, so you can set up camp on your next adventure. You cant camp anywhere in the Engene, Oregon. 

There are some outstanding camping spots to choose from even if you’re passing through and just need a comfortable and convenient place to pitch your tent or park your RV. A lot of great campgrounds are within easy reach of major highways.

A major attraction of Eugene is its reputation for outdoor exploration, which entices hikers, campers, and RV drivers to explore its beautiful lands. Here are some of the best camping sites near Eugene and you definitely won’t regret choosing any of these as your campground on your camping trip to Eugene.

  1. Armitage Park
  2. Deerwood RV Park
  3. Meadowlark RV Park
  4. Dexter Shores RV Park
  5. Schwarz Park COE
  6. Premier RV Resorts of Eugen, Oregon
  7. Black Canyon Campground
  8. Pine Meadows Campground COE
  9. Richardson Park Campground
  10. Casey’s Riverside RV Park

1. Armitage Park

Tips for Visiting Here: Armitage Park is the place for you if you want a wonderful outdoor vacation. In the evenings, you can play horseshoes or volleyball on the volleyball courts. A 2-acre off-leash area for dogs is also available. There is something for everyone at this Eugene, Oregon campground, whether you like to bike, fish, or walk in the woods.

Armitage Park

Campground Armitage is a convenient location for events such as events at Autzen Stadium and the famous Coburg Antique Festival.

Highlights – Located on the McKenzie River, Armitage Park is about five miles to the north of downtown Eugene. The campground is easily accessible from the I-5 and Lane County administers the park. In addition to having free Wi-Fi, a laundry service, restrooms, showers, and many recreation opportunities, this campground has all the modern conveniences.

  • Exact Address – Located in Heritage Park, 90064 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 97408.
  • Current Situation – Open.

2. Deerwood RV Park

Tips for Visiting Here: Imagining a luxury property surrounded by forests, manicured lawns, and a country setting within 10 minutes of Eugene? That’s this home’s setting. You can listen to the birds singing high in the woods, high above the towering oaks and Douglas firs, and taste the pure well water. This is the kind of a typical day at Deerwood RV Park. Furthermore, there are a lot of furry and feathered residents around, and if you’re quiet you may spot a Wood Duck.

Deerwood RV Park

Located within 10 acres of lush grass and ancient trees, the sites are surrounded by ponds and lawns. Even though some sites may be difficult to get into because of trees, pad angles, or narrow roads, they are certainly worth the effort. For those who are looking for peace and quiet with some great amenities, Deerwood RV Park would be an ideal pick.

Highlights – Deerwood Park is one of the best RV parks in Eugene, Oregon. It is more of a secluded wooded setting with manicured lawns and old trees surrounding the campground, which is only 10 minutes from downtown. During peak season, guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast on Saturdays.

All the necessary amenities including free WIFI, showers, laundry services, and all other basics are available.

  • Exact Address – Deerwood RV Park, 35059 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene, OR 97405
  • Current Situation – Open

3. Meadowlark RV Park

Tips for Visiting Here: There are six miles that you’ll need to cover between Eugene and Meadowlark RV Park. This property offers good rates and fantastic amenities as a highly rated RV park close to Eugene, Oregon. The property can be accessed from I-5 exit 182. If the Pacific Ocean is what you’re after, this park is just over an hour away. We would recommend you to have a view of the beautiful ocean as well.

Meadowlark RV Park

Ice cream, quick meals, and snacks are also available at the on-site convenience store. Also nearby are a craft brewery and a winery as well as an excellent Mexican restaurant.

Highlights – We have spent time here and could not be happier. There’s a small store with food, drinks, and RV supplies available at the park, as well as owners and managers who are super friendly and helpful. The park is under new ownership, so things are even better now.

Bathrooms and showers have been updated, new picnic tables have been installed, a lush lawn exists between rough-road sites, the staff is friendly, and the campsite is conveniently located off the highway. Furthermore, there are numerous stores and restaurants nearby.

  • Exact Address – Meadowlark RV Park, 298 East Oregon Avenue, Creswell, OR 97426
  • Current Situation – Open

4. Dexter Shores RV Park

Tips for Visiting Here: There are lots of hiking and fishing opportunities at Dexter Shores that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Additionally, there are many covered bridges in the area and disc golf as well. Eugene is only a short drive away, so it’s a great place for a family vacation.

Dexter Shores RV Park

We absolutely loved everything about this site! A beautiful environment with nice lake views. There is more wildlife and trees here than in most of the other campgrounds. Despite challenges in the park, management makes things seem friendly without allowing things to go awry. Also, if you like the rustic atmosphere, you’ll enjoy the restaurant next door. We found its food to be good.

Highlights – There are plenty of spacious suites at this mid-sized campground. Rates are also affordable considering its gorgeous location. Pool, crafts, a kitchen, a TV, and a large patio are all available in the recreation rooms.

Most of the time, the campground itself remains crowded, despite being relatively quiet. There are trains passing fairly closely, and you can hear the highway traffic occasionally.

  • Exact Address – Dexter Shores RV Park, 39140 Dexter Road, Dexter, OR 97431.
  • Current Situation – Open.

5. Schwarz Park COE

Tips for Visiting Here: This 15-mile trail features spectacular scenery and is perfect for biking. It begins at Schwarz Park COE. Baker Bay County Park is the nearby launch area if you have a boat or jet ski. Basically, the RV park is mostly rustic and has no-frills near Eugene. Also, it is a perfect spot for anglers and outdoor adventurers, Dorena Lake too, is very close by. There is also a playground available on site for the kids.

Schwarz Park COE

Compared to other Army Engineers Campgrounds, we think this one is the best. There is a nice selection of sites among tall trees there and it’s moderately priced, quiet, and on a road that is seldom traveled at night.

Highlights – There are about 12 miles southwest of Eugene in Schwartz Park COE, and it is an Army Corp of Engineers Park. It also has the best bathrooms of any campsite in the area. There are hot showers also available free of charge along with super clean sinks made of stainless steel. And the best thing was the site was almost bug-free. There are many free camping place near Eugene, Oregon.

To be honest, the views are not too spectacular or dramatic, but the entire site is very pleasant.

  • Exact Address – Schwarz Park COE, 34909 Shoreview Drive, Cottage Grove, OR 97424
  • Current Situation – Open.

6. Premier RV Resorts of Eugen, Oregon

Tips for Visiting Here: At Premier RV Resorts, you can enjoy a rustic setting without sacrificing city comforts. The best RV camping accommodations in Eugene, Oregon are available on this property. It is close to several beautiful river trails at Premier RV Resorts of Eugene Oregon, which we would want you to explore and provide a great opportunity to the bikers. Nearby there are many wineries and supermarkets to get yourself whatever you need.

Premier RV Resorts of Eugen, Oregon

Highlights – 13 miles northwest of Eugene’s downtown district is the Premier RV Resorts of Oregon. Additionally, it is one of the few campgrounds in the area that has a swimming pool. Numerous championship golf courses are close by as well.

Furthermore, there is a well-stocked desk with pens, paper, and light for checking in late at night after hours. This is to facilitate the visitors in the best way possible. Also, the campground is very clean and quiet. Its bathrooms also have plenty of space and are well heated.

  • Exact Address – Premier RV Resorts of Eugene Oregon, 33022 Van Duyn Road, Eugene, OR 97408
  • Current Situation – Open

7. Black Canyon Campground

Tips for Visiting Here: You can feel the cool breeze, enjoy the view of the riverside, and find plenty of shade here at the Black Canyon. Throughout the campground is an interpretive nature trail. There is also boating and fishing at Lookout Point Lake. So, that’s where you should be if you’re a boating or fishing person.

Black Canyon Campground

Also, for hikers and bikers, the Tire Mountain Trail is popular with mountain bikers and horseback riders, while the Clover Patch Trail is popular with hikers. Due to its location in the Willamette National Forest, the campsites are all nicely shady.

We were simply blown away by this campground. Every campsite here is quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by huge trees that provide enough shade on a hot day. It is a short walk to the water & the water is absolutely beautiful! You can enjoy a relaxing day with your family or friends here. It is a gem of a place!

Highlights – There are no frills at Black Canyon Campground, and it offers a lot of outdoor recreation. A few of the popular activities in the area include mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and hiking. There will be a number of wildlife species to see, such as Roosevelt elk, mule deer, bobcats, and bald eagles. Trails for hiking and biking stretch 1,700 miles.

  • Exact Address – Black Canyon Campground, OR-58, Oakridge, OR 97452
  • Current Situation – Open

8. Pine Meadows Campground COE

Tips for Visiting Here: Camping at Pine Meadows Campground COE provides access to a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities without many amenities. Guests can enjoy swimming along the shore and picnicking around the campground. Nearby, you can launch a boat if you like boating and fishing. This is a peaceful campsite where you can enjoy the beauty of the lake, especially during the evening and by day, you can enjoy watersports on the lake.

Pine Meadows Campground COE

It’s a great place for fishing, boating, and swimming kind of activities. So, if you get a chance to camp at this campground, do not miss out on fishing and boating.

Highlights – Twenty miles southwest of Eugene is Pine Meadows Campground COE which is located in an area of the Willamette Valley known as Cottage Grove Lake. In addition to its 138 bird-watching hot spots, this park is a popular habitat for rare breeds of birds.

Fishing and chilling are the only things you can do in this area, not much else to do. In general, it’s a decent campground and the sites are quite spacious as well. We liked the size of the reservoir and the fact that there wasn’t much boat traffic.

  • Exact Address – Pine Meadows Campground COE, 75166 Cottage Grove Reservoir Road, Cottage Grove, OR 97424
  • Current Situation – Open

9. Richardson Park Campground

Tips for Visiting Here: Richardson Campground lies directly on Fern Lake Reservoir which is known for its stunning waters. This campground at the northern end of Fern Lake, which is the largest lake in the Willamette Valley, offers a lot of watersports bird-watching opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Richardson Park Campground

While you’re at this campground, you may choose what you really want to see. There is a wooded and private section of the campground and another section with open grassy greenbelts between the campsites. The lake is a good place to walk or ride a bike. There are also several wineries near this campground, and you may be interested in visiting them.

Highlights – There are volleyball courts and horseshoe pits at the campground as well as a shoreline path for hiking and biking. There are also amenities such as showers, dump sites, and electrical hookups at this campground in addition to the boat ramp, kid’s play structure, and amphitheater.

  • Exact Address – Richardson Park Campground, 25950 Richardson Park Road, Junction City, OR 97448
  • Current Situation – Open

10. Casey’s Riverside RV Park

Tips for Visiting Here: At Casey’s, you can raft the river once again! Casey’s Riverside RV Park is offering rafting trips on the Willamette River through Cascade Outdoor Center. Rafting is an exciting activity, and you must try it once during your trip. Additionally, you can book your stay at Casey’s online as well.

Casey’s Riverside RV Park

RV camping is available at Casey’s Riverside RV Park near Eugene, Oregon. Several miles of mountain biking trails are located at the resort, as are hiking trails and fly-fishing opportunities. Also nearby are the stunning Salon Creek Falls as well as a unique covered bridge you should take a ride to.

Highlights – In the Willamette River valley, about 40 miles southwest of Eugene, lies the small town of Westfir. There is very little traffic at Casey’s Riverside RV Park in Westfir, and the surroundings are beautiful too. Several shops and restaurants are also nearby in Oakridge.

The property is well kept and very well maintained. We were actually relieved and delighted to see trees on most of the sites. You will find here a relaxing environment and a peaceful RV park to stay at.

  • Exact Address – Casey’s Riverside RV Park, 46443 Westfir Road, Westfir, OR 97492
  • Current Situation – Open

RV Parks Near Eugene, Oregon

Planning an RV trip to Eugene Oregon? Well, you must know your camping spot before you head over to your destination. To make the decision easier for you, here are a few recommendations for the amazing RV parks in Oregon.

  1. Foster Lake RV Resort
  2. Rice Hill RV Park
  3. Deerwood RV Park
  4. Richardson RV Park
  5. Edgewater RV Resort and Marina
  6. Benton Oaks RV and Campground

Best Parks to Visit in Eugene, Oregon

Weekends call for a day out with your family or friends. If you live somewhere near Oregon, you will definitely know what beauty the parks of Oregon hold. Eugene, an artistic city in Oregon has a lot to offer its visitors along with some beautiful parks. Out of all the amazing parks, here’s a list of the BEST parks you shouldn’t miss visiting while you’re in Eugene, Oregon.

Best Parks to Visit in Eugene, Oregon

  1. Skinner Butte
  2. Hendrick’s Park
  3. Delta Ponds City Park
  4. Alton Baker Park
  5. Owen Rose Garden
  6. Oakmont Park
  7. Armitage Park

How far is it from Seattle to Eugene, Oregon?

It takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes to drive to reach Eugene, Oregon from Seattle.

What is there to see between Seattle and Portland?

There’s a lot actually. You may stop to visit:

  • Point Defiance Park
  • Mount St. Helens Visitor Center
  • Lewis and Clark State Park
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • Lake Sacajawea

What is there to see between Seattle and Portland

How many days do you need in Seattle?

In our opinion, 4 days would be suitable to explore Seattle. You may spend two whole days exploring Downtown and the remaining two days exploring the neighboring tourist spots.

Is Seattle a walking city?

Yes. Seattle is a very walkable city and is ranked as the 8th most walkable city in the country. Nearly every corner of the city is lined with stairs, amenities, and employment opportunities, and most of the neighborhoods are connected by bus routes.

Do you need a car in Seattle?

Not really. Seattle is pretty much walkable, so you won’t necessarily need a car to visit nearby places such as Downtown, Pioneer Square, the Waterfront, and Belltown; all of these are located within walking distance.

Camping Near Eugene Oregon: Our Verdict

Eugene, Oregon is such a beautiful city surrounded by lakes and forests. There are plenty of campgrounds with a number of campsites around the city. No matter which campground you choose for your stay, you’re going to love it anyway. All the basic necessities and amenities are available at all of the campsites to make sure visitors enjoy every bit of their trip and feel at home.

We hope our article has been helpful for our readers who were looking for some of the best recommendations for the campgrounds in Eugene, Oregon.

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