Top 20 Awesome Things to Do In Albany Oregon

There are lots of things to do in Albany, WA, or Kinjarling as the traditional landowners knew it. Albany is favorite school vacation and long weekend destination for Western Australians because it is a calm, peaceful town with spectacular natural beauty. This historic town is rich in history, wonderful food, and magnificent beaches, as well as a variety of fabulous accommodations to fit everyone’s needs.

It is the state’s 11th largest city and is known by a variety of nicknames. Albany, known as the “Hub of the Valley,” is also known as the “Grass Seed Capital” and the “Rare Metals Capital.” Because of its economic reliance on manufacturing and farming, the city earned its nicknames.

Today, there is a number of attractions and lots of stuff to do in Albany Oregon for both locals and visitors. It features around 30 parks and hiking paths, as well as a senior center and many cultural festivals. Similarly, the city has started to revitalize its downtown shopping district.

Come for a day or more to discover the numerous hidden gems in Albany’s historic neighborhoods, boutique shops, parks, restaurants, and a historic theatre. Albany is a very lovely destination for travelers, with everything from covered bridges to a revitalized downtown, delightful parks, and paths along the Willamette River accessible to the public.

In this article we have mentioned different things to do in Albany, Oregon as well as Best Places to Eat In Albany, Oregon, and Best Places to stay in Albany, Oregon.

Where is Albany, Oregon located?

Albany is the county seat of Linn County and the 11th largest city in the state of Oregon in the United States. Albany is in the Willamette Valley, near the confluence of the Calapooia and Willamette rivers in Linn and Benton counties, just east of Corvallis and south of Salem.

It is mostly a farming and manufacturing city that was created in 1848 by settlers. Albany has a population of 56,472 as of the 2020 United States Census.

How far is Albany, Oregon from Portland, Oregon?

Nonstop drive: 71 miles or 114 km

Driving time: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Even while this distance can be driven straight through, it may be more fascinating to stop along the way. You can scroll down to see how long it would take if you drive with stops.

How far is Albany, Oregon from Salem, Oregon?

Nonstop drive: 26 miles or 42 km

Driving time: 33 minutes

Even while this distance can be driven straight through, it may be more fascinating to stop along the way. You can scroll down to see how long it would take if you drive with stops.

What County is Albany, Oregon?

Albany is Oregon’s 11th largest city, the county seat and largest city in Linn County, and the second-largest city in Benton County.

Today, Albany is known as the “rare metals capital of the world,” as it produces a variety of metals, with a particular emphasis on zirconium. The region also grows fruit and is well-known for its grass seed production. Oregon Freeze Dry is the region’s largest employment, beginning in the green technology industry.

Things to do in Albany, Oregon:

We visited Albany several times and have a list of our favorite things to do there.

1. The Historic Carousel and Museum:

This vintage carousel in downtown Albany, near the Post Office, is a community-driven magnet for entertainment and tourists. It was completely the result of voluntary work. The carousel now features a finely crafted menagerie of animals and welcomes over 160,000 visitors every year.

The Dentzel Family donated many classic antique carousel horses to the campus museum. In the 1870s, this powerful family was the first to produce carousels. The museum also provides visitors with access to the painting and carving studio, where new animals are still created today.

The Historic Carousel, however, is the primary draw for visitors. While children surely enjoy the ups and downs of the moving ride, adults have also been known to take a ride. Carousel rides cost two dollars each, and each session provides a chance to win a brass ring.

2. Explore Local History:

If you want to discover more about life in Albany in the mid-1800s, stop by the Monteith House, which served as a store, private house, and community worshipping and meeting place. Monteith House tours are especially popular around Halloween because it is said to be haunted.

The Albany Regional Museum conveys considerably more of the region’s history, with a concentration on early industries such as forestry, metal, and railroad.

A driving tour of Linn County’s historic covered bridges is a great way to spend an afternoon if you’re searching for a unique backdrop for photography or simply want to get out and take a scenic drive.

3. Waverly Lake Park:

If you love nature, you should not miss a stroll around Waverly Park. This is the city’s fourth-largest park, with over 20 parks and green spaces.

Waverly Park spans 20 acres, or around 81,000 square meters, and is dominated by Waverly Lake. In addition to the carefully planned BBQ and picnic sites, the park has a variety of facilities such as bike trails, paddleboat activities, bathrooms, green spaces, and a diverse tree population. It is definitely one of the nicest parks to visit while in Albany.

4. Talking Water Gardens:

Talking Water Gardens is a one-of-a-kind place to spend a couple of hours on the outskirts of town. These artificial wetlands were built in 2010 by Albany and its adjacent city of Millersburg. They were designed to act as a water treatment source for runoff into the Willamette River.

Visitors can explore these simulated wetlands, which have almost two miles of wheelchair-accessible trails. Along the journey, interpretive signage explains how the manmade waterfalls and ponds, also known as cells, assist aerate, filtering, and cooling the water. It provides a unique intersection of science and nature that is well worth a visit.

5. Albany Antique Mall:

If you enjoy visiting antique stores, Sharon and Scot Anderson encourage you to take a trip down memory lane at the Albany Antique Mall, which is located in historic downtown Albany. This two-story, 20,000-square-foot mall features nicely displayed high-quality merchandise.

With their pleasant and experienced personnel, clean and well-organized displays, and big aisles, you’ll be able to spend a whole afternoon in this wonderful mall.

Take a step back in time as you examine the amazing options available at the 100+ booths. Antique furniture, vintage apparel, jewelry, books, Depression glass, china, Fiesta ware, toys, artwork, and other items are available. The Albany Antique Mall has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a specific item or just browsing.

6. Monteith District:

The Monteith House, located in the Historic Downtown District, is one of the most accurately restored pioneer-era homes in the state. The original mansion was erected in 1849 and was the area’s first frame residence. Walter and Thomas Monteith, the Monteith Brothers, were in charge of its construction. These two men traveled the Oregon Trail and established the settlement of Albany.

Today, the city owns the site and invites the public to view the meticulously restored residence. The non-profit Monteith Historical Society keeps the interior genuine and offers docent-led tours. Many rooms still have antique décor and decor from the 1800s.

Throughout the year, tours are held on weekends. Additional tours are given on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the summer. In addition to providing context for each room, the docent delves deeply into Albany’s history, which arose from the prominent public gatherings held at the home.

7. See the Covered Bridges:

Oregon has the most covered bridges west of the Mississippi River, with a total of 51! Nine of these historical structures are located in Linn County and may be reached by car or bicycle. Everyone is drawn to these fascinating and serene traces of the past, from history buffs to romantics and photographers.

A 30-mile round from Albany takes visitors to five of the covered bridges. Travelers with extra time can continue on the Linn County Covered Bridge Tour to see three more bridges.

8. Albany Regional Museum:

The Albany Regional Museum is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about the area. This non-profit museum is located in the Historic Downtown District and is located in a historic structure that dates back to 1887. Thousands of images, artifacts, and displays inside depict the story of the still-developing city.

The museum focuses on many aspects of life in Albany during the 1900s. Metal production and lumber are prominently represented as industries that aided in the growth of the town. A reconstructed railroad station, a 1920s kitchen, and firefighting relics from 1869 to the present are among the other displays.

Allow at least an hour to see the museum. The facility also conducts activities on a regular basis, such as a lunchtime speaker series and seminars. For a complete list of weekly events, visit the official website.

9. Albany Dog Park:

The dog park lies at the northern end of Timber Linn Park, south of Dogwood Avenue and the Linn County Expo Center.

The Albany Dog Park is a safe location for your furry children to run about and meet other pets. Each of the three fenced zones on the property has water.

10. Support Independent Businesses:

One of the pleasures of spending time in downtown Albany is seeing how the businesses support one another. If you strike up a conversation with a store owner, they will almost certainly advise you which store you should visit next. They see themselves as partners, not competitors, and they sincerely enjoy each other’s success.

The sidewalks are lined with one-of-a-kind businesses. Visit the Natty Dresser, a men’s haberdashery and gift shop that also provides services such as hat shape, alterations, and shoe polishing.

Gallery Calapooia is well worth a visit, where you can purchase artworks created by local artisans in a variety of mediums and pricing ranges. It’s the ideal spot to pick up a lovely reminder of your visit to Albany.

Finally, watch a movie at the family-owned Pix Theater at the end of the day. They provide innovative concessions like as vegetarian and hummus dishes and three-cheese and pesto quesadillas in addition to standard cinema fares such as popcorn and candies. They even have a selection of local beers and ciders.

11. Admire the Buildings in the Hackleman District:

This historic area was named after Abner Hackleman, an Iowan pioneer who came to Albany in 1845. Similarly, the district is massive, spanning 28 square blocks and including practically every building representing a dozen different architectural styles.

While investigating, you might come across St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Albany’s oldest standing church. After a while, you’ll come across the Goltra Residence, the city’s first plaster-walled house, which was built in 1893.

The Hackleman District also has the city’s tallest residence. It’s the Chamberlain House, which was formerly home to former Oregon governor and US Senator George Chamberlain. His house is 40 feet tall.

The Ralston House, on the opposite corner, is a stylish home with stained glass windows, an angled balcony, and sunburst detailing.

12. Visit Willamette Valley Wine Country:

Springhill Cellars is located within the city limits of Albany and is usually open to the public for tastings from May through December. It’s a tiny, family-run operation, and the majority of the grapes come from their own estate vineyards. The tasting room is warm, inviting, and welcoming.

However, once you get outside of Albany, you’ll discover that the surrounding area is littered with vineyards, with the majority of them within less than an hour’s drive. Willamette Valley Vineyards in Turner is about a 20-minute drive away. They’re a large-scale enterprise with breathtaking views and a stunning, elegant tasting facility with indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Take a scenic 40-minute journey through the agricultural country to Monroe, where the hills are lined with tiny vineyards where you may interact with the owners or winemakers while you taste their offerings. It’s a Wonderful experience.

13. Stay in a Historic Airbnb:

Although there are several chain hotels inside the city limits, there are no hotels in Albany’s historic areas at the moment. There are, however, a variety of lovely, fairly priced privately owned rental units.

Choose an Airbnb in one of Albany’s historic areas to make the most of your vacation and genuinely get a sense of the city’s flavor. Whether you’re looking for a single room, a historic downtown apartment, or a whole house to yourself, there are many fantastic options available.

14. Albany Art Studio-Splatterbox:

Bring your family to Splatter Box, and don’t be scared to make a mess because the mess is its mission. This family-run business encourages visitors to go wild and nasty by allowing them to spatter paint all over one other.

This one-of-a-kind studio is housed within a historic ironworks warehouse. You can do whatever you want once you enter the splatter box. You have the option of creating an abstract masterpiece on the walls or splattering paint all over yourself.

Similarly, you might launch a paint battle and splash paint on your family or friends. This enjoyable, family-friendly trip will undoubtedly entice you to return for more.

15. See a Show at the Albany Civic Theater:

If you want to spend a night at the theatre in Albany, go to the Albany Civic Theater, the state’s oldest community theatre. Since the 1951 season, the theatre has produced live productions.

Today, the all-volunteer, non-profit theatre produces plays all year long, ranging from comedies to dramas and musicals. The theatre also selects the most appealing stories, so you’ll never be bored here.

The Civic Theater is located in downtown Albany’s historic quarter, near some upscale restaurants, bars, and cafes. See a show and discuss it with your friends over some wonderful cuisine or a refreshing ice-cold beer.

16. Treat Yourself to an Incredible Meal:

Albany has a surprising number of excellent restaurants, including the James Beard Award-winning Sybaris Bistro. This is a must-see during your visit.

The meal is delicious, fresh, and just as good, if not better, than anything in Portland that costs twice as much. The service is courteous but not overpowering, and the cocktails are delicious.

Many immigrant-owned restaurants can also be found in the city, such as Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant, which specializes in traditional Hungarian dishes acquired from local ingredients, many of which are grown in the restaurant’s own hydroponic garden. If you’re searching for a fast bite, Margin Coffee serves excellent local coffee, tea, quiches, and pastries.

17. Takena Landing Park:

You begin at Takena Landing Park and stroll along the Willamette River, through the Golf Club of Oregon, under the railroad bridge, and through a canopy of trees and vines.

The trail follows the river for the most part, with a small loop near the end before returning. A wonderful view of the river can be had at several points along the trip. The trail is packed with dirt and will get muddy if it rains.

This trail is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running, and you won’t see many other people while exploring it.

18. Childers’ Raspberry Farm:

Childers Raspberry Farm is a Willamette Valley family-owned and operated farm. This is the place to go if you want to pick your own raspberries in the Albany/Corvallis area.

I frequently bring international students with me because the barn is beautiful and the experience is rewarding! The individuals there are quite friendly! They also accept credit cards for a $1 charge. Everything is a delight and a wonderful way to spend your day.

19. Springhill Cellars Winery:

This is a great location for any occasion. The setting is intimate, with a lovely view of the valley. If the weather isn’t cooperating, the barn is ideal. Over 300 vineyards produce some of the world’s top pinot noirs and pinot gris.

One of the latter is Springhill Cellars, located just outside of Albany. They barely produce 1,200 cases each year, but the quality is high enough to support a three-generational company in a gorgeous location.

20. Explore Aviation History at the Airport District:

Visit Albany’s airport district to see the world’s oldest airport and the world’s second-oldest airport, the Albany Municipal Airport.

The airport was created in 1909, in response to the influence of the Wright Brothers’ successful first powered aviation flight six years earlier at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

It is only a few months younger than the College Park, Maryland airport, which was created by the US military in August 1909 to aid the Wright Brothers’ research.

The airport is also still operating. It is also the only airport in the state that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Best Places to Eat in Albany Oregon:

Rudy’s Steakhouse:

Rudy’s Steakhouse is Salem’s premier steakhouse. They take great care in their gold medal-winning steaks, aging their meat in-house and hand-cutting their steaks every day.

Their soups are made from scratch and are widely regarded as among the best in town. All of their gourmet sauces and salad dressings are handcrafted from scratch with only the finest ingredients.

It’s a must to try one of their award-winning fresh Marionberry-infused cocktails! Their Marionberry Lemon Drop is possibly Salem’s most famous cocktail. Furthermore, their Marionberry Cobbler and Blueberry Bread Pudding are two of the most delicious desserts you’ll ever taste! Rudy’s Steakhouse serves lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Del Alma:

Del Alma Restaurant, located in downtown Corvallis, provides an elegant yet warm and friendly dining experience with a riverfront perspective. Del Alma means “of the soul,” and the entire Del Alma crew works hard to create a dining experience that shows their enthusiasm for good service, warm hospitality, and great food.

The menu is influenced by the flavors and cuisines of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain, and it includes tapas as well as full dinners. Del Alma combines its appreciation for Latin America’s bright flavors with the offerings of the Pacific Northwest, using fresh products from local markets, farms, and ranches.

The bar serves a variety of libations ranging from southern classics to contemporary cocktails, as well as an interesting and food-friendly wine list that includes both Old and New World options. On Wednesdays, there are prix-fixe dinner specials, and paired meals are frequently featured.

The Cozy Taberna:

The Cozy Taberna is a social restaurant that serves shared plates. With delectable dishes, you may get a sense of Spain’s influence. They’ll have a massive cocktail bar, a Spanish-inspired wine list, and 24 taps of handmade awesomeness, just like a taberna should! In addition, they have a nice lower lounge with comfortable seats, craft beverages, and televisions.


This restaurant, which seats 80 people, includes an exhibition kitchen with a stunning wood-fired oven. There is also a beautiful bar and a big outdoor dining area that is shaded by awnings and umbrellas and surrounded by an herb and edible flower garden.

Marche gets its name from the French term for the market, which characterizes both their location in the bustling 5th Street Market and, more significantly, their cooking philosophy. The menu is inspired by items found at a farmer’s market: fresh, seasonal, and regional. Marche is dedicated to using only the freshest products available, thus our menu changes as the seasons change.

Marche also believes in employing the finest quality and healthiest foods available and uses organic, free-range, and chemical-free goods to that aim. The cooking style is French in nature: highly flavorful and simply but elegantly presented.


Amadeus is a contemporary American restaurant owned and operated by a family in downtown Salem, Oregon. Amadeus has a fantastic happy hour from 3:30-5:30 pm and 8 pm to close—and ALL NIGHT TUESDAYS! Try our harissa chicken or a thin crust pizza.

The supper menu at Amadeus is as varied as it is wonderful. Every night, classics like the Painted Hills Brisket and the creamy Shrimp and Bacon Risotto are offered! Book your holiday or birthday celebration in one of the lovely private dining rooms as soon as possible!

Where to Stay in Albany Oregon?

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

The Holiday Inn Express has an indoor pool, a jacuzzi, breakfast, and pet-friendly accommodations, among other amenities. It’s just next to the Linn County Expo Center. When making your bookings, make sure to inquire about the “Friends and Family” pricing. Mention the Albany Visitors Association to receive a 10% discount.

Best Western Plus Prairie Inn:

The Best Western Prairie Inn, situated on the east side of town, is a popular option. It’s one of the area’s newer hotels, and it shows in the modern rooms and lobby. Other hotel amenities include a complimentary breakfast buffet, fitness facilities, and a laundry center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quality Inn & Suites

They take pleasure in providing customers with exceptional service, pleasant rooms, and tasty daily breakfast. There is free WiFi, as well as local calls and parking. There includes a heated indoor pool, a fitness facility, and a 24-hour business center.

It is located near a freeway exit, the Linn County Fairgrounds & Expo, and numerous nearby universities such as Oregon State, the University of Oregon, the Northwest Comp Medical School, and Linn Benton Community College.

The Budget Inn:

Budget Inn provides longer stay discounts and is pet friendly. Staff is on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each room has WiFi, local calling, cable, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. Located just off I-5 on Highway 99E/Pacific Boulevard, adjacent to Waverly Lake.

Comfort Suites:

It has Albany’s Comfort Rooms, located next to the Linn County Expo Center, has an indoor pool, jacuzzi suites, a full breakfast, and more. It features 3000 square feet of meeting space and is pet friendly.

Motel 6:

The Motel 6 in Albany is located on Highway 99E/Pacific Boulevard. It provides group savings as well as other amenities to tourists.

Phoenix Inn Suites:

The Phoenix Inn is conveniently located right off Interstate 5. It has an indoor pool and a full breakfast, as well as other amenities for travelers.

When does it Snow in Albany, Oregon?

From December 7 to February 11, the snowy season lasts 2.1 months, with a typical 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. January has the most snow in Albany, with an average snowfall of 1.2 inches. The snowless season lasts 9.9 months, from February 11 to December 7.

Closest City to Albany, Oregon:

This is a list of cities closest to Albany, OR. The center of each city listed is within 54 miles of Albany, OR.

  • Corvallis, OR.
  • Lebanon, OR.
  • Salem, OR.
  • Dallas, OR.
  • Keizer, OR.
  • Hayesville, OR.
  • Woodburn, OR.
  • Eugene, OR.
  • Springfield, OR
  • Newport, OR
  • Newberg, OR
  • Canby, OR
  • Wilsonville, OR
  • Sherwood, OR
  • Tualatin, OR

Things to Do In Albany Oregon – FAQs

What is Albany Oregon famous for?
Today, Albany is known as the “rare metals capital of the world,” as it produces a variety of metals, with a particular emphasis on zirconium. The region also grows fruit and is well-known for its grass seed production. Oregon Freeze Dry is the region’s largest employment, launching the green technology industry.
Is Albany worth visiting?
Several renowned museums and gorgeous architectural structures are on the must-see list. Albany is also a worthwhile destination for people interested in New York State history, art, and government. Albany also has a friendly, unpretentious spirit and a lively scene.
Is Albany expensive?
The cost of living in Albany, New York is 9% more than the national average. The cost of living in any place might vary depending on factors such as your occupation, the average pay in that area, and the real estate market in that area.
Why is Albany the capital of New York?
Albany was designated as the state’s permanent capital in 1797. Albany’s rich history, strategic location on the Hudson, and status as a commerce and military planning center, as well as a military supply center, were all factors in its selection as the capital following the burning of Kingston.
Does Albany NY have a zoo?
Visit the UPSTATE NEW YORK’S LARGEST zoo, with over 500 species spread across 80 acres! Amazing animal entertainment for the entire family.


Albany, Oregon, is a city that appeals to both history lovers and casual visitors. In town, there are plenty of interesting and fun things to do, such as splattering your family in paint.

To satiate your curiosity, you can also visit the city’s four historic districts. Whatever brings you to Albany, Oregon, we hope you enjoy your visit and take the time to explore everything our beautiful city has to offer.

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