Ace Hotel Review – An Aesthetic Hotel With Vintage Feels

Ace Hotel is a chain of hotels based in New York and Los Angeles. Although it has various branches located in Chicago, Portland, California, Seattle, Japan, and a few other cities New York City and Los Angeles have the main headquarters.

Ace Hotel was first opened in 1999 by three friends; Alex Calderwood, Doug Herrick, and Wade Weigel. They basically bought a Seattle halfway house and transformed it into a hotel. Later on, various Ace hotels were opened in different cities, one of them being the Ace Hotel New York which was opened in 2009.

Even with so many Ace Hotels in different cities, there are still plans for 2 more Ace hotels to be opened soon in 2021; one of which would be in Brooklyn, New York, and the Other one in Toronto, Canada.

Who Owns the Ace Hotel Chicago?

The Ace Hotels chain is entirely owned by 3 members at the present time; Brad Wilson, Stefanos Economou, and Kelly Sawdon. The branch of Ace Hotel in Chicago is also included in this chain.

Where Was the First Ace Hotel Opened?

Out of the ten different Ace Hotels at 10 different locations, the very first Ace Hotel was opened in Los Angeles, California. It was 22 years ago, in 1999.

Does Ace Hotel New York have a Gym?

Yes. Ace Hotel New York does have a gym. The gym is located in the basement of Ace hotel. Although it isn’t too big as you might have seen in some super high-end hotels but it still makes the job done. For the machines, you’ll see 2 treadmills, 2 bikes, and a few others.

Other than the machines, you can go boxing in the gym or just work on your muscles with a bunch of weights available there. There is also a Pilates room which you may call a small functional gym with no gym equipment actually. This room is basically for yoga and other practice staff. You’ll see yoga mats, boxing balls, balance balls, and stuff like that there.

Ace Hotel Review, New York Downtown

Aesthetic Walls and Lobby – The Ace Hotel New York is more of a stylish, creatively designed hotel than a quiet and luxurious one. Most of its walls and rooms are much of a funky type and people actually love this hotel for that. Although the hotel has been renovated in the past few years, many of the building’s original and unique features are kept preserved.

With its vintage-inspired furnishings and mosaic-tiled floors, the lobby features coffered ceilings. More than 70 artists were hired to create something beautiful and unique that people would love to look at and admire. All those artists did some amazingly creative artwork on the walls of the rooms and the public spaces.

There is a giant lobby with leather couches, softly padded chairs, and fur throws. The lobby gives a whole vintage kind of feel. The overall hotel is an aesthetic look that greatly attracts tourists and brand enthusiasts.

The Rooms – For the rooms of Ace Hotel New York, they are actually heavy and super attractive in the way they’re designed. The cozy, aesthetic walls with modern furniture and the views of the New York surroundings from the windows; it’s all just a perfect combination for those who admire art and the vintage feels.


Air-conditioning, free WIFI, and cable TV are standard in all rooms. There are also the mini rooms which are a great option if you’re alone but for two people on a budget, Bunk Bed Rooms are a better choice than Mini Rooms. Price, however, increases with the size of the room.

Types of Rooms You May Accommodate – For the type of rooms, you have various options to choose from, depending on the room size you prefer and facilities you want (TV, WIFI and AC being the common ones in every room). The options you have are:

  • Loft room
  • Large room
  • Medium room
  • Small room
  • Mini room
  • Bunk room


The size of these rooms is about 711 square feet and has wooden floors. These rooms include a turntable, refrigerator, king-sized bed, mini-bar, and larger bathrooms with clawfoot tubs and a shower as well. The windows show the views of Broadway or 29th Street.


These rooms are a bit smaller than the loft rooms. These large rooms have a king-sized bed, vintage furniture, refrigerator, and a turntable along with the views of Broadway or 29th Street from the windows.


The medium-sized rooms have a Queen or king-sized bed and other vintage furniture. You also get to have a refrigerator and a turntable. The windows again have views of Broadway or 29th Street.


Small rooms have queen-sized beds with other vintage furniture. A refrigerator and minibar are also included.


Mini rooms are just perfect if you’re alone. These rooms too have a full bed with some vintage furniture and a refrigerator and a minibar as well.


The bunk rooms have twin bunk beds; perfect for two persons willing to sleep on separate beds. These rooms also have a refrigerator and a minibar.

For a visual experience of the Ace hotel, you may visit: Click Here

How Many Rooms Does Ace Hotel, Palm Springs have?

There are a total of 179 rooms in the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. It is located in downtown Palm Springs with a lot of famous spots around.

Ace Hotel, New York – Services and Facilities

There is free Wi-Fi, room service, library styled lobby, restaurants, and a gym at Ace Hotel New York. You can also enjoy live music and DJs at the hotel’s lobby bar every night. The bars and restaurants are open late, which means you don’t have to worry about late-night things.

In addition to all this, there are art shows arranged in the art galleries every month. Also, the accommodations are pet-friendly; which means you’re allowed to bring your pet dogs and cats along with you if you want to.


The Ace Hotel, New York is located on 29th Street, several minutes’ walk away from the Square Madison Park.

Exact Location: Ace Hotel New York, 20W 29th Street, NEW YORK CITY, NY 10001.

Current Situation: Open.

Ace Hotel Review – Ending

Ace Hotel New York is an amazing option if you’re looking for a safe, as well as a hotel somewhere within the busy streets of New York. You get to decide the type of room you want according to your budget and comfort level. Moreover, it’s a busy street area just outside the hotel, so you can easily have the access to the cabs just in front of the hotel door.

Also, there are a few other famous spots around the hotel that you may want to visit during your stay. Such as Madison Square Park, Bryant Park, Empire State Building, and Times Square.

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