Things to Do in Death Valley in Summer – 2022 Guide

Visiting & Things to Do in Death Valley in Summer season is nothing more than the craziest adventure and if you are daring enough to bear the scorching temperature, you should definitely visit it. Death Valley is notorious because of the highest temperature in the summer season here.

In spite of the burning temperature here this place has many spots that are worth visiting. There are many spots to explore and some oases that are a mirage of beauty. But it’s not less than a challenge to visit this place, especially in the summer season.

Make sure to have plenty of water supply when you visit this place. Humans can survive without water for 3 days but the case is severe with the death valley. One can survive for only 14 hours without water here that is something alarming.

Let’s have a look further at all the interesting Things to Do in Death Valley in Summer.

What is the Hottest Month in Death valley?

Of course, the summer season is the hottest here but the temperature varies every month of the summer season. I will recommend you to avoid visiting this place in the summer season or if you really want to go make sure to have plenty of water supply with you. Death valley summer temperature are as follow:

  • In June, the weather is really hot and temperatures range from 110 F to 80F. You have to take some precautions while visiting at this time of the year.
  • In July, the weather is on the extreme level of hotness or you can say that it is the hottest area on earth at this time. Temperature ranges between 134F to 90F and it might prove fatal.
  • In August, the weather is still hot and temperatures range from 110 F to 80F. One might have to take some precautions to survive here.
  • In September, the weather is not as hot as in the other months, temperatures range between 100 F to 70F. But still, avoid too much sun exposure.

Hence, it is proved that July is the hottest month in the death valley as the temperature is on an extreme level or probably it is the hottest area on the earth in this month. One should not even imagine going there without taking precautionary measures.

Things to Do in Death Valley in Summer

It is strictly recommended to have plenty of water supply with you if you are visiting death valley in the summer season. There are many activities you can still do here but it must be in the morning time otherwise you will have to face scorching temperatures that can prove deadly.

When to visit Death Valley?

Try to visit here in the morning time as the temperature at this time is not very high so you can enjoy the sight of beautiful spots here. You can also hike in the morning time and enjoy nature.

Where to go in Death Valley?

There are many places to visit in Death Valley, you can

  1. Visit Darwin Falls, this is the coolest and the most beautiful place in the death valley. It is a small oasis that has a lot of o trees and cool water.
  2. You can hike up to the telescope pike, from there you can see the aesthetic view of the valley floor
  3. You can also visit Furnace Creek and the Badwater basin, as these are the hottest areas so make sure to have plenty of water supply and skin protection.
  4. You can visit Zabriskie Point, as the sunrise scene here is the most amazing thing to watch on earth.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley?

The highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley is 130 degrees in the month of July according to the Guinness world record. This temperature is considered to be the highest recorded temperature on the earth and many people have disputes regarding this temperature.

You Must Read Facts About Death Valley

How hot is Death Valley in Summer?

As we have discussed above death valley is a very challenging spot. It is considered to be the hottest area on the earth. 134 degrees is the highest temperature ever recorded on earth which is something astonishing and beyond anyone’s mind. You might feel that your car tires are going to burst due to the high pressure.

Another thing that you might notice is the heating up of your car’s radiator. Make sure that your car is reliable and can cope with the circumstances before visiting Death Valley.

Prolonged sun exposure might prove fatal, take a lot of water supply with you. A person can’t survive for more than 14 hours without a water supply because of the severe conditions there.

Driving through the Death Valley in Summer

As it is clear from the conditions prevailing in summer in Death Valley, it’s not easy to drive but a strong will and resources can help you in Death Valley.

Death Valley has covered the space of 13,518 km² where the earth has sunk leaving a level bowl. It lies somewhat in California and in Nevada, USA. You may believe it’s one enormous region of warmth burned scene and fruitless void outlined by rocky mountains.

Furthermore, indeed, there are spaces of dry, broken earth yet on investigating you’ll discover a lot more. There are reflections of shimmering white salt stores, multi-shaded magma arrangements, and striking rust and ochre striations in the stone face.

Sprinkles of green where little bushes and plants flourish demonstrate that there’s dampness found in the valley. There’s a set of experiences in the valley as well; remainders of the existence driven by pioneers, miners, and the borax diggers.


  • While driving through Death Valley, fill your car with the fuel, and don’t forget to take some extra fuel in case any emergency takes place.
  • Don’t forget to take sunscreen with you because prolonged sun exposure is deadly
  • Take plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration in the scorching weather
  • As there is no signal on the vast barren lands, take the map with you. Because the vast barren land looks like infinity.

Things to Do in Death Valley in Summer – Final Words

Death Valley is the favorite place for people who love adventures and as the conditions seem if you are daring and passionate enough you can definitely go and see the beauty of this barren land.

On moving forward you will find some green life that is a sign of dampness and further you can have a view of the aesthetic Darwin Fall. in Furnace Creek temperature is on the extreme level in the month of July and it is the hottest temperature on the earth.

Despite all the cons and alarming conditions, if you have proper sources this place is worth visiting.

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