11 Best Lavender Farms in Oregon – Delightfully Charming Fields

Lavender farms aren’t a thing to miss at any cost while you’re in Oregon!

Oregon is a city known for its nature. The spectacular parks, hikes, waterfalls, and farms; specifically Lavender farms are worth seeing. After France, Oregon has the most impressive Lavender farms that surely take your breath away, grown by the best growers in Oregon.

Lavender cannot simply grow everywhere it requires a suitable temperature, climate, and healthy environment to grow. And Oregon has it all! You’ll find most of the Lavender fields near the South of Portland. While some are also located near Madras and Redmond, and a few near Columbia River Gorge as well.

The best time to visit Lavender valley farms in Oregon is from the mid of June through the month of July. This is the time when they are in full bloom.

For the beauty, Lavender farms seem to be unreal. You must have seen some in the pictures and would have appreciated how beautiful they are. Their purplish color, and the way they’re spread on fields’ it’s just amazing.

But have you ever seen them in real? Well, if you haven’t, Oregon is a city that you should keep on your visiting list. When you see these lavender farms in front of you, they seem to be some out-of-this-world kind of thing. Yes, they’re that much beautiful.

We’re here today to show you some of the best Lavender farms in Oregon that you’d love to explore. Don’t forget to add some to your bucket list for your next trip to Oregon!

When to Visit Lavender Fields?

From mid of June through July, Lavender fields in Oregon are at the peak of their bloom. This is the time they’re the most beautiful sight. If you’re planning a visit to Lavender fields in Oregon, make sure you plan your trip after the mid of June and before the end of July.

Lavender Farms in Oregon

Lavender farms throughout Oregon invite tourists; all locals and internationalists to enjoy the beauty of lavender blooms and praise nature. Most of these farms are just short drives around Portland. So, you’ll be able to easily find some of them near you.

While you’re at one of these fields, you can also buy a bundle of lavenders to take them home and add a piece of their beauty to your home as well.

Here are some of the incredible lavender fields we’ve visited till now. Continue reading to what we think about them!

  1. Bates Lavender Farm
  2. Lavender Valley
  3. Hood River Lavender Farm
  4. Durant at Red Ridge Farms
  5. Mountainside Lavender Farm
  6. Wayward winds Lavender Farm
  7. Growing Miracles Lavender Farm
  8. Eagle Creek Lavender Farm
  9. Lavender Fields Forever
  10. Cascade Lavender Farm
  11. Little Lavender Farm

1. Bates Lavender Farm

Bates Lavender Farm is an exception, and when we say that we actually mean it. Its spread over an area of one-acre land, situated in Corbett of Oregon.

The Lavender Farm was founded by Ginger and Kevin Bates and Bruce Turner in 2016 as a peaceful and beautiful place for people to pick lavender or just relax in a beautiful lavender surrounding.

If you’re in Oregon to visit some lavender fields, this lavender site must be on your list.

Location: 33601 E Bell Rd, Corbett, OR 97019

2. Lavender Valley

Lavender Valley is basically a part of Hood River Fruit Loop. The farm is spread over an area of 25 acres and grows 11 species of Lavender. You’d be charged a fee of $5 for entry. However, kids below age 6 and seniors above age 65 are not allowed in these fields.

This valley needs no description for the beauty it offers. This one is the most famous spot to view the famous Mount Hood in the backdrop. Mount Hood remains covered with snow for the most part of the year, but during summers, the snow melts you can see the green mountain. For the time it’s snow-capped, and it offers the most beautiful scenery.

While you’re in Lavender valley, you can opt for different picnic points, and learn how to make botanical products and distill essential oils. Also, you can take classes related to the harvesting of different lavender species.

Unfortunately, the valley is currently closed for visits in 2022.

Location:5965 Boonsboro Road, Mt. Hood Parkdale, Oregon 97041

3. Hood River Lavender Farm

This lavender farm which is an extension of Lavender valley is known to be one of the top lavender farms in Oregon. This field has been there for the past fourteen years and grows 80 species of lavender.

Using steam distillation, the lavender is converted into pure fine essential oil used to make bath and beauty products such as handmade lavender soaps, culinary products, and decorative dried lavender flowers.

From Hood River Lavender farms also, you can have a distant view of Mount Hood and Mount Adams. Moreover, the famous Oregon Lavender Farms is also nearby. On your visit to Hood River, you should also check out the Oregon Lavender Farms.

You must have heard about the popular Stave and Stone Winery. It is located next to the Hood River where you can enjoy a glass of wine with a view of lavenders.

Location:3823 Fletcher Dr, Hood River, OR 97031, United States

4. Durant at Red Ridge Farms

This one’s another very famous Lavender field in Oregon. The farm grows 40+ different varieties of lavender. The lavender enthusiasts love being at this site for its richness in the beauty of lavenders. Durant is very popular for its vineyards. It has a vine tasting room that has been producing and serving some best quality wines for forty years now.

Durant is decades old. Tourists that come to visit this site usually plan their schedules according to the Lavender Festivals that happen at this lavender farm every year. The festival takes place on some weekends in July and visitors highly enjoy this event.

They also offer a workshop for those interested to learn about Lavender herbs. For the year 2022, the workshop was scheduled for the 25th of June. To make the best out of your visit to Durant, swing by the tasting room for a while and you’ll love it.

Moreover, if you’re on a visit for a few days, you may book a cottage or suite and explore these farms to the fullest.

Location: 5510 NE Breyman Orchards Road, Dayton, OR97114

5. Mountainside Lavender Farm

This is basically a family farm and grows 20+ species of lavenders, both English as well as French lavenders. It’s called mountainside Lavender farm because it’s surrounded by the mountains which can be seen in the backdrop. This farm is about 26 minutes drive from Portland and offers a spectacular sight of beautiful lavenders.

Mountainside Lavender farm is highly preferred for lavender bouquets and people love buying their U-cut bouquets. A standard-sized bouquet would cost you around $6 which is pretty much awesome for a lavender bouquet!

Moreover, it is located on a farm site which means you’ll get to meet some cute pets and farm animals while you’re exploring the site. The breathtaking views of this field make it a good choice for photographers who opt for this site for nature photography as well as human portraits.

You’ll also enjoy the picturesque views of Mount Hood, St. Helens, Rainier, and the Coast Range as you take in the scents of these fragrant fields.

Location: 17805 SW Hillsboro Highway, OR 97123

6. Wayward winds Lavender Farm

Wayward winds farm is known to have the largest U-Pick lavender fields. This site grows 100 different lavender species which is pretty much hard to believe but that’s true. Also, it is renowned for its award-winning essential oil, body products, syrup, and loose-leaf tea derived from lavenders.

According to photography lovers, this Wayward Winds lavender farm is one of the most picture-perfect lavender farms in Oregon and has a lavender maze as well which makes it a great attraction for tourists.

There are also classes offered at this site for making lavender wreaths which you should definitely not miss out on if you’re a lavender enthusiast. You can also schedule a private photo shoot for $40 and borrow cute props during their open hours in July.

We’ve heard that they are open for photo shoots every single day in July, but you must make confirmation before you head over for some photos.

Location:17005 NE Courtney Road, Newberg, OR 97132

7. Growing Miracles Lavender Farm

This Lavender field has something for every lavender lover, whether it’s lavender plants, lavender essential oils, dried lavenders, or lavender fresh flowers! They grow around 4000 lavender plants which include many different species.

This lavender garden is located on a wine tour route along the famous Umpqua river between Sutherlin and Roseburg, which makes it a beautiful piece of scenery surrounded by a beautiful landscape. This is what makes it a unique location.

The most fun thing about this lavender site is its events. The events that take place here are not only related to the growing and harvesting of lavenders, but they also include yoga classes, paint nights, and pretty much well-known lavender festivals that take place in July.

There are over 40 local artisans and vendors that participate in this festival every year. Besides lavender goodies displayed, there are plenty more to choose from.

Location: 508 Lower Garden Valley Road, Roseburg, Oregon.

8. Eagle Creek Lavender Farm

Eagle Creek Lavender farm is spread over an area of around 20acres, and this makes it one of the largest lavender sites. The site grows 15 different species of lavender. Due to its location in closeness to the Clackamas River, it is considered one of the most beautiful lavender fields in Oregon. Moreover, it has farm-like vibes which makes it a great attraction for locals.

While you’re on this site, you’ll find shops around that sell essential oils, bath products, honey, and all other lavender products produced at this very site, with the use of only rich and pure lavenders.

A very famous festival that takes place here is the Clackamas River Lavender Festival. This festival is unique in way that it definitely includes the displays of lavender products but along with that, it also includes amazing cars on display, live music sessions, food stalls, and most importantly, spectacular antique pieces.

Location: 27525 SE Starr Road, Eagle Creek, OR 97022

9. Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Fields Forever is one of those fields that leave you questioning their beauty. This lavender farm is located far away from Portland but is definitely breathtakingly beautiful and impressive. It’s basically on the Southern side of Oregon so if you’re there on a visit, you shouldn’t be missing out on this lavender site.

This farm surprisingly grows only 7 different species of lavenders but the fact that these lavenders are white to deep blue in color is what makes it worth seeing.

Also, a demonstration of the distillation of lavenders is shown to those interested in learning about the making of essential oils. So, if you’re curious about that, don’t miss out on that!

This lavender farm holds a unique and beautiful history. Founded by a retired firefighter and his wife, it has now grown into a successful business. In 2019, the couple moved from California and settled in Jacksonville. They never imagined they would fall in love with a working lavender farm that would ultimately lead them to become farmers. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Location: 375 Hamilton Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530

10. Cascade Lavender Farm

Cascade Lavender Farm is situated in the agricultural belt of Central Oregon, surrounded by pastoral fields and Cascade Mountain peaks. The lavender plants on this site are found in abundance, resulting in a stunning array of colors, ranging from whites to deep purples, giving a wonderful fragrance.

This lavender farm grows around 4000 lavender plants with over 100 different species. There’s a beautiful nursery from where you can pick some lavender flowers and carry them home or simply get a bouquet made.

Different farm animals can also be seen on the site and there are picnic points as well where you can relax with the spectacular views of lavenders in the surroundings. If you’re visiting with the purpose of exploring the farm, you may book a guided tour that would also include a fantastic English tea or an amazing lunch; whatever you want.

Location: 500 SW Feather Dr, Madras, OR 97741

11. Little Lavender Farm

This little lavender farm is actually little, with a lot of beautiful feels. This is a small property situated in the hills of Dundee and is owned by Pam and Mark Baker. This site is home to 9 different lavender species.

Although it’s a small farm and not much popular as well, if you get a chance, do visit this site. You’ll definitely love being there. Also, the yoga classes and lavender wreath-making classes are also offered here.

It just felt like our own little home, somewhere in the hills, surrounded by a beautiful lavender field. And the best part of our visit was meeting the sweetest owners Pam and Mark Baker!

Location: 108 S College St Suite C, Newberg, OR 97132

When to Plant Lavender in Oregon?

The best time to plant Lavender in Oregon is when the risk of frost has passed, that is, in the early spring season. Other than the early spring, you can also plant them during the late autumn season or early winters.

Remember, when you’ve transplanted Lavender, it may not flower much during the first summer season following the transplantation. But that’s completely normal for lavenders plantation. And it will flower normally after that.

When Are the Lavender Fields in Bloom?

Generally, the lavender fields are in their full bloom from mid of June through July and sometimes, till the mid of August. But it does greatly depend on the climate and weather conditions of an area.

Warm, sunny regions experience it earlier, while Alpine valleys experience it later. Between mid-June and mid-July is the best time to see lavender fields in bloom in Provence.

Best Lavender Festival in Oregon

Although there are many lavender festivals that take place in Oregon, usually one festival at each lavender farm. But here’s a list of the very best and most popular lavender festivals.

  1. Clackamas River Lavender Festival
  2. Lavender Daze
  3. Southern Oregon Lavender Trail Festival
  4. McKenzie River Lavender Festival
  5. Willamette Valley Lavender Festival

While you’re on a visit to lavender fields, do attend these festivals. You’ll surely love them.

Lavender Farms in Oregon – FAQs

How many lavender farms are in Oregon?
There are around 20 Lavender farms in Oregon. They all produce natural lavenders which are used for making bath and beauty products as well as bouquets and decorative home pieces.
Where is the lavender festival in Oregon?
Newberg, Oregon hosts the 17th Willamette Valley Lavender Festival & Plein Air Art Show each year at Chehalem Cultural Centre.
What state produces the most lavender?
Oregon is the biggest producer of top-quality lavenders in the United States. And this is due to Oregon’s moderate temperatures and climate conditions which prove to be ideal for the growth and production of lavenders.
Does lavender grow well in Oregon?
Lavender grows well in Oregon. A moderate climate, sandy, well-drained soil, and dry summers make Oregon an ideal place for lavender to thrive.



We absolutely loved being at these lavender sites. In fact, it’s difficult for us to choose just a few out of these which we could rate as the best ones! They’re all breathtakingly beautiful, each one in a different way!

We hope our article would have been helpful to our readers. On your next trip to Oregon, make sure you do not miss out on exploring at least some of these amazing lavender sites.

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