The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Portland – Worth a Visit!

Along with every other thing amazing about the city, there are some of the best coffee houses in Portland as well.

I mean who doesn’t need coffee to start their day or just freshen up themselves back for the work duties in the middle of a tiring day? Other than a good-tasting coffee, a nicely set up shop with a decent and calm environment is what makes a coffee shop a real coffee spot. And Portland’s coffee shops have it all!

You’ll often hear locals telling you that Portland is the Third Wave of Coffee and there’s surely no doubt about it. You’ll literally find super amazing coffee spots across every street with such beautiful vibes inside, a lot of different coffees, and a great staff to serve you.

I simply loved exploring Portland. And what I love the most about the city is its small businesses everywhere, which are definitely worth giving a try, especially when it comes to food. Portland has delicious food to offer. Even the smallest cafes have amazing meals and drinks.

And when it comes to coffees, Portland is known for its coffee culture and so, in most of the coffee spots, you’ll find a lot of options for coffees as well as for different snacks and pastries, just in case you’re craving some.

Anyways, if you’re visiting Portland anytime soon, we have some great coffee shop recommendations for you, and you shouldn’t be missing out on trying at least some of these.

Our Favorite Coffee Spots in Portland

Although there are insanely lots of coffee spots in Portland and I’d surely be missing out on many other amazing ones, for now, I’d just love to share with you all the spots that I really enjoyed being at.

Here are the 12 coffee shops in Portland that you’d definitely love having coffee from.

  1. Ardent Coffee
  2. Coava Coffee Roasters
  3. Good Coffee
  4. Heart Coffee
  5. Never Coffee
  6. Prince Coffee
  7. Proud Mary
  8. Push X Pull
  9. Sisters Coffee Company
  10. Stumptown Coffee
  11. The Great North
  12. Upper Left Roasters

1. Ardent Coffee

As it is famously known that great people meet great coffee, if you are in Portland and want to taste its delicious coffee, then you must head out to Ardent Coffee.

Ardent Coffee

This is a place where you will get an amazing cup of coffee and will be taken aback by the interior of the shop that is designed very beautifully.

The ardent Coffee shop is among the top-rated coffee shops in Portland and what makes it special is that it is a donation-based coffee shop which means they collect and donate a good amount to the deserving community of the city.

The coffee which the barista makes here is just excellent. In the back, there are a few comfy couches and in the front is an indoor seating area.

As you step into this cute coffee shop, you will be surely impressed by the passion, happiness, and camaraderie that pack the space. Here you will meet the friendlier staff that are actively engaged with the customers, not making small talks but getting into a real conversation to aid them.

This place will display an atmosphere that is casual and cozy. Moreover, it has locally sourced teas along with house-made flavors.

  • LOCATION – 5120 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – They have a variety of service options like Takeout, dine-in, and Outdoor seating.


2. Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters is another great place to visit if you want to enjoy a delightful cup of coffee in a beautifully modern space.

This is one of the best coffee spots in Portland where you could easily spend a whole afternoon either passing time with a friend or for your work.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters have multiple coffee shops all around Portland, and each of these shops serves up two different expresso options and filter coffee options. All the locations have airy space and many spots to work and seating options where you can enjoy your coffee.

Coava has one of the best coffees, especially lattes that you would ever have. As with every sip of coffee, your mouth will be filled with a rich, warm and creamy taste. They have extremely friendly staff, and all the available coffees here have decent prices.

It has many varieties of drinks to offer but the ones which are popular among locals and tourists are Honey latte, Iced Vanilla Latte, Cortado, and nitro cold brew.

  • LOCATION – 1300 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Coava offers takeout, delivery, and dine-in.


3. Good Coffee

With a name like good coffee, it couldn’t serve anything else; its batch brew is second to none. This coffee shop can make you dazed by its beautiful interior and heavenly coffee taste.

It has a cozy environment, enhanced by the streams of people who have made this cafe their home. If you are the type of person looking for a groovy place to do your work in Portland SE, then good coffee is the answer to all of your questions.

Best Coffee Shops in Portland - Good Coffee

This place is packed up with great vibes, seating options, and very nice decor. The quality coffee is made here by the experts, and they have lovely staff that would make you want to stay at this place and spend your time even longer.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, Good Coffee is a must-try coffee shop. Their newly opened SE division space 4747 is bright and open. Here you will get a minimal amount of Scandinavian vibe, along with a variety of plants that bring relaxation and life to the coffee shop space.


  1. 1150 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  2. 2175 NW Raleigh St #106, Portland, OR 97210, United States
  3. 4747 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206, United States

SERVICE OPTIONS – Take away, drive through, Dine In


4. Heart Coffee

Heart Coffee shop in Oregon, Portland is one of the applicants for the inaugural America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition at Coffee Fest Seattle 2012.

Heart coffee has three coffee shops, burnside, Woodstock, and west side location. On a drizzly northwest kind of day, you would greatly enjoy a cup of coffee from this amazing coffee shop.

Heart Coffee

They serve great coffee, and they are very well known for their coffee shop coffee beans. When the weather is pleasant, they set up outdoor chairs and seating areas so you can enjoy your favorite coffee in an airy environment and enjoy the street life with each sip of coffee.

You also buy coffee beans here for your home or as a gift to your close ones. Their Guatemala El Amate and Stereo Blend are famously known among the locals. All three locations of the coffee shops have beautiful decor.

It’s an excellent place with a pleasant atmosphere where you can start your morning. With their coffee, you can buy blue star donuts which are right next door to Heart Coffee.


  • Burnside: 2211 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  • Westside: 1123 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97205, United States
  • Woodstock: 537 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205-2304

SERVICE OPTIONS – Takeaway, dine-in.


5. Never Coffee

Never Coffee shop is next on our list, it is a cute little coffee shop that you would love to visit. If you are in Portland and want to experience a place that is cute and funky and has good coffee, then you must visit Never Coffee.

When you enter this coffee shop you will love its interior design, the painted walls and large glass windows will give you an aesthetic view of the streets and trees. They have really friendly staff members too.

Never Coffee

They have regular and special coffee on their menu, and the specialty latte is indeed special and has a delightful taste. The Coffee shop has two baristas working right behind the counter. This coffee shop is filled with green plants, marches, and original art.

The Never Coffee shop has lots of services available; like they provide free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating. Furthermore, pets are allowed here, and they have Gender- neutral restrooms. This Coffee shop has everything cute that you desire on a beautiful day!

If you are currently in Portland or the next time you visit Oregon it is a must-try place you should not miss and make your stay in this beautiful city more worthwhile.

  • LOCATION – 4243 SE Belmont St UNIT 200, Portland, OR 97215, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Takeaway, dine in


6. Prince Coffee

Up until now, you will be well aware of all the wonders and beautiful scenery that Portland has in store for its visitors, if you love this city then without any doubt you will also love its coffee shops.

Prince Coffee shop is a decent cafe with a minimal interior and wooden furniture in it. With WIFI and outlets, it is a very good study or work spot as well for those looking for a peaceful spot to work on something. It has a very cool vibe where you can enjoy your time with friends and family or even just with your own self.

Prince Coffee

All their drinks are really good and have the best taste which you will truly enjoy. They offer a variety of drinks. Their Stroop waffle is very famous among the locals and is widely enjoyed by all the customers. If you ever had a chance to try it out with our favorite coffee.

On a beautiful day, outdoor seating is also arranged, Prince Coffee is always packed with lots of customers and there is a long line of customers waiting to order their favorite drink so make sure to arrive early.

Besides this in this shop, Free Wi-Fi along with street parking is easily available near Prince Coffee for its customers. You will surely enjoy your coffee here.

  • LOCATION – 4523 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97213, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Takeaway, dine in


7. Proud Mary

Proud Mary introduces a much-needed Melbourne brunch scene to the Pacific Northwest with delicious breakfast smoothie and lunch menus. It is still one of the only places in the cities where you will find phenomenal coffee and food under the same roof.

Proud Mary - Best Coffee Shops in Portland

They have excellent fast service, and the staff here is super friendly and makes sure that you have an amazing experience here. The overall location, décor, and vibe of Proud Mary are exotic and will surely remind you of cafes in Australia.

Proud Mary’s interior design is really pretty it’s modern and refined. Indeed, in this place, you won’t get bored and will enjoy your coffee and a mouthwatering meal without any doubt.

  • LOCATION – 2012 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Kerbside pickup, Delivery, and dine-in.


8. Push X Pull

Push X Pull is another one of the best coffee shops out in town in the city of Portland. This place not only got good coffee to make your day but also has a relaxed space.

In this beautiful Coffee shop, you can work on your tasks, read your favorite book and enjoy a friendly conversation with your friends or family. This place offers delicious coffee that you will surely enjoy.

Push X Pull

The Push x Pull coffees have a great coffee base which is topped with special flavors. The coffee is presented in a yellow cup with a cute design. The seating area of this place is cozy. There are lots of seats, a variety of booths, and tables for a bar.

As you step into this coffee shop, you will be struck by its retro vibes. In a digital world, in fact, it provides a hipster analog vibe.

They have many drinks that are famous among the locals and tourists these drinks include Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, and Cortado which will give you a heavenly taste in your mouth.

The Never Coffee shop has lots of services available like they provide free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating. Furthermore, in this shop, pets are allowed, and they have Gender- neutral restrooms.

  • LOCATION – 821 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Takeaway, dine In


9. Sisters Coffee Company

This one’s an amazing spot for both coffee and chai. Firstly, this place has a very nice central location in the Pearl district, and this is a fine reason to call it a great option to grab some coffee whenever you’re around.

There are plenty of seating areas and natural light in its cute, trendy interior. The atmosphere is very pleasant, and you can sit around in it for a long time. Their menu includes house-roasted coffee, pastry, lunch, and baristas. The coffee is just superb – perfectly blended and super delicious.

Sisters Coffee Company

Using a disassembled espresso maker, they froth milk and pull espresso separately, which I find hilarious, but I guess that’s the technique for their amazing coffee. With a variety of light roasts and dark roasts to choose from, they usually have a rotating single origin offering that can be tried either as espresso or as a pour-over coffee.

Moreover, people also come here for informal meeting sessions because of the very decent environment. So, you can also work at the tables where there are comfortable couches & chairs without any restriction. They have a location in Portland as well as in Oregon.

  • LOCATION – 1235 NW Marshall Street, Portland, OR 97209, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Dine in, Take away, No delivery


10. Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown coffee is a huge name and they’ve successfully achieved the status where their beans are easily found in many areas around the country. It started in 1999, as a small business and now they have its shops in many cities across the country. What’s even more interesting is, that they’re one of the original third-wave coffee shops of Portland.

Stumptown Coffee

My list would have been incomplete without this one. Stumptown roasters are extremely well-known for the quality they provide and the professionalism they own. You get to choose from a very impressive variety of great coffee and the staff is friendly and sweet enough to suggest you the flavors according to your taste and have a little chit-chat with their customers too.

You can have amazing coffees and lattes at this place and grab some beans to take home as well. Stumptown has the best coffee beans. The taste and quality, both are impossible to beat.


  • 128 SW 3rd Ave
  • 3356 SE Belmont Street
  • 1026 SW Harvey Milk Street
  • 4525 SE Division Street

SERVICE OPTIONS – Dine in, Take away, No delivery


11. The Great North

Next on our list is the Great North which is a really enchanting and beautiful coffee shop hidden from the main road in Burlington Ave Portland.

It is a must to include this charming coffee shop on our list because they serve luscious coffee that will relax your mind and soul.

Best Coffee Shops in Portland - The Great North

The Great North is away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, located in a smallish space but the coffee shop owners have fully fledged and placed proper seating and light around the place with lots of benches that will surely give you a super open feel.

They have exceptional brews of little grower beans. If you are traveling Portland and you get a chance to get a bike ride around ST Johns, then you must try the Great North.

At The Great North, their staff is super friendlier and has quick service. You can try their Cardigan Special along with vegan breakfast sandwiches which smells will make you crazy. And one special thing about them they make their own oat milk which adds more flavors to the drinks.

  • LOCATION – 7373 N Burlington Ave, Portland, OR 97203, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Takeaway, Dine-In, No delivery


12. Upper Left Roasters

Last but not least is the Upper Left Roasters coffee shop where you can get your hands on some exceptional coffee that will make your day.

Jim and Katherine, the father-daughter duo opened this coffee shop in august 2015. They serve their own retained single-origin pour-over coffee and expresso which taste amazing. They have a variety of evolving food options available at their shop which makes them stand out as compared to all other places.

Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters is a big spacious coffee shop with lots of seats. . Once you step into this place you will be greeted with a light-filled, inviting, and warm environment. Its environment is pretty quiet, so you can easily study here or visit this place and chill with a group of people up to 7 to 8.

This coffee shop will offer you much more than just great coffee they have a relaxed atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options, free Wi-Fi, and much more.

Besides all this, their barista is friendlier, their service is quick and the quality of coffee is just superb. You will definitely love this place and will have a great time here.

  • LOCATION – 1204 SE Clay St, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  • SERVICE OPTIONS – Delivery, Dine-In, Takeaway


Best Coffee Shops in Portland – FAQs

What coffee is Portland famous for?
Roseline Coffee is very famous in Portland. Roseline gets its name from the distinctive stripe that divides a latte-art swirl, called a Rosetta, which is also the name of Portland, the Rose City.
Does Portland Oregon have good coffee?
Portland, Oregon has the best coffee. The coffee culture in Portland is proof of its excellent coffee.
How many coffee roasters are there in Portland?
There are 80 coffee roasters within the city of Portland and they’re all known for their excellent coffee.



Portland is a city that deserves all the love. I think there’s nothing about Portland that one might find boring. From its parks to tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and food; everything deserves appreciation.

We hope our guide would have been helpful to our readers. Next time you’re in Portland, do not miss out on trying at least a few of these coffee spots. You’re going to have the best time there!

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