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Cave That Will Impress You

The Reed Flute Cave is located near the city of Guilin and southern China. This cave is 180 million years old. Inside, there are more than 70 inscriptions written in ink, some of which date back to 729, which reveal her popularity in ancient times. Discovered in 1940. by refugees and has since been a [...]

Riomaggiore - Colorful Hidden City

Some cities are truly unique! When the whole neighborhood paint their houses in colors of the rainbow! A perfect example of such travel destination is irresistibly charming Italian town of Riomaggiore, full of colorful houses that rise vertically one above the other, watching the bay, harbor and a small sunny beaches. If you love colorful [...]

Where is Estonia ?

The Republic of Estonia is the northernmost of the three small Baltic republics, situated on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. In the south, it borders with Latvia, on the east by Russia, to the north, across the Gulf of Finland, with Finland. Country in 1991, after half a century of Soviet rule on [...]

Where The Sky Kisses The Earth

Salar de Uyuni the largest salt lake drained in the world is a paradise on earth. Here, heaven and earth become one and create enchanting breathtaking scenery. Salar de Uyuni, plains in southwest Bolivia, situated at an altitude of 3656 meters is one of the most exotic scenery on earth. Roughly 40,000 years ago this [...]

Sousse - Memorable Destination

Ancient Phoenician city named Hadrumet, and today bears the name “Pearl of the Sahel” region of olive groves. The third largest city in Tunisia and famous tourist center. Sousse is located 140 km south of Tunis. Sousse is the administrative center, the main fishing port, weaving center, a major producer of olive oil. What characterizes [...]

Santorini - Volcanic paradise for lovers

The Mediterranean is known for centuries by history, civilization and beauty. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 islands, and if you get involved and rocks emerging from the sea, there are over 9,500, but only 140 islands are inhabited. Many of these islands are in the Aegean Sea, the sea that separates Greece [...]

Disneyland - Land of Dreams

Back in the 1955. Los Angeles has become richer for “small” empire childrens pleasures - Disneyland. Welch’s appearance in no way be compared with those of today, but still caused an unbelievable attention to both youngsters and adults who are deep in their hearts feel like princes and princesses. Those who have visited riverlet you [...]

Ice Hotel in Canada

This kind of hotel is designed for all the lovers of unique, unusual and unforgettable experience that once in a lifetime experience. Although the hotel is “a lot” cooler than the other, no doubt you’ll be able to warm up with your loved one. These hotels are full of ice, are works of art, and [...]

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