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City Principality

Officially, the Principality of Monaco has no capital, but informally, the capital is Monte Carlo, which is much more than just a city. It is located on a huge rock that seems to be ripped from the alpine peak and plunged into the heart of the Mediterranean. At about two square kilometers inhabited 32,000 residents. This [...]

City That Has a Soul

Barcelona is the capital of the province of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, one of the main ports of the Mediterranean. The city with its own language, history and character. The city that you can visit for weeks, to enjoy its sandy beaches and mountains. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, [...]

Santorini - Volcanic paradise for lovers

The Mediterranean is known for centuries by history, civilization and beauty. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 islands, and if you get involved and rocks emerging from the sea, there are over 9,500, but only 140 islands are inhabited. Many of these islands are in the Aegean Sea, the sea that separates Greece [...]

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