City Principality

Officially, the Principality of Monaco has no capital, but informally, the capital is Monte Carlo, which is much more than just a city. It is located on a huge rock that seems to be ripped from the alpine peak and plunged into the heart of the Mediterranean. At about two square kilometers inhabited 32,000 residents. This travel destination is famous for its casinos, gambling, glamor, and as the place where the famous spend their holiday.

Beautiful nature and more than 300 sunny days a year, they are ideal for the holiday of wealthy people. The saying “time is money” here has a different meaning - the time is not being used to earn money, the time is actually not used at all, it is in this city actually spent, as well as money. Monte Carlo is a great, glittering casinos and the dream of wealth that falls from the sky. Monte Carlo is a favorite destination for jet-setters, not only because of the casinos, but there have many fashion shows and events, though not dictated by fashion trends. Monte Carlo, in fact, living fashion trends.

For those who do not gamble, and that does not mean close to the jet-set, they can visit the neighborhood of this city, which has a number of interesting things. Oceanographic Museum - a powerful architectural, scientific and exclusive, with outstanding collections of marine species and items related to the sea, in the nearby of the city. Nostalgic and romantics will probably want to visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Monaco-Ville, where are buried many rulers of Monaco Dynasty, including favorite Grace Kelly. Lovers of history probably would not miss to visit the Museum of Napoleon artifacts from the time of the emperor, who has significantly changed its course.

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