Wines, Romance and Landscapes

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This travel destination is about 160 kilometers north-east of Tunisia, and its capital is Palermo. This island is very rich and have unique culture, baroque architecture, which in a specific way leads you through time, fabulous landscapes, turquoise waters, but also a place known for the controversial Italian Mafia.

Italians saying “when you see Sicily, you have discovered a whole world”. The turbulent history and magnificent landscapes make the perfect combination of quite sufficient for an ideal destination for vacation. When you add to the unique flavor of wines and delicious traditional dishes, you’ll want to your stay here never ends.

Sicily is full of natural beauty for which this travel destination is famous. The sea around the island is all shades of blue and very warm. The beaches are covered with white sand, which glows in the sun’s rays. The weather is definitely on the side of the wonderful fun, and you can indicate the possibility that at any time of year you discover something interesting, which will draw attention and totally amaze you. Sicily provides endless possibilities for the real enjoyment.

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