Amusement Park of Adrenaline, Adventure and Speed

Amusement parks are a favorite travel destination for lovers of adrenaline, adventure, speed, and they are also a very safe, so children can feel free to enjoy their charms, if they have the courage! Not all theme parks are made to be scary, but it certainly the biggest attraction in any of them is a roller coaster.

All theme parks are visually magnificent decorated, so that will leave you breathless and those who choose to just walk around it. Although, when you’re at it - why not test your courage and take a seat in the biggest roller coaster in the park!

Find your adventure, Viennese charm and tradition - all in one place on the radiated energy and joy - in Wurstelprater! On one side of the “Green Prater”, part of the park where you can walk quietly and rest, and on the other “Wurstelparter” with great Viennese carousel that exudes nostalgia and lures millions of visitors a year. Many believe that this is just another fair but he’s much more than that. In Vienna, he is considered an institution.

The biggest attraction is the “Wiener Riesenrad”, 65 feet tall carousel, which was first launched in the 1897. He is the symbol of the park and around Vienna as can be seen from many parts of the city. He survived all natural disasters and wars to which he was subjected. Before World War II had 30 gondolas, but was later replaced by only 15. From this point you can see the Mozart house and Danube.

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