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Amusement Park of Adrenaline, Adventure and Speed

Amusement parks are a favorite travel destination for lovers of adrenaline, adventure, speed, and they are also a very safe, so children can feel free to enjoy their charms, if they have the courage! Not all theme parks are made to be scary, but it certainly the biggest attraction in any of them is a [...]

Colorful City of Fun

The Canadian city of St. Johns with its colorfully painted houses, trying to defy the harsh climate that prevails on the island of Newfoundland. This is the oldest city founded by the English in North America. Because streets located in the hills, many compared it to San Francisco. Here you can create a very beautiful and [...]

SINGAPORE - Magnificent Destination

Singapore is an island of Southeast Asia and is well connected with the rest of the continent. Whether you are in Singapore for business, pleasure, a culinary tour or just passing through, you’ll find a lot that offers this insular town. Singapore, known as the Lion City , is a fascinating mix of Asian cultures, [...]

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