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Hurghada - Favorite Place for Divers

Hurghada is located on the western shore of the Red Sea. Hurghada is for a short period of time grew from the fishing village into a modern city and is ranked in the list of most desirable summer resort. The combination of entertainment and excursions all incuslive arrangements make this place ideal for family travel, while the Red Sea with its rich underwater world makes this travel destination, real paradise for divers. In this sea area are beautiful reefs and colorful marine life is visible at 10 meters from the beach, so if you are not a diver, get a good camera with you because you can take home incredible travel photos.

Hurghada will fascinate you with the color the sea, beautiful sandy beaches and dry desert climate with constant gentle breeze. Egyptian way of life you will meet the best in the city center which is full of bazaars, mosques and lively atmosphere. Most important for a good rest are relaxation and the sun, and that’s what really his travel destination offers. For families the best choice are private beach resorts where there have many children’s activities. Hurghada is also known for its rich night life, bars in this town organize parties seven days a week, which justifies the phrase that Hurghada has something for everyone!

Do not miss the excursions and the opportunity to visit the most famous places in Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, Sinai, jeep safaris… Because of its extremely favorable climatic conditions, many tourists come to visit this travel destination during the holiday season.

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