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Incredible Place In Untouched Nature

Treehotel is located in the north of Sweden in Harads village on the estate which belongs to the complex Brittas Pensionat, owned by the Lindval family. This village has approximately 600 residents, shop, restaurant, pub and this unusual hotel. Tourism here is not based on shopping, luxurious hotels, swimming pools and international specialties. The Lindval family came up with the idea to open a completely different hotel in nature, as does not exist anywhere in the world. With the help of various architects their idea became a reality. Hotel actually consists of six specially designed tree house that are actually real suites.

Treehotel is for tourists who want to enjoy a few days in glorious countryside, and who do not want to spend the night in a tent and those who want accommodations that have minimal negative impact on the surrounding natural environment. The hotel consists of six bedrooms, six separate tree house which are mutually different by exterior. During the construction of this tree house not single tree is destroyed and this really makes this hotel unique in the world. The material from which the rooms are constructed is eco-friendly, with no additional chemicals. Toilet and sink are in the very rooms and supplied with water from special tank. This water is used for washing hands or taking a shower, and then used to flush the toilets.

The Mirrorcube - From the outside room looks like a cube of mirrors. Obviously Room from a distance seems invisible because it reflected the trees and the environment. Mirror surface is coated with infrared foil, which can detect only birds and thus they do not crash into this strange hotel room. The Mirrorcube offers accommodations for two, and there is a bedroom, living room, bathroom and roof terrace.

The Blue Cone - This room is actually red in color and located in hard to reach places, and therefore has a simple design. Outside is lined with laminated birch wood and the interior the room is made of wood.

The UFO - This room is the perfect place if you go on this vacation with the kids, their dreams will come true! This room has four beds, living room and bathroom. It is reached by ladders which descend out of the room.

The Cabin - A unique experience. Holds two people and is perfect for couples in love. The entire bedroom wall is made of glass, which gives a beautiful view of the surroundings. Dining room has a view of the river Lule, and has a terrace which makes the whole experience complete.

The Bird’s Nest - As its name suggests, this room looks like a bird’s nest and fit right into the environment. Room was hidden from the outside with interlacing tree branches, the interior is very modern furnished, ideal for a family with two children.

The Tree Sauna - Sauna which is also located among trees provide a unique and unforgettable experience. An ideal place where you can relax after a long walk in nature.

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