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Club 18-30 Malia Holidays: On It Like a Bonnet

Kevin and Perry might have been ‘avin it laaaaarge in Ibiza, but wave goodbye to the 90’s – it’s time to jetset Inbetweeners style on Malia holidays.

When you’re off abroad to party pretty darn hard, then you want to know you’re getting the most messy for your money – and that’s where Club 18-30 comes in right handy, so it does.

While it can be tempting to get your mates together and do a DIY attempt at Malia holidays, booking with a reputable holiday company, such as Club 18-30 ensures that you’re going to get the experts on board for your jollies.

Malia holidays are known for their RnB scene, but with some know-all club reps on hand you’re gonna be lapping up all the cheeky sides of the resort that can be missed by the naked eye, such as the trance and electro clubs, including Candy and Cloud 9.

That aside, expect some seriously sensational events. Get on board with Club 18-30 and you can look forward to silent arenas, skool discos, and Geek Chic parties, not to mention the ab amazeballs Zig Zag Boat Party and Sunset Project.

When you’re not safely sunning yourself in the striking Cretan summer heats, Malia slides and the Blue Inc. pool party will keep you occupied during sunup. Don’t forget to head over to Pleasure Beach too for BBQs, pool action and three bars. You’ll find it just on the end of Sunset Strip.

What more could you ask for? The most amazing, on-trend party resort on an idyllic island brimming with whitewash builds and luscious landscapes. I’d say that’s pretty much all you could wish for! (Sorry, can’t do much about the bikini body.)

Have a tinkle on the tinternet over at Club 18-30 and get yourself booked onto some Malia holidays of epic proportions. #Malia2013

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