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Most Beautiful Easter Tree

In the small German town of Saalfeld a very ordinary family has a really unusual family tradition! Their unusual tradition have turned their yard into a real tourist attraction, and their unusual hobby has made them famous outside Germany.

In some parts of Germany there is custom to tree decorated with a Easter eggs on Easter. Volker Kraft family is a perfectly ordinary tree turned into a “Easter tree”. The tradition began in 1965 when the tree decorated with only 18 colored plastic eggs. The following year they were painted more than 300 eggs, and in the words of the German couple, they are in fact found a nice hobby in which they enjoyed throughout the year, and later they were joined by their children. To each egg pay special attention to decorating and drawing details. Eggs are of course easy to break and easy to spoil, so they decided to collect throughout the year egg shells which are used in the daily diet. The system is simple - drilled holes on the top and bottom, and the contents are ejected by blowing out. Empty shells were painted, embellished with colorful stones and glass and delayed until Easter. Number of eggs for the past four decades has grown to 9500 eggs!

This unusual hobby made ‚Äč‚Äčthis German family very famous, their garden is visited by more than 13,000 visitors per year. Entrance is free of course, and children are most delighted with this Easter tree.


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