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Igls Austria - Winter Vacation

Igls is a small village located in the province of Tyrol near the province capital Innsbruck. Lies on a sunny plateau at an altitude of 900 m above the picturesque valley In. Igls in Austria is a resort that is open to tourists throughout the year but this travel destination is most attractive during the winter months when everything exudes snowy idyll that every tourist will leave you breathless.

This ski center has 8 ski lifts and over 20 km of trails for downhill and intended as much for Cross Country. This travel destination is provided with the training grounds for snowboarding, sections foreseen for sledding, horse-drawn sleigh, ice rinks, ski bus and modern cableways which have the capacity of 1600 skiers in 1 hour.

Is ideal for the family because with the mountain idyll there is a possibility visit cultural and historical sites, museums and galleries in Innsbruck which is only a few kilometers away.

Your holidays in this travel destination will be more more diverse if you exclusively prefer Nordic skiing, or if you are coming for medical reasons in this “air spa” where there is a possibility of several hours of walking through the magical snowy landscape. In the area of Igls you’ll be fascinate with indigenous preserved houses, typical alpine building of solid wood with distinctive roof constructions and ceilings that are used to descend to the ground. Evenings in the romantic village you’ll never forget. In the cozy log cabins that adorn fireplaces and open fire, prevails gentle, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Icy, snow-white view through the small, typical Bavarian windows, heaters you with the warm, mulled wine, which has a refreshing role.

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