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St. Moritz - Swiss Ski Resort

Swiss St. Moritz is a small town situated close to the Italian border. Far back as 1864. at this place, idea was born of winter tourism, and St. Moritz can rightly be called the cradle of ski tourism, as we know today. St. Moritz is today a luxury travel destination for wealthy visitors. In St. Moritz is located a rare phenomenon: natural bob track. Place has 300 sunny days a year. Besides town is a St. Moritz lake, on whose frozen surface organizes horse race (White Turf).

St. Moritz is actually the center of the region Engadin. The region consists of several ski resorts and has more than 61.5 miles of ski trails, three peaks higher than 3,000 yards, 56 gondola and other lifts, the longest night trail in Switzerland and the highest peak in this part of the Alps, which reaches the gondola, Corvatsch 3620 yards . The trails are mostly red character, along with a few black or blue. But do not let this fact fool you because after all this is where they are held for four World Ski Championships and the World Cup, so the red paths declared, actually “dark red”. The road ends at the foot of the long, gentle, wooded trails, with magnificent views of the valley. Apart from the luxury hotels, the St. Moritz is a known for its many and varied winter sports such as polo and cricket on the ice, curling, bob, as well as first alpine place with golf course.

The full grandeur of this place, you can feel when you walk through the numerous luxury boutiques in the city, such as Cartier, Prada, Rolex … St. Moritz is an unforgettable experience, the mountains are fascinating, and the tracks are excellent. If you can, do not miss one of the best ski resorts in the world.

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