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Welcome to the Island of Spring

Tenerife is an ideal combination of sun, sand, nature and the rest who made this travel destination one of the most popular resorts in Europe. With its 269 kilometers of coastline offers so many places to enjoy the sand and sun. In the north, where the landscape is made of cliffs you will find a [...]

Awesome Memorable Experience

Beautiful beaches and magical island, will certainly guarantee you unforgettable experience. Diving around Bazaruko archipelago will draw you into their magical world. Also, a safari in Gorongosa National Park is a must location of this beautiful country of gorgeous natural beauty. The capital, and largest, city of Mozambique is Maputo. This is one of the [...]

Holiday Throughout Whole Year

Is not a coincidence that Mauritius carries the title of paradise on earth. Apart from the beautiful white sandy beaches and luxury hotels, visitors will, in this travel destination, enjoy a rich cultural, religious and social heritage created during the colonial past of this tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. It is located about [...]

Santorini - Volcanic paradise for lovers

The Mediterranean is known for centuries by history, civilization and beauty. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 islands, and if you get involved and rocks emerging from the sea, there are over 9,500, but only 140 islands are inhabited. Many of these islands are in the Aegean Sea, the sea that separates Greece [...]

Koh Lanta - Island For Divers And For Romantic People

Beautiful landscapes, dream beach, seafood, festivals, adventure through the jungle… Perfect island on the southern coast of Thailand, 70 km south of Krabi. Island whose beaches are facing west, with magical sunsets and incredible green jungles. Island that people always come back. The place where it was consistently around 30 degrees.

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