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Beautiful beaches and magical island, will certainly guarantee you unforgettable experience. Diving around Bazaruko archipelago will draw you into their magical world. Also, a safari in Gorongosa National Park is a must location of this beautiful country of gorgeous natural beauty.

The capital, and largest, city of Mozambique is Maputo. This is one of the most attractive African capitals, a city that is located above the Bay of Maputo, with wide avenues and interesting architecture. Maputo is known as the “City of acacias,” because of the large number of trees that decorated his avenue. Plenty of attractions are located along the center, which features Portuguese architecture.

Walking the streets of Mozambique will be enough to get to know a good part of the culture of the host. Marabenta traditional music of street musicians, will enchant you with its phenomenal pace.

The Kuirimbas archipelago is composed of several spectacular beaches and coral lagoon, and certainly should not bypass the Bazaruto Archipelago and Vamizi island.

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