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Sharm El Sheikh - Egyptian sensation

Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt’s best known and the most exclusive summer resort. The decoration is the Red Sea, in the extreme south of the Sinai Peninsula. Excellent geographical location, stunning natural surroundings and pleasant climate have made it eventually grows into one of the most beautiful and most popular resorts in this part of [...]

Bali - Paradise on Earth

If there is a paradise on earth, it is Bali. Tourism is the main source of income of the Indonesian islands, and it is hard to imagine anything that provides and offers its visitors - It has to be experienced. Bali is a tropical island, one of the 33 provinces of Indonesia, a beautiful place [...]

Koh Lanta - Island For Divers And For Romantic People

Beautiful landscapes, dream beach, seafood, festivals, adventure through the jungle… Perfect island on the southern coast of Thailand, 70 km south of Krabi. Island whose beaches are facing west, with magical sunsets and incredible green jungles. Island that people always come back. The place where it was consistently around 30 degrees.

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