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Crescent lake - Jewel in the Gobi Desert

In Gansu province in northwest China, in the Gobi desert is unusual Crescent Lake, which the Chinese call Yueyaquan. This beautiful natural wonder is located 3.7 miles south of the town Danhuang in China. This desert lake water is so clean and clear that the travel photos looks like a jewel in the sand.

Near by the lake is the unusual pagoda built in traditional Chinese Han architecture. Street which leads to the complex is filled with souvenir stalls. Many tourists come to this strange crescent lake with camels.

The lake is located in the desert for at least two thousand years. Dunhuang lake is 238 yards long and 59 yards wide. This lake stretches from east to west. The lake has never dried up, but unfortunately the last few decades, it is gradually decreased, until 2006, when the Chinese local government with the help of the central government began the process of completing the construction of the nearby lake reservoirs, and the prohibition of population to build new wells and agricultural land in the vicinity of the lake.
This lake has become a real tourist attraction. Around him is a large number of Buddhist temples with trees and bushes make an amazing sight.

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