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Welcome to the Island of Spring

Tenerife is an ideal combination of sun, sand, nature and the rest who made this travel destination one of the most popular resorts in Europe. With its 269 kilometers of coastline offers so many places to enjoy the sand and sun. In the north, where the landscape is made of cliffs you will find a small beautiful, quiet bay, and to the south are places Adeje and Arona, with numerous beaches. Many of these beaches are volcanic.

You can swim and sunbathe throughout the year because the sun shines 365 days and the average temperature of the water and sunshine during the whole year is between 18 degrees in the winter, and 26 degrees in the summer which made this island a paradise on earth. High quality hotels and a wide range of activities on beaches and in nature, are just some of the reasons why Tenerife is travel destination visited by thousands of tourists a year.

Whether you’re a fan of passive recreation, or prefer to choose a variety of outdoor activities and water, Tenerife will meet all of your expectations. Perfect place for a family holiday, for those who love adventure and partying late into the night. Because of its natural, cultural and tourist beauty, Tenerife belong to the twenty most popular travel destinations in the world.

The capital, Santa Cruz, which is named after the cross that the Spaniards stabbed into the soil after the conquest of the island, is inevitable tourist attraction because of its beautiful churches, museums, auditoriums with a distinctive and Spanish square, where each year, hosting one of the world’s most famous carnival. Not far from the town is located Teresita beach, known for its yellow sand, brought from the Sahara, what sets it apart from all others on the island.

Tenerife is rich in natural beauties, much of which is allocated to the mountain top Teide and of coal volcano, the third largest in the world. Top of this symbol of Tenerife, during the year it is covered with snow, so that it is clear why the island was literally called “white mountain”.

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