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Island That Rises From the Sea

On the Normandy coast, near Brittany, is the island Saint Michael’s Mountl. On this travel destination, there is a monastery from the eleventh century, who in addition to admiring tourists in recent times, is place where was shot great movie achievements. After Paris, this is the most visited tourist place in France, it is visited annually by three million tourists.

During the French Revolution, this beautiful Gothic architecture building served as a prison, a few years later, the building was returned to its original purpose and the monks returned to the monastery. Today, this island has a population of 41 and is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.

This small island is a mile long connected to the mainland by a causeway that can be crossed only at low tide, because thanks to the highest tides of nearly 14 meters, the island is completely cut off. On the front door welcomes emblem of the city and information to you that day to leave the peninsula if you do not want to swim .. If you decide to spend the night on the peninsula, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sight when the tide rises, the peninsula sinking into the sea in front of your eyes turns into an island. The inhabitants of this place often say that this is the only place on the planet where you fall asleep on the peninsula, and wake up on the island. The first street will bring you the pleasure to dine in the most famous restaurant “Mere Poulard” where you can eat authentic omelet served in vessels from the nineteenth century.


If you decide to visit France, a few hours drive from Paris will take you to places with beautiful landscapes, natural wonders and history, will bring you to a place that will take you back to the past and where you briefly escape from reality.

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