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Ski Holiday in France - Chamonix

For those who want to change their everyday life and get away from the noise, going on winter vacation is an ideal travel destination. Snow creates a sense with its whiteness and purity effect soothing and relaxing on everyone. Thin air, silence and physical activity positively affect the health of the whole body. Snow covered slopes, beautiful trails and the beautiful nature are an opportunity for lovers of winter magic visit some of the most famous ski resorts in Europe.

At the foot of the highest peak of Europe, Mont Blanc, is situated in the city in which are held the first Winter Olympic Games. At the heart of the French Alps, with about 10,000 residents is the town of Chamonix.

A city that is 1035m above sea level is unique winter cetar in the world, because it’s tradition, hospitality, sports and cultural activities for tourists provides a vacation to remember.

Chamonix possesses facilities for skiing and snowboarding, hiking locations, surmounting icy rocks and glaciers and many other activities are equally attractive to beginners and elite athletes. After a day of sports and recreation this beautiful romantic towns can offer many facilities and centers such as the preservation of health and beauty, with facilities for massage, sauna, aroma therapy and many other treatments for relaxation. Chamonix is the perfect place for a family vacation because there’s many kindergartens and amusement centers for the care of children.

This most famous and most popular French ski resort is also visited in the summer because of its natural beauty, clean air and recreational opportunities in the form of walking, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, biking, golf, tennis, skiing and sledding on the artificial slopes…

The streets of this beautiful travel destinations provide the designer boutiques, shops, restoreni, clubs and bars. Chamonix has attracted tourists from all over the world with its offer, which also provides relaxation and fun.

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