Santorini - Volcanic paradise for lovers

The Mediterranean is known for centuries by history, civilization and beauty. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 islands, and if you get involved and rocks emerging from the sea, there are over 9,500, but only 140 islands are inhabited. Many of these islands are in the Aegean Sea, the sea that separates Greece from Asia Minor. And right there is the most romantic island in the entire Mediterranean - Santorini. Santorini is a romantic island, the island of love. It was named after the holy protectors of Irene, which protects the couples who are married. On one side of the island, on the way to Oi, the black and red volcanic earth are the signatures of many couples in love, who, believing the legend, enter your name and not their love remains forever.

Known throughout the world as a romantic destination for honeymooners, the Greek island of Santorini and still attracts many couples who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches, magical views and sunsets that, once experienced, will remain forever in my heart, and travel photos keep bringing this magical moment. All his attributes are recognized decades ago many European artists, who are still happy to visit this Greek island to enjoy the sun, clean water, natural and cultural sites, who, all together, to inspire creativity. It is because of all these advantages, not surprising that the Santorini, due to their unique black beaches and volcanic landscapes, one of the most famous and the most attractive destinations of the world.

Santorini has a ring-shaped, with two cracks, which run between the boats for another Greek island. Outer part of the island in the sea level, with beautiful beaches, and the inside of the ring goes 150-300 meters in height, offering a magnificent view of the entire caldera. Because Santorini is the perfect place to cleanse your mind of all the stresses and problems.

If you are looking for a quiet holiday on this island and you have a perfect deserted beaches, endless night of peaceful and romantic places, both in nature and in the villages, you can stroll along the long beach and the seaside promenade, with dim lights and candles to many restaurants and cafes. And for those looking for a wild day, there are bars on beaches.

If you want to treat her nicer half a memorable experience, head to the town of Eyes, where you have the opportunity to enjoy probably the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean. Long sand and shingle beach, church domes and remains of the past few days can be seen from every part of the island. Try the famous Greek specialties in the many restaurants.

And if you are looking for a honeymoon destination or just a place where you will impose fateful “yes” in Santorini you will have the opportunity for all, in very impressive setting.

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