Wondrous Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills are the most famous tourist attraction on the island of Bohol. Its looks like a giant molehills, and the strangest thing is that it is actually a natural phenomenon. Many wonder how this miracle of nature occurred. Residents of the islands attract tourists to the tradition of the origin of Chocolate hills, and experts from the fields of geology have decided to look for answers in the natural processes and eventually concluded that the hills came from marine limestone that was covered with clay soil through which later grew grass.

It was found that there is a 1776 hills that lie next to each other and extend over about 50 square kilometers. The average height of the hill is 100 to 160 meters, while the largest mountain ranges up to 400 meters high. Depending on the season, Chocolate hills change color from dark green to chocolate brown during the dry season.

Rivers and caves with underground springs that separate hills contribute to the unique shape of Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills are a tourist attraction as one of the main sources of income for the nearby town of Carmen.

Legends about the Chocolate Hills

Residents of this travel destination believe that the Chocolate Hills resulted from disputes between the two giants who are angry at each other for days throwing rocks and sand. When they got tired of throwing huge stone, they agreed and went to the island as best friends leaving a pile of rocks.

There is another slightly longer and more romantic legend. At a time when giants lived with people, gentle giant named AROG fell in love with a beautiful local girl Aloy. Agora is a loner, although he was handsome and popular among women. When everyone was sleeping, Agoro was sitting in his favorite spot on the river near thinking. One night he noticed a beautiful girl hair black as night as she walks along the river. He fell in love at first sight …

But soon after rumors spread that will Aloy marry the man her parents chose her. Agoro kidnapped Aloy decided shortly before the wedding. He placed her in a cave, but she rejected him. He tried to give her food and water, but she just cried. Her sorrow broke her heart and the girl died. Agoro buried her crying for days afterwards. His huge tears were falling to the ground, after a while, hardened and became what we know today as the Chocolate Hills.

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