Top Travel Destination - Maui

Hawaii is a tourist destination which consists of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, a distance of about 4000 km southwest of California. Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and was voted the world’s top travel destination for nine years in a row. According to the legends that talk about Hawaii Volcano Goddess - Pele, has created all these islands. From time to time, according to legend, the goddess returns to the island to light the fire in volcanoes and caused a new eruption. The Hawaiian Islands are actually the peaks of large volcanoes that were withdrawn from the ocean floor.

The island was divided into four districts, Lahaina, Wailuku, Makawao and Hana. It helps a lot in the development of, as well as tourists in planning the tour of the island. The place is rich with beautiful beaches, which exude romance.

Starting from the north-western part of the island ending at the south, you can visit a unreal places. Makamaka waterfall Nakalele, Oneloa beaches are definitely a must place your starting point. Next, start with evading the south, you can take a break at the beach Kaanapali, Lahaina harbor…

In the central part of the island is the stunning stones, botanical garden, Honomanu beaches and museums of sugar. In other parts of the island of what you should see and what you can return back to this heavenly place, is Hamoa beach, Molokini islet, Koki Beach, Haleakala National Park…

We can draw the conclusion that this island is rich in beaches, waterfalls, places that offer a beautiful view of the boundless ocean, and where the sunset is breathtaking…

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