Las Cavernas de Marmol - Fascinating Play of Light

Some call it the most beautiful cave in the world.

Buenos Aires or General Carrera Lake is located in Patagonia, and divides Argentina and Chile. This travel destination can be placed into exotik travel because the color of the marble rocks make you feel magical and special. The lake has an area of 1,850 square kilometers of which 970 square kilometers belongs to Chile, 880 square kilometers belongs to Argentina, making it the largest lake in Chile and the fourth largest in Argentina. Argentine side of the lake is relatively easy to access, while the Chilean side is inaccessible and isolated. The lake in thi travel destination was formed by a glacier and is known for its trout and salmon fishing.

Lake water for thousands of years have formed marble rocks which today look magnificent. Dance of light fascinates everyone who enters the cave, various shades of colors, from white to dark blue, depending on weather conditions and seasons. In the early spring of water in the lake is at its lowest point since the surrounding glaciers have not yet begun to melt. For this reason, the light is reflected in a very different way than a year later, after the melting of glaciers, raising the water level over a meter. Rocks manifest different colors depending on the natural impurities within the marble.

Although there are three formations, marble cathedral is the largest. Two smaller formations is famous as La Capilla - rock that rises from the lake, and La Cueva - the cave. Caves labyrinths are formed over thousands of years are sometimes large enough for the passage of small boats.

Pure marble cliffs are proud to present the stunned tourists. Developing for a long time, and the result is stunning marble temple. The marble cathedral of Chile is a wonder of nature and is probably the most beautiful cave network.

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