Riomaggiore - Colorful Hidden City

Some cities are truly unique! When the whole neighborhood paint their houses in colors of the rainbow! A perfect example of such travel destination is irresistibly charming Italian town of Riomaggiore, full of colorful houses that rise vertically one above the other, watching the bay, harbor and a small sunny beaches. If you love colorful travel photos, this town is the right place for you.

Riomaggiore looks like a toy town. The town developed in the village from 13th century and is known for very good white wine from the local vineyards. On the main street, Via Colombo, there are numerous restaurants, bars and shops.

This travel destination is hidden in a valley sheltered by two hills ending by steep cliffs tumbling into the sea. Narrow and steep streets and hidden passage spreads between houses.

Colorful Riomaggiore is really a small city that is entirely possible to see in one day.

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