GOA - Exotic and Peaceful Place

Goa is much more than a party destination… with 100 miles of sandy beaches washed by waves of the Arabian Sea, providing a perfect sense of freedom… The word that best describes the Goa “Santa” - which means peace. Philosophy of life in Goa is slowly and without haste. Goa is a former Portuguese colony, now part of India, on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent washed by the Indian Ocean. It was under Portuguese control over four centuries, since Vasco da Gama discovered India, up to 1961. year. Portuguese influence is so long, he did that today and Goa in India is unique, not only because most of the population is Christian, Catholic faith, but also for its liberal spirit and a kind of spontaneous affection of locals to visitors from other parts of the world.

Goa is now one of the most popular destinations in India, thanks to the endless beaches and liberal culture. The world goes to a heavenly place. A typical day in this exotic travel begins enjoying the beach with golden sand, coconut palms, powerful waves squeezed juices and fresh fruit. Colorful villages topping, melt (Vagator, Anjuna) and grow into a town with infrastructure - the big hotels and fancy clubs.

Food in Goa is a big change after spicy, fatty and strong north-Indian food. First of all, thanks to the many tourists here can be found the classic western continental kitchen and even steak. However, specific foods based mainly on meat, fish and seafood, often cooked with coconut. Coconuts is based mainly in South India - is used as a massage oil, milk for cooking, and for making vinegar as a kind of sweetener. Except coconut, in Goa you will find the kitchen and spices such as cumin, tumerik, hot pepper and coriander.

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