Her Majesty - Nature

Not even in his wildest dreams, man could not think of anything more beautiful than nature. (Lamarten)

Located in the Liaohe River delta in northeast China, about 30 km from the city of Panjin, Red Beach is a protected reserve that attracts a lot of attention in the early fall when the grass is completely red.

Magenta shade that covers every September River Delta is one more example of that nature is a great artist and planets canvas for painting beautiful pictures. The beach is named after its appearance, which is caused by species of sea grass low, bushy type, which here grows in soil organic salts.

This plant starts growing in April and May, during the summer remains green, however, in the fall becomes a burning red, and in September reached dramatic appearance when most tourists arrive. Travel photos will undoubtedly be colored in red!

Beach seems like an endless red carpet and makes an incredible landscape. Most of Red Beach, around 1.4 million hectares of, is a nature reserve and closed to visitors. Tourists can visit only a small part, envisaged for visit. At this nature reserve can be found over 236 varieties of animals.

When the tide comes, purple grass swaying to the rhythm of the waves, which enhances the beauty of this. There are red beach on Santorini and Canada Prince Edward Island, with rust red color, due to the volcanic sand or high iron content, however, they are no match for this kind of red.

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