Hoi An - Vietnam tourist treasure

Once a sleepy old fishing village has become a travel destination and a real tourist attraction! On the shore of the South China Sea lies the town of Hoi An. Of 17 to 19 century, this place was an important international port and the largest port in South Asia. The port is part of an exceptionally well-preserved example of the port in the typical style of 15th Southeast Asian and 16 century.

The heart of the old city is full of winding pedestrian streets and shops in the Chinese style. The center is unique because it combines the architectural style of Chinese, Japanese, Indians and the Dutch, the people who built the 15 to 19 century. Here you can see very colorful travel photos. The houses are mostly made of wood and are a combination of traditional Vietnamese style and the styles of other people have already mentioned. Because of the water channel dug around the river Thu Bon on which the city lies, called Hoi An Vietnam Venice.

One of the symbols of Hoi An ancient Japanese bridge, Chua Cau, located at the western end of Tran Phu Street. Most were built by the Japanese in the early 17th century. The entrance to the bridge is charged but it can not exceed a few times to see controller.

On every full moon Old Town is transformed into a magical place filled with thousands of handmade silk lanterns swaying in the breeze and the smell of traditional dishes created by local chefs opens your appetite. Street lighting is dim, the light only provide silk, paper and glass lamps creating a very romantic and calming atmosphere. Local people wear traditional costumes and create an excellent atmosphere until the early hours. The streets become filled with music, traditional games and dancing.

Tourists during a tour of the Old City must be properly trained. Men should not be shirtless, and women must have shirts with sleeves and skirts below the knee. Avoid visiting Hoi An during the rainy season. This travel destination is at its peak in October and November when floods are common in parts of the city that are closer to the water.

Today, Hoi An experiencing a renaissance and represents the pinnacle of touring Vietnam. City of exceptional charm and rich history today is a real tourist town with many hotels, excellent restaurants with traditional and sea food, cafes and tourists facing amenities. Despite the development of tourism in the old center still provokes intense in all of the memory of the old days and some not difficult to imagine life in this city of three hundred years ago.

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