Where is Estonia ?

The Republic of Estonia is the northernmost of the three small Baltic republics, situated on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. In the south, it borders with Latvia, on the east by Russia, to the north, across the Gulf of Finland, with Finland. Country in 1991, after half a century of Soviet rule on the ground that some Western governments have never recognized, regained independence. Estonians speak a language similar to Finnish and are of the same origin as the Finns. The capital of this Baltic republic is Tallinn.

The cultural identity of Estonians took place over several centuries of alien rule. Estonian valleys and undulating landscape is a reflection of the great glacial activity. Typical characteristics of the many islands off the coast, including the islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa in the West (in the Gulf of Risk), and Cuds lake on the border with Russia.

Climate is fresh and northern. The winds from the Baltic winters are wet and cold, but at the same time alleviating much greater cold in the east. Although more than half of the country’s agricultural land has been preserved much of the natural vegetation. This includes mixed forests with wetlands in the lowlands. In these areas wildlife is still very rich, including deer and lynx.

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