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Amazing Natural Creation

Grand Canyon is the deepest and largest canyon in the world. It is located in Arizona (USA) at an altitude between 1500 and 2600 meters, carved by the Colorado River was carrying sand, lumps of rock and red mud. Canyon is 446 km long, 29 km wide and over 1500 m deep. It is composed [...]

Her Majesty - Nature

Not even in his wildest dreams, man could not think of anything more beautiful than nature. (Lamarten) Located in the Liaohe River delta in northeast China, about 30 km from the city of Panjin, Red Beach is a protected reserve that attracts a lot of attention in the early fall when the grass is completely [...]

Where The Sky Kisses The Earth

Salar de Uyuni the largest salt lake drained in the world is a paradise on earth. Here, heaven and earth become one and create enchanting breathtaking scenery. Salar de Uyuni, plains in southwest Bolivia, situated at an altitude of 3656 meters is one of the most exotic scenery on earth. Roughly 40,000 years ago this [...]

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