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Legoland - Country of Imagination

Surprise your little ones and take them to enjoy in the country of their imagination - Legoland, the amusement park in Germany, in Gunzburg (between Munich and Stuttgart). The park in this travel destination has eight thematic sections, which cover an area larger than 25 football fields. Central Park takes place in Miniland, which is a well-known European cities and regions, made of 25 million Lego cubes. To make the picture more realistic, people, animals and vehicles are move and play the appropriate sound.

The park was opened in 2002 and is constantly expanding with new attractions, such as the “Star Wars” opened in 2011 and “Flying Ninja” opened this year. It takes more than 12 hours in order to participate in all the workshops, 4D movies viewed and visited all the facilities that the park offers. Here children can take on the roles of their heroes, or as a pilot test, the driver formula, water skiers, canoeists … Visit Legoland is the fulfillment of every child’s dream.

The oldest Legoland is located in Billund, Denmark, and then in England, California and Germany.

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