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WYOMING - Teton Village Ski Resort

Teton Village is located 12 miles northwest of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Teton Village is the largest and most popular ski resort and winter travel destinations in the western U.S.. The famous mountain ski resort of Jackson Hole is located over 4000 vertical meters of different terrain so this resort offers equal enjoyment of beginners and expert skiers and Snowboarders from all over the country and the world, so give it a superb location for winter sports.

This mountain resort is famous for its very steep terrain, but besides skiing, there are also and other winter activities to offer its visitors. Snowmobile ride, ballooning and many other activities will make this a very special holiday. In Teton Village fun does not stop when the snow melts because then visitors can enjoy fishing, biking, hiking with a superb landscape, which is simply breathtaking.

At the foot of the mountain there are many luxury hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants, bars and gift shops.

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