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Best Place for Valentine’s Day - Venice

Love does not ask bounds, age, religion, political affiliation .. For this reason, this day celebrate all people who is in love Day all around the world. Valentine, protector of people in love is for many people a new, happier beginning, from which it arises true love. For those whose love is still going, this is an ideal opportunity to “him” or “her” prepare a something spectacular on the romantic travel destination. Venice, for a reason, everyone always associated it with romance. This unusual, extraordinary, beautiful city leaves no one indifferent.

Venice is an ancient Italian port town full of canals, bridges and centuries-old buildings which awakes in everyone romantic feelings. This is the ideal place to start a new romance or to refresh and consolidate even further. Evening boat ride along the canals of Venice is something that must be experienced. According to Italian superstition if you kiss your sweetheart in the gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs from the 17th century, you will be granted eternal love.

In Venice, in February, is held the most extravagant carnival in the world. The ceremony is associated with the founding of the town in the 5th century. Since then it has undergone many changes, including a 150-year ban on masks. Skilled hands of local street artists are available to those who decide to face painting at the last minute, and you just have to decide which mask you will carry.

In this amazing travel destination on the water, which in winter looks like a fairy tale, you can visit the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s Palace, the square and the church of St. Mark’s bell tower, the Rialto Bridge and many other sights.

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