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Open Air Museum - Fort Bourtange

Nowadays military installations are simple and plain, but in the past military architecture represents works of art that sometimes know how to leave you breathless. Fortifications are the rules as independent walls or fortifications around the city. Fortifications had to be strong enough to withstand attacks, are made up of special strong material, thanks to such fortifications today look as if time stopped for them. When constructing fortifications led to their attention and to form the best possible way could care system and to return fire when needed. Fortifications in the form of stars are particularly interesting travel destination. It first appeared at a time when gunpowder became the most-used in the war. These buildings are amazing most beautiful and striking military buildings from that period.

Bourtange is star-fort in the Netherlands. It is located about 32 km northeast of Emmen. It was built in the 16th century in order to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen during the Eighty Years’ War. In the 19th century fortress was inhabited by local residents, who are lived in this historic travel destination until 1960., this valuable cultural monument restored and converted into a historical open air museum.

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