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Amazing Natural Creation

Grand Canyon is the deepest and largest canyon in the world. It is located in Arizona (USA) at an altitude between 1500 and 2600 meters, carved by the Colorado River was carrying sand, lumps of rock and red mud. Canyon is 446 km long, 29 km wide and over 1500 m deep. It is composed of rocks with sharp cliffs, many valleys and deep gorges, and due to the extremely high temperatures in summer and low rainfall during the year, in him only grow some desert plants. The canyon is a result of the volcanic eruption, lava deposits and soil erosion. Deposits that are located on the rocks suggest that this natural wonder formed two billion years ago. For the European public was discovered by Spanish explorers 1450. Bare rock canyon, changing its color during the day, from golden-yelow in morning until dark-pink in evening. By moonlight rocks are white and dark blue.

This travel destination is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. Throughout the history of the Grand Canyon because of constant influence of the Colorado River and its tributaries, which, layer by layer, shaped the present appearance of the canyon.

One of the attractions of visiting the canyon is heavenly promenade. It it transparent glass panoramic terrace in the shape of a horseshoe. Many now believe it a miracle of engineering, but it is certainly a good example of an ideal tourist attraction. This panoramic bridge is located on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and from it gives a fascinating view of the deep valley of the Colorado River. Otherwise, located on the west side of the canyon, an area that is not usually the gathering place of tourists, but its popularity and attractiveness brought the views of the canyon. Sky Walk, of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is one of the most interesting scenic spots in the world.

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