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Incredible And Unique Holiday With Giraffes

Hotel Giraffe Manor is located in a suburb of Nairobi, capital of Kenya. The hotel is located in the expanse of of 12 acres and another 400 acres of trees surrounding the hotel complex. For travelers from around the world this small and exclusive hotel is an essential part of the adventure in eastern Africa. This quaint hotel was created in the 1930′s, was built on the model of the Scottish hunting lodges. Nowadays hotel retains all the magic of ancient times, so he is now a mixture of traditional and modern styles.


However, the appearance of Hotel Giraffe Manor is not the only thing that attracts many tourists to visit it. This is the only place in the world where you can experience something really special - a herd of giraffes that walking freely around the hotel. The hotel was opened as such in 1984 in collaboration with the center for giraffes serves as home to numerous endangered Rothschild giraffe and seeks to ensure the return of this endangered species. All hotel revenues are for the care of these beautiful animals. The hotel is done so that when you in any room open doors or windows, giraffes can push his head in and mingle with the guests! Guests are allowed to feed the giraffes, and giraffes are so tame that gladly come themselves at mealtimes and looking for a snack. In addition to the giraffe here can be seen and 180 species of birds and other animals that can be seen only in the national parks.


Inspired by the interior in 1930, the beds in the hotel are meant to be spacious with details still popular in ancient times, and these apartments are an ideal place for a family holiday. For parents who want their children to arrange a vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime, Hotel Giraffe Manor is the right place for it. This is the only place in the world where you can have breakfast with the giraffes. And until you go to this incredible safari travel destination you can enjoy the gallery that we have prepared for you.














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