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The Cave of Crystals

One of the biggest attractions of Iceland’s landscapes are certainly many famous glacier. In the north of Europe under such a glacier is located a magical crystal cave, Svínafellsjökull in Skaftafell. Below the ice that is hundreds of years old, are located corridors whose ceiling at the entrance is about 6 meters tall.

Accumulated over the centuries, the power of ice air suppressed from their walls so as to create sparkling crystal unit. Inside the cave meets the magnificent blue color, which is the time of heavy rains, when the water washed away the snow from the surface, visible from the outside. It is really rare to see. Plan your visit to this beautiful natural phenomenon during the winter, because then only you can enter the cave, when the lagoon at the edge of the glacier is frozen.

The curiosity of this most beautiful travel destination is a sound that can be heard inside the cave. The sound is like a constant crunch of ice. This is not the sound of ice cracking right and although it sounds really scary you do not need to be afraid, because glaciers itsel actually makes the sound as it moves along with the cave. Each time the glacier moved a millimeter is heard terribly loud sound that visit to this amazing cave makes it even more interesting.

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