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6 Awesome Amusement Parks in Europe

1) Port Aventura - Spain

This park is build by “Universal Studios” and opened in 1995. It is designed so that in a very convincing way leads visitors through some distant land and landscapes. It is divided into five thematic sections, and five parts of the world: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and the Wild West. Each part is unique and made ​​with so much detail that visitors can feel as if they are in different theme parks. At the entrance there is a large statue of Mickey Mouse. In this park is located “Furious Baco”, the fastest roller coaster in the world with a speed of 135 km/h (84 miles per hour) achieved by the incredible 3 seconds!


2) Kaatsheuvel - Netherlands

The most famous theme park in the Netherlands is also one of the oldest parks in the world. Opened in 1952. and it consists of scenes and objects from different fairy tales. It is designed for children and their facial expressions just as you walked around this beautiful park will tell you that this is almost the dream. Park has large green areas with a magical atmosphere and technological achievements will leave you breathless. That’s why this park in 1992. voted the best amusement park in the world.

3) Mystery Park - Switzerland

This amusement park is different from all the amusement parks you’ve ever seen. Here you will not see faithfully reconstructed, fairytale castles and modern architecture. Modern look at the entrance will leave you breathless. But if you know that this unusual amusement park designed by Erik Von Daniken will not be as surprised as he is known for his numerous theories about aliens. Mystery Park consists of seven pavilions, each of which explores the great mysteries of the world. The park is designed so that the whole is a fantastic theory about aliens in an educational format, so one gets the feeling as if it is a scientific fact.

4) Park Asterix - France

As its name suggests, the park was inspired by the stories of Asterix. The park is especially famous for its large selection of roller coaster with themes from such as the cultural history of the Romans and Greeks. This theme park is located 32 km (20 miles) north of Paris. Here you will have the opportunity to try out the effects of a magic potion, to test their courage and peek into the world they lived in. As time goes by, the park becomes more popular, so it is not limited to stories inspired by Asterix, but also featuring the Roman, Ancient Greek and Gallic culture.

5) Tivoli Garden - Denmark

Fans of fun, more than 160 years of coming to Tivoli Garden, the oldest amusement park which has managed to preserve its original form. This extraordinary amusement park is visited by four million visitors a year. The park is famous for scenes from the story by Hans Christian Andersen and the castle Valhalla, in addition park contains a variety of trains and equipment for raising adrenaline. Concerts, exhibitions and shows are performed every day, so this park is the perfect place for the whole family. Three years ago, the park got the biggest wheel in the world, 80 meters (87 yards) high.

6) Europa Park - Germany

Europa Park is the second park in Europe by number of visits and the largest theme park in Germany. It is designed to offer visitors a trip across Europe at one place. In 13 thematic sections offers you to discover the diversity of history, culture, architecture and gastronomy European countries. Going through all the thematic areas you will have the opportunity to visit European countries Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Austria and Iceland. The park is very large, so it is recommended to use the map because is easy to get lost in the crowd.


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